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  1. Same experience as you with DC cables that come with JS-2
  2. I would but with my situation, speakers will need to be nearfield (4' to 5' away from me). From your previous comment..."In near field it is no contest: go with the Omegas. The Voxativs are like sitting in front of a intense laser beam, whereas the Omegas are softer and more generous I am not sure the Voxtiv's work well"... it sounds like the Voxativ's will not work with my setup
  3. Thanks @ray-dude , valuable insight. Based upon your observations, I doubt I will go forward with my planned Omega purchase because I do not want to add an amp to DAVE. I guess I will just stick with my Abyss headphones, maybe upgrade to new TC version.
  4. Awesome setup Ray! Really great info about TT2 with Omegas vs DAVE. In nearfield (4' to 5'), do you still think the TT2 does a better job than the DAVE with the Omegas?
  5. Yeah, @paulhynes has been very quiet. Bit worried. Hopefully, we will hear from him soon...
  6. OMG, this is so ridiculous. So tell me, if your ears are not the ultimate judge of sound quality, why do anything. After all, you clearly won't be able to hear a difference or if you do, you are just being fooled, right? You keep staring at your data while I listen to music
  7. Agreed if @pga has not listened to this switch in his system, his opinion on it is worthless
  8. Agreed, a complete waste of time.
  9. Well, if sound quality does not raise emotional engagement with the music, I would have to agree. I think this is where subjectivity really kicks in. However, I do honestly believe there is a strong connection between sound quality and musical engagement, they really go hand in hand. There are those though that pursue things like hyper detail or excessive richness that I do not subscribe to.
  10. As I mentioned, I don't do blind tests. But I do use my ears
  11. Exactly, after all, why pay more for a piece of equipment if it does not lead to more enjoyment. I do not judge others on how they test gear or their listening preferences. But true "enjoyment" is a universal truth in all of us
  12. I have nothing against blind testing but that is not how I test. My preferred method is to put the piece of equipment in my system for at least a couple of weeks, sometimes longer. Through that time, I listen casually as much as I can while it settles in. I pay a lot of attention to any changes in my ability to connect with the music. My ultimate reference is the emotional connection to the music. More toe-tapping? Want to listen longer? Looking more forward to next listening session? Mood changes affect my musical enjoyment, so this longer-term assessment is key for me personally. After this I listen more critically to a handful of songs and then take the unit out of the system and listen to original piece of equipment. I sometimes repeat the cycle if I am not sure. Ultimately though, if I do not enjoy the music more with the new piece of equipment, I do not keep it.
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