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Found 7 results

  1. I have downloaded Amarra Hifi software and I'm having trouble transferring sound from iMac, through my DAC and to my Hifi amplifier. Playing music from iTunes is working fine but as soon as I start Amarra, there is no sound through the speakers in my living room. My iMac is connected to the DAC through either USB cable or AirPlay via my Apple TV. Note also that Amarra is working when I play music through the speakers connected directly to my iMac 3,5 mm jacket. Computer: iMac DAC: Fidelity Music V-DAC Version 1 Air Play: Apple TV, generation 2 Speakers connected to the 3,5: audio pro Addon One Amplifier: NAD I am confused here. What am I doing wrong? How do I get it to work? Aren't my hardware compatible with Amarra? Ziggy23, Sweden
  2. Dear fellow music lovers, I think it's about time to start a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus, also called DM+, thread. I have one of them, and I can see when I search there are many others who also have it. Why not combine our knowledge of this little gem in one simple thread... ------------- Let me start off with a little test I conducted just now, I have listened to a 1.5 meter QED Profile Precision USB cable up against my "no-name" 1.5m gold-plated cheap cable - both on my Cambridge DAC using my Denon AH-A100 headphones. I must say, there were no difference at all! Can't recommend the QED (wich is by the way funny as it is no were to be found on their website, might reflect the quality) Last year I did the same with a AQVOX high-end USB cable and that made a very noticeable difference, but was only for testing so had to return it. Now when I was at it anyway, I listened to the difference on iTunes and iTunes+Amarra Hifi and oh my, there is a huge differance - Amarra really cleared everything up and tightened my bass, gave me more in both ends of the signal. ------------ How are you using your DM+ and what discoveries have you made?
  3. Hello guys I wanna show you a re-design concept ill be working on my free time, but first some clarifications: I don't work for (Sonic studio) Amarra I don't have any kind of affiliation (Sonic studio) Amarra or money interest. Who am I?: in a few words a designer and music lover. Reason for this concept: every time i use Amarra I feel the interface to be very disconnected to the apple guidelines, it looks like doesn't belong to the apple environment and even less now with Yosemite. I understand that this was maybe intentional, to create an unique interface that stands out, even though I understand this motivation I believe that it can be done better. Also I think that even tough Amarra SQ is great it should not be use an an excuse to forget about the appearance, I know amazing functional mac software with delicious interfaces: for example anything from Panic software, Pixelmator, Snippet, Capo, LittleSnapper, Things, Tangerine, Coversutra, Ecoute..etc Things I wanted to improve: General UI Use of color Typography Iconography Wording Layout My goal was to improve the UI and not to change everything. My objective: To promote a new re design Know what Amarra users think and feel about this concept and the Amarra UI. Some comments about design decisions I made: UI: The progress bar should be work when user clicks on any part of it like any other music player. Color : I feel the orange should only be used as secondary color, as an accent ant not indiscriminately through the interface. Hello integrated search: Dynamic search: for a 650 dollars program ( Amarra symphony) I would expect an integrated search field to look for an specific song, band or album, I mean we are in 2014…and paying premium price... Thats all folks hope to hear what you think about this concept. PS: Sorry for my poor english, is not my mother language. Greetings from berlin!
