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  1. Awesome review Ray, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. I assume that all of your impressions were with your 2 channel rig and not headphones? Just curious how well the Abyss TC's scaled up with the Extreme vs your 2 channel experience. Any thoughts on that?
  2. I have had the ER up and running now for 3 to 4 days and wanted to share my feedback. In terms of setup, I could not the B side of the ER to work with my NUC because the NUC cannot accept 100mb speed (NUC issue, not and ER issue). So here is how it is connected in the chain: ETHERNET: Router > SonicTransporter i7 > ER B side > A side > NUC SOURCE: NUC USB > Mscaler > Dual BNC > OptoDX > Dual BNC > Chord DAVE > HFC Trinity > Abyss TC (with Superconductor cable). PC and BNC's are full loom of HFC. Also of note, ER replaces the Linear Solution Switch. Both the the previous switch and the ER are powered by an LPS 1.2. I did not start to seriously listen until ER had 50 hours on it. I have listened to it for about 25 hours. I then put back the Linear Solutions switch for about 5 hours, then back to the ER again. I had reasonable high hopes for the ER like others on this board but I have to say, it easily surpassed my expectations. I have tried many different things in my system over the past 2 to 3 years with various hits and misses along the way. Well the ER is NOT a miss, it's the "real deal". It's performance embarasses what I thought was a pretty good (Linear Solutions) switch. First and foremost, it has noticably lowered the noise floor so that I hear more into the music - more detail and more life. It also seems to relax the music whilst maintaining speed. Also, if anything, it seems to contribute to more more musical density rather than thinning things out - like some components do. Put simply, the ER makes it easier for to get more enjoyment out of my music Thanks Alex and John, very well done!
  3. I was told to use an ethernet to USB dongle. It did not work. There is probably something else that could be done to fix the issue but I have moved on. I am connecting to the NUC through the A side. It is the only ethernet connection on the A side because I am bridging off my sever - single connection to B side for both the server and router. Within a couple of months I am switchung to a custom server that will negate the need for the NUC and will be able to use the B side as prescribed by the ER.
  4. Hi Alex, thanks for the call/ support. I have not had a chance to address audiolinux situation yet. In terms of firmware, I received in second batch so I don't need to update, correct?
  5. Hi Alex, - Made sure "INT" was toggled on before powering up - On the B side, copper ethernet connect to Linear Solution DS-1. - When I connect the router to the B side of the ER, I get both green blinking and yellow blinking light. These same lights are visible on the A side with the connection to the DS-1, so all is good with that. Only other connection on the A side is from SonicOribiter server and for that connection, all I see is yellow blinking lights - When I connect the router to the A side of the ER, I do not see any green blinking lights on either the A or B side - So for some reason, teh ER is not able to connect to the router on the B side Thiughts?
  6. Hi Guys, I just got ER tonight. For some reason, it is not working with my roon endpoint from the B side, only the A side. Any thiughts on the issue?
  7. Same experience as you with DC cables that come with JS-2
  8. I would but with my situation, speakers will need to be nearfield (4' to 5' away from me). From your previous comment..."In near field it is no contest: go with the Omegas. The Voxativs are like sitting in front of a intense laser beam, whereas the Omegas are softer and more generous I am not sure the Voxtiv's work well"... it sounds like the Voxativ's will not work with my setup
  9. Thanks @ray-dude , valuable insight. Based upon your observations, I doubt I will go forward with my planned Omega purchase because I do not want to add an amp to DAVE. I guess I will just stick with my Abyss headphones, maybe upgrade to new TC version.
  10. Awesome setup Ray! Really great info about TT2 with Omegas vs DAVE. In nearfield (4' to 5'), do you still think the TT2 does a better job than the DAVE with the Omegas?
  11. Yeah, @paulhynes has been very quiet. Bit worried. Hopefully, we will hear from him soon...
  12. OMG, this is so ridiculous. So tell me, if your ears are not the ultimate judge of sound quality, why do anything. After all, you clearly won't be able to hear a difference or if you do, you are just being fooled, right? You keep staring at your data while I listen to music
  13. Agreed if @pga has not listened to this switch in his system, his opinion on it is worthless
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