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Found 18 results

  1. Does anyone know if Aurender A10 buffers streaming content (like Tidal MQA) to its SSD before playing, like it does with content sourced from its own internal HDD?
  2. Simple explanation for this. Aurender didn't make their own player. They are using MPD and trying to pass it as their ownership, which it's definitely not, and doing so without even mentioning MPD or the GPL license on their homepage or anywhere in the firmware. A while ago a developer made a separate fork of MPD with an Upnp plugin for MPD, (which eventually made it into MPD master). The way the Upnp plugin worked within the contraints of the MPD API was to use the "browse" feature of a MPD client to, well browse, the directoy structure of an Upnp server. Aurender forked this Upnp-fork of MPD, and my guess is that they modified the Upnp code to browse network shares instead of Upnp servers. Since MPD (and subsequently Aurender) does not read tags while playing, but only when scanning files, it makes sense that Aurender threw something of a hack (yes, that would be AMM) together to somehow support metadata when using the NAS feature. Those who are a little familiar with MPD or Linux might wonder why Aurender simply didn't just mount the network share from NAS and symlink to it from the music directory, and at the same sidestep the need for AMM. The answer to that is: I am not sure, maybe because symlinking still requires a rescan of the music directory for MPD to pickup the symlink. It would be rather illogical if the customer added a NAS share, but was told that they need to wait for rescan of all their music, including the new music on the added NAS, before they could even manually browse the NAS. It could potentially take many many hours just to add a NAS. Also, to rely on the OS mounting the network share could have unforeseen consequences. As an Aurender is meant to be an "applience", it *could* make sense to let the player handle the network shares itself, which points back to a rewrite of the MPD Upnp plugin to support network shares. As a consequence, this requires the use of AMM running on a MAC or PC, for the metadata to show when playing songs from a NAS. Proof: https://github.com/aurender/mpd-upnp And I believe they even licensed the mPad app. (mPad has since been improved, and using the iOS7 look, while the Aurender app is still an iOS4/iOS5/iOS6 app). How weird is that Aurender gets pretty much universal praise for their app, whereas ..say Bryston sometimes are criticised for relying on mPad. (which in it's current form is a better looking, with better usability than the forked Aurender app). Btw using a Samba/NFS share directly as music directory in user space is now a feature of mainline MPD, so I would recommend Aurender to once again refork MPD. MPD does not support multi "music directories" yet (and I think there's already a request for this feature), but that feature would be trivial to implement. Then Aurender music library could support both internal storage and NAS at the same time, and have the possibility to rescan both music directories regardless of one another. That would get rid of AMM once and for all. Then again, that might be what they already planning to do.. But please take a lesson from Bryston and give credit where due, and don't try to blatantly steal open source software. I know you don't want to hand out the source code of your players, and that is the reason you try to hide the origin of your players software. After all, the W20 costs 17000$+ USD, so it's fully "understandable" that you don't want this associated with a small open source project. But as much as you want to, the Aurender playback software ownership does not belong to you, and you are required by the GPL License to hand out the source code by your customers request.
  3. I decided I was going to upgrade my Aurender N100H. I only had the N100H for three months, but loved it and knew I wanted more. I couldn't decide between the N10 or to go the microRendu route, which, from the posts, seemed very promising. I put the Aurender up for sale (figuring it would take a while to sell) and sprung for a microRendu + iFi iPower in order to test. I assumed the demand for the microRendu would be strong enough for me to sell it at only a small loss if I decided on the N10. My system is a Bricasti M1 DAC connected to the N100H and USB Regen with a Curious cable and adapter, an ATC CA2 preamp (a very good preamp and great bargain that is hard to get in the States. I needed to import it; it's the manufacturer's suggested match for the powered ATC speakers) and ATC SCM ASL 20 MK II powered studio monitors. In general, the ATC preamp speaker combo is highly accurate, very, very revealing, and perhaps a little cold. I'm using Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II for the connection from the DAC to the preamp, and Nordost Heimdall XLRs for the connection from preamp to powered speakers. I'm also using Audio Art power cords. (Rob Fritz was very helpful and is a really good guy, by the way.) My music library is both on the N100H and a Synology disk station running Minimserver. It took me a few months and a lot of trial and error (and expense in buying and selling cables and components at a loss) to make this a system I enjoyed. But I did. Then the microRendu came. I removed the USB Regen and N100H from the system and connected the microRendu. On first listen, it was