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Found 4 results

  1. I am listing for sale these two top class components together. They were purchased new a year ago and were used very lightly, less than 100 hours. The reason for selling them is that digital is not for me. The EMM DA2 is in black color and is considered one of the best DACs available. The Aurender N 10 is 8 terabyte edition, MQA enabled in black too. Both units are set for 230 VAC 50Hz. i would consider a trade in with a top class Tonearm in excellent condition. Total price for both units 17,000 euro but I will consider serious offers too. Their list price for new is 38,000 euro. Paypal is accepted. i will ship them in their original packaging with their manuals at buyers’ cost. Specifications Aurender N10: color: black storage capacity :8 TB Year :2019 MQA enabled EMM DA2 color Black Year 2019
  2. Hi I'm an Aurender N10 user and enjoying it enormously. However I just signed up for the free roon trial and I'm using airplay to play audio to the N10 and it sounds wonderful, I have turned off all dsp engine functions (I think). Does anyone else have experience of this, thequietman
  3. Hi, everyone. Happy New Year! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays. I've encountered some problems with my Aurender N10, and I was hoping someone could help me with them. I’m having problems with streaming music from Spotify to my Aurender N10 via AirPlay because it starts out well but after a maximum of listening for 15 minutes, the audio eventually starts stuttering. I have good internet connection at >50Mbps. I have the same problem when I use Apple Music, and I’ve also had the same problem back when I was using the Aurender X100, before I upgraded. Here’s my setup: from the modem provided by our internet service provider, the output goes to an Ethernet switch because there’s only one output for internet connectivity. From the Ethernet switch, the output goes to my WiFi router. My WiFi router also has an output, so from there, it goes to another Ethernet switch. Lastly, from that Ethernet switch, I connect it to my N10. All the LAN cables I use are CAT6 wires. The router I use is the ASUS RT-AC5300U in case that information is helpful. I’ve also tried directly connecting the output of ASUS router to the Aurender, instead of doing it through the Ethernet switch, but the audio still stutters. Lastly, I tried it with the Eero Pro home WiFi system. I purchased one just to be able to test it on the Aurender. From the modem provided for by the internet service provider, the output goes to an Ethernet switch and directly from the Ethernet switch, I connected the Eero device there. From the output of the Eero device, I connected the Aurender, and I still encountered the same problems. Also, I’ve checked Wi-Fi connection speed under the Network diagnostics section of the settings of the Aurender Conductor app. It usually shows an average of 10Mpbs, so I’m sure it’s connected to the internet, at an adequate speed. I’ve already tried it with two different routers, two different iPads, two different streaming services, and two different Aurender devices, but the same problem still persists. I’ve tried using Airplay with our Apple TV under the same network and I am having no problems with it. Can anyone help me with this? I would really appreciate it. Also, I am aware that the quality of music from Spotify is no match for my N10 and audio equipment, but sometimes my daughters like playing their songs on my sound system.
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