  4. You can view the page at http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/456-A-Gift-From-Sonic-Studio-To-CA-Readers
  5. I have had my Nova connected to my MacPro for a couple of years via optical cable.... For my AudioMidi settings I used the Built In Digital preset, and just set it a 24/96.... I set it up and never gave it much thought since... Recently I bought Amarra HiFi and noticed that it would not play files with an 88.2khz sample rate... So I poked around the interwebs looking for some feedback and I read some references to selecting the NOVA preset in AudioMidi... Well I don't have that option. I am wondering if I should??? My previous DAC was connected via USB and it was an option, but that was USB, this is Optical... So now I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, that is keeping the NOVA AudioMidi setting from showing up??? I am using the OPT 1 input on the NOVA. I chose Optical because I wanted to be able to play 24/96 files.... USB is limited to 16/48 iirc.... Are you running a Nova on a Mac via optical (maybe even running Amarra)? Have any advice? Thanks. MacPro>>Amarra HiFi>>Peachtee Nova>>Kimber Cable>>ERA D4
  6. Hi Guys, although I’ve been into home audio for many years, I’m brand new to the computer aspect of it. I just bought a Peachtree Nova 125SE integrated amp and I have a few questions. I’ve ripped some of my CDs to my Macbook Air in lossless format and I’m playing them through the asynchronous USB input of the Peachtree, and have downloaded Amarra HiFi to my Mac. To me, this setup works great and my CDs have never sounded better. I’m now considering buying an 11” Macbook Air to act solely as a music server because my current Macbook Air doesn’t have enough free space to house all of my CDs. I’d be using this new computer on battery power when I’m listening to music. Would the amount of RAM critical to this setup? Another thing I’ve been wondering about is whether I should use the error correction feature in iTunes when I rip my remaining CDs to the computer. I know it takes longer to rip the music when the error correction is on, but if it improves the sound, it would be worth it to me. Thanks for any help guys can give me because this computer audio stuff has me baffled. Steve
  7. I am selling my mac mini (Apple mac mini Core i5 2.5GHz - 8GB RAM -500GB HDD -MC816​LL/A(2011) which I have been using (actually NOT using, which is why I am selling it) as my HTPC/music server. This is a stock mac mini with RAM upgraded to 8GB and the OS has been upgraded to the latest version (OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2). I will also through in the following software: iLife 11 (GarageBand, iPhoto & iMovie) Amarra Hifi (SAM-HIFI) XBMC $575, includes shipping Detailed item info Product Information Powered by 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 Processor, the Apple MC816LL/A desktop lets you work smoothly on multiple applications simultaneously. The AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics processor of this Apple Mac Mini takes your gaming experience to a new level. The built-in speaker, HDMI port, and headphone minijack of this Apple desktop add to your convenience. The Apple MC816LL/A desktop features four USB 2.0 ports, one Thunderbolt port, SDXC card slot, etc., making way for quick and easy connections. This Apple desktop is not only ENERGY STAR 5.2 compliant, but has also achieved a Gold rating from EPEAT, thus reducing its environmental impact. The extensive hard drive of this Apple Mac Mini stores all your documents, movies, songs, etc. Stay connected to your world as the Apple MC816LL/A desktop features 802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking. Apple MC816LL/A desktop has Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity. Product Identifiers Brand Apple Product Family Mac Mini Model ID Macmini5,2 Model Number A1347 MPN MC816LL/A UPC 885909455621 Processor Processor Type Intel Core i5 Processor Speed 2.50 GHz Number of Cores Dual-Core Motherboard Video Output Interface USB Motherboard I/O Ports FireWire (IEEE1394b) x 1, HDMI x 1, RJ45 Lan Port x 1, USB 2.0 x 4 Technical Features Expansion Slots SDXC card Hard Drive Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB Hard Drive Rotation Speed 5400 RPM Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA III Memory RAM Technology DDR3 SDRAM Installed RAM 8 GB RAM Max Supported Size 8 GB RAM Memory Slots Qunatity 2 x SODIMM Installed Cache Memory 32 KB Max. Cache Memory 3 MB Video On Board Graphic Processor AMD Radeon HD 6630M Max. Video Resolution 2560 x 1600 Installed Video Memory 256 MB Video Outputs DVI x 1 Audio Audio Input Line In (3.5mm), Microphone, Stereo Input Jack Audio Output Analog Audio, Headphone, Line Out, Speakers Networking Data Link Protocol Bluetooth, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n Networking Type Bluetooth, Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Card, Integrated Wireless LAN Dimensions Depth 7.7 in. Height 1.4 in. Width 7.7 in. Weight 3 lb. Miscellaneous Form Factor Desktop Slimline Release Date July, 2011 Other Features 64bit Ready
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