clear that the microRendu is more open and considerably brighter than the N100H, and probably more musical. On the other hand, the N100H seemed to have more depth and gravitas. I've also noticed the N100H is sensitive to power cords, a good one makes a big difference. After repeated listening to a large number of recordings in varied genres, I noticed that the microRendu's brightness sometimes got in the way of the listening experience. There was a harshness to the vocals that I didn't hear with the Aurender and some upper midrange and harmonic distortion that I fought months to remove in setting up the system. However, the microRendu's sound might have been a function of the components. I do think the microRendu, in general, is a more musical listen, as vague as a term that is. Perhaps the best way to describe the difference between the two is that on casual listening the microRendu made it easier to tap my foot. But on critical listening, the gravitas and fullness of the Aurender enabled a deeper emotional connection. But one needs to consider that I am using the microRendu's least expensive recommended power supply. I am presuming that there will be a great improvement, including a reduction in the vocal harshness and distortion, and an increase in fullness and gravitas, as one goes up the PSU line. Whether it will exceed the Aurender I don't know, but I won't be surprised if it does. I think the hype around the microRendu is warranted. But it is probably amplified by the low initial price point. When one considers the investment in a top of the line PSU, Roon server, and Roon license in order to get a complete musical experience, including Tidal integration, the microRendu is probably the same price if not higher than the N100H, especially if one needs to invest in a NAS. The question of value comes from comparing the microRendu package to the N10. From a sound quality and music browsing perspective, the N100H and microRendu are probably much closer in price than one would initially think. I think one will need a really good PSU and to invest in a Roon server to get a similar experience from the microRendu as the N100H. (Although the investment in Roon, while expensive, is likely more fulfilling than the very, very good Aurender app.) In my opinion, the difference between the microRendu and the N100H is that the N100H is probably a lot more convenient out of the box. It will get you to audiophile sound quality and an engaging music control interface much more predictably and faster and easier than the microRendu. However, the microRendu has much more potential. After adding a great PSU, a Roon server and paying for a Roon license, the microRendu might be a little more expensive than the N100H but it is possible that it could be on par with or exceed the N10. If the latter turns out to be true, then it's a real bargain. I haven't made up my mind on which way I'll go. But I will be investing in that high-end PSU, once again ready to take a loss if disappointed. The possibility also exists that if the N100H doesn't sell I'll keep that too. Sometimes I fell as if I need a 12 step program.
  4. I love my Aurender N100. All worked well with a very easy learning curve until I recently replaced my older Ipad for a new Ipad Mini, V4. Now, when the Ipad goes inactive, I must on restarting it, go to set up and restore my Tidal username and password. Then it works fine until I need to make the Ipad mini active again. The Aurender app is otherwise working perfectly. In other words, it forgets the username and password as soon as the Ipad goes to sleep. Any suggested fixes? Thank you. Alan
  5. Aurender launches two new streamers - the N100 and N10. The N100 will be available in January followed by the N10 in March 2015. Both offers NAS connectivity with full cover art browsing etc. The N10 will also have internal storage capacity of 1TB (SSD). Prices are not yet official. More info: AURENDER - Reference Music System Aurender N100
  6. I found an interesting review published on 23rd of September 2017. You may need to use google translator. Link: http://www.salonav.com/arch/2017/09/audioserver-aurender-n10.htm
  7. Hi Guys, Could you explain what is the difference between Aurender x100L vs N100H except the HDD capacity? Aurender's network player N100 that was dedicated only to play whether from NAS or TIDAL comes now with HHD of 2TB and is called N100H. That makes it a media server and player. Anyway, Aurender's X100S (HDD 1TB) en X100L (HDD 6TB or 12TB) are both media server and players too. They are differently build. They cost (except the 12TB) almost the same. They are in different housing. What is than the difference?, and obviously, which one is better? Looking forward to clarify the case. Cheers, Andre
  8. Hey there, I'm looking to move away from PC/Mac as music source. Tidal streaming is a must, thankfully both solutions offer that. My crosshairs have been on the MSB Analog (with Quad USB and Power Base upgrades) paired with an Aurender X100. I've just stumbled upon the Lumin S1 and it gets glowing reviews all over the internet. Especially from users. It's also much cheaper than the MSB/Aurender combination (plus cables etc). Anyone have any experience/wisdom they can share? I prefer musicality over ultimate resolution. Currently use the Moon 430 headphone amp (with Abyss cans), and will add a tube amp at some point. VIVA Egoista, Eddie Current Studio or Woo 234 if I'm feeling particularly mental. Thanks!
