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  1. This was the reason I went for N10 and not for the W20. The agreement was to trade in the N10 with the W20 successor
  2. Shortly, in Munich perhaps, I think we will see the W20 successor
  3. I don’t know anyone who had tried Qobuz after Tidal and hasn’t changed. personally for me there was no way back although many albums are still not available in Qobuz.
  4. @AriMargolisthank you this is great for all of us here
  5. @AriMargolis Hi Ari, I have sent a remote support email request, and Pablo reverted back asking a couple of questions. However no response since then.
  6. Emm


    Who listens to Spotify anymore ?
  7. @AriMargolis i have just sent a remote support request.
  8. Emm

    Article: Monty Alexander Favorites

    You are so right, Nite Mist Blues.....so in love with this piece of fine acoustical art and then ‘...Feeelings...’ so hard to choose
  9. Exactly! I am wondering whether this is a normal state or situation
  10. Hi Ari sometimes my N10 during playback shows the message “Preparing Aurender”. during this the Aurender is not controlled anymore by the conductor and this state can last some minutes. is this a normal situation?
  11. This was exactly the point of my question, whether I can leave the unit always on, as i have noticed that it doesnt sound so good after a cold start, and will need some hours for the sound to improve. p.s. do you have a Greek origin?
  12. Hi AriMargolis, I own a N10 and I am very pleased so far. i have only one question, when the pause is selected after some minutes it seems that the Aurender enters into a sort of sleep mode. What exactly happens with the HD disks at this state? Do they enter in sleep mode too? Or continue spinning?
  13. Emm

    Hegel , what is the deal with that company ?

    Hats off to this forum and Hegel for reverting and hopefully they will assist
  14. I guess edje refers to a mode where the disks will be totally inactive (zero rpm) and the Aurender will be in standing by mode