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    Hello Today I discovered some software, available for both Mac and PC. I don't know much about it yet and it does appear to be focused somewhat on gaming consoles but it may be well suited for general audio analysis and comparison of audio equipment. The PDF manual is very impressive and includes many links to references. Webpage link to downloads and general information. I am hoping some of you who are more expert can take a look at this and respond with your impressions and potential ways this software might be used for the purpose of analyzing audio equipment output. Here are some possible uses, as per section 1.1 of the manual. Possible applications 􏰆 Figure out if vintage hardware retail variations really have di􏰀erent audio signatures when compared against each other. 􏰆 Help emulator and FPGA implementation authors with tools to tune 􏰁lter pro􏰁les that match vintage retail hardware audio signatures. 􏰆 Help the modding community to compare how audio signatures change for each synthesizer within the targeted system while developing audio modi􏰁cations. 􏰆 Determine if there were changes in the audio spectrum after modi􏰁cations to a console, like recapping or changing the audio circuitry. 􏰆 Evaluate equipment, such as switchers and upscalers with audio passthrough. It can help Figure what e􏰀ect they may have by recording with and with- out them connected in the Audio/Video chain. 􏰆 Help to recreate speci􏰁c audio signatures. 􏰆 Help to tune a system to a particular taste. There is also some interesting information that is derived from the analysis, and which is displayed as part of the output: 􏰆 The frame rate of the console under analysis. 􏰆 Plots regarding the Noise 􏰄oor from the recorded signals. 􏰆 Audio balance percentage di􏰀erence between the stereo channels. 􏰆 When using CD-ROM drives, it can output the time it took the unit to start playback.
  2. Dear Forum members I used to playback all my music using Audirvana to my Audiolab 8200 setup but have since played Apple Music off headphones. I have really been itching to get my Audiolab turned on a little more and listen to music through my speakers. My question is: Can the latest incarnation of Audirvana (Version 3 I believe) play with Apple Music? If not directly is there a work around? I look forward to your replies and I apologies if this has been asked before. Kind regards —Alex
  3. Hello I have a small stereo that has no aux input. It does however have a 30 pin Apple dock connector onboard. As is I can connect iPods and iPhones up to the 4S for music playback. Note: I am not seeking some ultra hifi experience because this is not my goal. I have another capable system for that. My goal: Connect a WIFI adapter to the 30 pin dock connector so that I can stream wirelessly to the said stereo system. Found one solution: So far I found Dolry - Dolry Hi Fi Stone Wi Fi 30 pin connector for Apple iphone and Apple ipod. This seems very capable and meets all my needs but I am wondering if anyone knows other current solutions. System: Yamaha CRX330, iTunes (all content in lossless ALAC), WIFI, iPhone 5S with AAC content. Any solutions competing with DOLRY would be appreciated. I am just curious to see if there is any competition to choose from. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello I have a TEAC A-H01, I used it for 3 months or so and then it suddenly began to hum on any input selected. I have tested the speakers on another integrated amp and there are no issues. I tried headphones and the same humming occurs. The testing was done on the same electrical line and everything is grounded because the test integrated amp does not display the same symptom. The hum occurs with the said device connected to speakers alone; no coax, usb, optical or line in connected. Could anyone who has the same device or similar provide some insight? Is there something more I can try? NOTE: After haring the humming I simply put it back in the original packaging and left it there for almost a year. I suppose I should have taken it in for service but I am certain I was just too busy. Anyway I think it needs a repair but perhaps there is some magical thing I can try.
  5. Thanks Eloise I will get a refund for the express. Is there an alternative to the AppleTV?
  6. Hi I just unboxed an Airport Express (small one that looks like AppleTV) about 2 hours ago. My AudioLab 8200CD reports "No Lock" intermittently about once a second. My previous express (previous model) never had this problem but it died. I tried firmware 7.6.3 and 7.6.4 and performance remains the same. I have tried streaming from iTunes on a MacBook Air 13, an iMac 27 and a Mac Mini; they all exhibit the same issue. The Macbook Air and Airport Express are in line of site to each other and within 6 meters of each other. Is there any solution? ***PS, My Apple TV 2 works absolutely fine - I just swap it out for the airport express but I wanted to use the express for 44.1KHz. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I know this is an old thread but your comment is very applicable to me, 2 years later. So here goes, my main mac and the iTunes library is not directly connected to my 8200CD. What I want to do is get a second mac and use sharing to stream from the said mac to a directly connected mac. Do you see an issue here? I hope I was clear with the description. I'll outline it below again in case. iMac/iTunes Library --> wireless to airport extreme. Mac2 directly connected to the 8200CD via USB. Mac2 connected to airport extreme via ethernet. Mac2 is set to receive the iMac2/iTunes Library share. What do you think? Will I see a degradation of quality? I prefer to keep iTunes Library connected to the iMac due to USB Time Machine which backs up iTunes Library. I appreciate your take on this setup.
  8. Hi If Audirvana is set to up-sample to 48KHz will the audio stream be passed through the Apple TV 2 which outputs at 48KHz? I know this is not a bit perfect set up but I am looking for a way to avoid the Apple TV 2 from doing the up-sampling because I am confident it does an inferior job of the same. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for your patience.
  9. Indeed. I must have wget from my brew installation. By the way you can change the -A.flac to -A.m4v or for that matter -A.jpg for album art. It will all go in the same directory as long as the URL is the same.
  10. If you like some of the FLAC music on Archive.org but get tired of downloading them manually here is a gem of a terminal command that will download only the FLACs for you and put them in a folder in your home directory. wget -rc -A.flac --tries=5 http://archive.org/the/url/of/the/album Enjoy - no more alt-clicking to download. Works in OS X terminal.
  11. Yes you can! Select the Copy tab in Toast and choose Disc Copy. check “Use Disc Recovery”. From Toast’s File Menu, choose Save as Bin/Cue… Choose the save location for the resulting image files. Once this process is complete, launch XLD do the rest there. source: How to Preserve Your Music CD Collection on a Mac — Tech News and Analysis Alex
  12. Agreed, with the first point. The second comment would appear to make sense as well. Thanks for leaving your comments, I appreciate it.
  13. I thought I would share this with the community. I wondered about Toast as a tool to make a perfect copy of a CD and then somehow integrate XLD in the workflow. Well, this year old article, sums it up. It's very interesting. How to Preserve Your Music CD Collection on a Mac — Tech News and Analysis
  14. alex santos

    EAC vs XLD

    I see a lot of sites claiming EAC as 'the' ripper Exact Audio Copy. It runs only on Windows which I can run on my mac but I really like XLD. It seems to do a good job. Is there anything truly compelling with EAC that should suggest I switch from XLD? Any thoughts?
  15. Should I use one over the other? CD Paranoia appears to be out of date but this should not mean it isn't good but I wonder if I should be using it. As of this writing, you will find that, CDDA Paranoia Homepage was last updated in Sept 2008 which raises some concerns on whether continued use should be considered. Any thoughts?
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