  9. I am having great trouble getting certain Tidal 'favourites' deleted from my Aurender Conductor database ..... it's not all albums but some I just cannot shift and they remain no matter how many times I clear and reload my database I seem to think that this has been raised previously in a thread but I can't find it and I can't recall if it had a solution to this problem ..... can anyone help? Many thanks
  10. Hi guys. First time poster, long time lurker. A couple of years ago, I purchase an Olive 06HD. Beautiful piece of equipment that is now currently a brick. Quite bitter, but you live an you learn. Anyway, I'm considering alternatives. I currently have my music collection ripped to flac via J River. I am going to move the collection to a NAS. With that backdrop, I'm considering 3 similar, but different options. 1. Aurender N100H ($2695)+ DAC ($???) - The Aurender has a 2TB hard drive, which I could use for my core collection. But, can also access NAS. Since I use J River, would like to leverage that, unsure how that would work, though I think it is possible. The music app for the aurender seems quite robust, (though I would be using android and I understand the app is still beta there). Additionally, this would require a USB dac. 2. Sonare Signature Renu ($2895, though website says contact them for a deal) + DAC ($???) - Can leverage J River via the NAS. Would require SPDIF or i2s dac. 3. PS Audio Directstream Junior DAC ($3999) - Can leverage J River and NAS. Only piece of equipment needed. Also, I think I would like to leverage tidal in the future, but currently don't. I know a lot depends upon the DAC that accompanies the Aurender and Sonare and I'm currently considering Shiit Yggdrasil and Chord Hugo TT, but am open to other suggestions. Anyway, what are your thoughts on these three approaches, particularly on costs, flexibility, future-proofness, and most importantly, sound quality (again, I understand DAC is key here, but I've given you some thoughts on what I am considering). On dacs, unclear on how important usb, spdif, or i2s connection type is to the equation. thanks, Gary
  11. Hi, everyone. Happy New Year! Hope you are all enjoying the holidays. I've encountered some problems with my Aurender N10, and I was hoping someone could help me with them. I’m having problems with streaming music from Spotify to my Aurender N10 via AirPlay because it starts out well but after a maximum of listening for 15 minutes, the audio eventually starts stuttering. I have good internet connection at >50Mbps. I have the same problem when I use Apple Music, and I’ve also had the same problem back when I was using the Aurender X100, before I upgraded. Here’s my setup: from the modem provided by our internet service provider, the output goes to an Ethernet switch because there’s only one output for internet connectivity. From the Ethernet switch, the output goes to my WiFi router. My WiFi router also has an output, so from there, it goes to another Ethernet switch. Lastly, from that Ethernet switch, I connect it to my N10. All the LAN cables I use are CAT6 wires. The router I use is the ASUS RT-AC5300U in case that information is helpful. I’ve also tried directly connecting the output of ASUS router to the Aurender, instead of doing it through the Ethernet switch, but the audio still stutters. Lastly, I tried it with the Eero Pro home WiFi system. I purchased one just to be able to test it on the Aurender. From the modem provided for by the internet service provider, the output goes to an Ethernet switch and directly from the Ethernet switch, I connected the Eero device there. From the output of the Eero device, I connected the Aurender, and I still encountered the same problems. Also, I’ve checked Wi-Fi connection speed under the Network diagnostics section of the settings of the Aurender Conductor app. It usually shows an average of 10Mpbs, so I’m sure it’s connected to the internet, at an adequate speed. I’ve already tried it with two different routers, two different iPads, two different streaming services, and two different Aurender devices, but the same problem still persists. I’ve tried using Airplay with our Apple TV under the same network and I am having no problems with it. Can anyone help me with this? I would really appreciate it. Also, I am aware that the quality of music from Spotify is no match for my N10 and audio equipment, but sometimes my daughters like playing their songs on my sound system.
  12. Hi Guys - The new Aurender X100L has arrived at CA! Many more details to come. I will cover the X100L in my W20 review coming soon. For now here are some photos.
  13. Why is the sound of one device better than the other? Is it because it has more detail? Less distortion? Better frequency balance? Something else? That is a much tougher question to answer than it would seem to be on the surface. In one of the threads I have been reading, SAL1950 posted: Dynamics and low distortion = detail. God is in the details. Paul Klipsch had it 90% right by 1946 That resonated with a lot of people. Personally, I don't like the sound of Klipsch speakers, and have not since around 1977 when I first heard them. (Okay, they did and still do sound great in movie theaters...) But the point is, to me, whatever KlipschHorns do to the sound - for me, it does not make the sound better. But it is not arguable that for a lot of people, Klipsch horns do produce much better sound. Then there is Chris' review of the Aurender W20 has engendered discussion of what makes for better sound. I am still considering his findings on that one, though I am sure they are both accurate and torturously honest. Listening to Doug MacLeod's There's A Time at 24/176.4 from the Aurender W20 enables one to hear this recording to the fullest. The recording space, air around Doug's voice and guitar, and sense of realism that can be heard in this wonderfully engineered album are astounding. Chris points out in his review that the Aurender W20 shows up the limitations of the C.A.P.S. music server as a source. Given that the C.A.P.S. is not only good as a music source, it is very good, that is saying something. I am not sure exactly what he is hearing that makes the W20 sound better though. Finally, Paul McGown published an interesting take on voicing equipment in his blog today. Coincidentally or not, it echoes a lot of the subjects being discussed on CA now. One point in particular resonated with me. In talking about a PreAmp they designed, they accidentally discovered that putting a bigger power supply in it improved the sound. Exactly how it improved, I do not know. In later years we discovered it was the lower impedance of the thicker wire that made the improvement to the sound, but even to this day we’ve not been able to measure anything performance wise that displays a difference. It certainly resonated with me, and made me ask once again, what makes the sound better? Feel free to post your thoughts on the subject here, and certainly there is no "right" or "wrong" answers about what makes you like or dislike a particular sound! -Paul
  14. Selling 6 months old Aurender S10 music server $3400 10/10, 'like new' condition, with a protective foil still on the display ! 2TB version, but can be upgraded to 4TB or 6TB at a cost of a new HDD. One owner unit, used in dedicated smoke, animal, and kids free listening room. Comes in original box and packaging, detachable IEC AC power cord, all manuals, remote and warranty card. All enquires welcome and will be answered in full. NO TRADES. Shipping within the EU ~ 95 EUR by DHL with full insurance. Ask for an exact quote - I pass through the same quoted shipping charges from my broker without adding in handling charges to keep the costs as reasonable as possible for the new owner. US, Asia: $200 No VAT or duties for EU countries.
  15. maro73

    Lumin U1

    Hello My hifi journey has turned to different CAPS , abnd then went for the Auralic Aries Recently I bought the Melco N1A , which runs very very well I was wondering about the interest of a Lumin U1 , as a renderer to serve my DAC instead of the Auralic Aries .. is it worth ? Other alternatives could include an Aurender N100H or the N10 The Lumin U1 is rarely reviewed , so I will need your user or listener experience Cheers
  16. Hi, I'm new to this site. I discovered it in my search for a DSD DAC to replace my Oppo 105. I have a HAL MS3 running JRiver and Aurender S-10 and want to be able to listen to my ~12 TB of hi-rez albums without worrying about conversion, drop outs, etc. I have about 300 DSD albums, so would prefer native DSD. Ideally I'd feed everything through the aurender, as I like the UI better than JRiver, and I haven't gotten JRemote to work yet. I started looking at DACs below $2k used, but find myself looking at Meitner, PS Audio DirectStream, Bricasti M1, etc. Within my budget are Exogal Comet and Auralic Vega. Thanks, AC
  17. Had been musing about whether to move from PC based stuff for a while... Just before Xmas, decided to improve my bog-standard PC setup by investing in a full HDPlex H5 based system with new Gigabyte board, Paul Pang bits & Jcat USB card, then loaded Windows 2012 Essentials, HQPlayer, Audiophile Optimizer, Roon Server etc - Turned out to be quite a big step up in regards to SQ etc, but..... I must be getting old... what I used to enjoy, the whole tweaking thing, building stuff etc, did not have the same 'fun factor' as I thought it would! Fickle as I am (or must be), I decided last week to go buy an Aurender N100H, and although Roon and even JRiver are a better front end, I am very pleased with it. Indeed, I presume due to its relative simplicity, I found myself using the Aurender more... As far as SQ is concerned, very little if anything in it... but I think the Music Server is a fraction better... Anyhow, so there is a fully built Music Server up for grabs if anyone here wants it + LPS etc ... on fleabay - just search for it.... regards Keith
  18. I'm selling my N100H in order to buy the N10. This machine is just under 2 years old.Yours for $1900, Paypal ONLY. Bought from NYC dealer at full price, used in smoke free, pet free home, in pristine condition.Unfortunately I don't have the original packaging but I will pack suitably. USA only sales.I'll ship anywhere in the CONT USA for $50 insured. AURENDER - Reference Music System The Aurender N100H digital music player supports DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, M4A and other major formats at native bit and sampling rates. Equipped with a high performance USB digital audio output, Ethernet port, 120GB solid-state drive for cached playback, the N100H is also the ideal solution for playing high resolution digital music collections from NAS. • 120GB SSD for caching playback • 2TB internal storage • Cached playback of internal and NAS contents • Clean USB audio class 2.0 output • Full linear power supply • Machined aluminum case • 3.0 inch AMOLED display • Switchable for a variety of modes, including names of artists and music titles • Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for network connectivity • Award-winning Aurender App with convenient features • Remote internet technical support
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