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  1. When Valerie June's album "Pushin' Against a Stone" came out, I scooped it immediately on iTunes, since I had waited months for this album to "drop"... Then a few days later I see that HD Tracks is selling it in 24/48... Well of course I scooped that up too... Then, I checked her website and lo and behold, they were selling vinyl... Yep, I scooped it up too... Which got me to thinking... Exactly how different are these, especially on my modest equipment... VIDEO TIME!!!! Of course I realize that audio quality is not going to be very discernible being recorded on an iPhone and broadcast on YouTube... But perhaps there may be some value to the exercise to someone, somewhere... Then again maybe not... You can watch the video here and determine for yourself: PS. All things considered my preference is the HD Tracks>AppleTV>Bifrost (yes I know ATVs 16/48 limitation)
  2. WGscott, I have wondered about The Bridge.... Did you perceive a significant change in the audio quality, or just stability? I have never had any stability issues, so I would be getting it solely for SQ....
  3. Thanks for your reply... I must admit, that I have always thought that a DAC capable of 24/96 was capable of anything UP TO 24/96... Next time I'll pay more attention to the specs.... So do you think setting the MIDI at the Built In Digital setting 96k is the best option in this case?
  4. I have had my Nova connected to my MacPro for a couple of years via optical cable.... For my AudioMidi settings I used the Built In Digital preset, and just set it a 24/96.... I set it up and never gave it much thought since... Recently I bought Amarra HiFi and noticed that it would not play files with an 88.2khz sample rate... So I poked around the interwebs looking for some feedback and I read some references to selecting the NOVA preset in AudioMidi... Well I don't have that option. I am wondering if I should??? My previous DAC was connected via USB and it was an option, but that was USB, this is Optical... So now I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, that is keeping the NOVA AudioMidi setting from showing up??? I am using the OPT 1 input on the NOVA. I chose Optical because I wanted to be able to play 24/96 files.... USB is limited to 16/48 iirc.... Are you running a Nova on a Mac via optical (maybe even running Amarra)? Have any advice? Thanks. MacPro>>Amarra HiFi>>Peachtee Nova>>Kimber Cable>>ERA D4
  5. Thanks. Yeah I did read some articles about the unit, but no hands on reviews of the sound quality. Perhaps I need to take a chance, buy one, and then review it myself?
  6. I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of the Peachtree Audio Decco65 to use on my office desktop, which has been on pre order for some time now. For $999 it really is at the top of what I want to spend for a desktop amp. While waiting for it to come out I have been shopping around thinking there may be another unit at or below the cost of the Decco65 that could work for my needs. The Emotiva mini-x a-100 caught my eye, but that would require a separate DAC. Which is fine, but Emotiva does not make a size compatible DAC (I have aesthetic issues).... A newcomer to the mix is the NuForce DDA-100 ($549) which seems to also fit the bill nicely. I cannot find any reviews to get some expert opinions.. Also I am having a hard time wrapping my head around the digital to analog conversion used in this unit. I have read about it on the NuForce website, but it still isn't clicking in my little brain. Since this appears to have just been out a few weeks, I doubt there is anyone on here with first hand experience, but if so, please let me know what you think... Basically I am looking for a sub $1000 Intergrated Stereo amp with DAC (optical input), like the Peachtree Nova or Wadia PowerDAC to drive my ERA D4 speakers.
  7. This is the one I ended up buying, and it is working great. This is just for some old aluminum Radio Shack speakers outside, driven by a cheap Sonance amp, so fidelity is not an issue... Although it sounds much better than I imagined. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=180-997
  8. Good info. I guess I was a little unclear. I do not plan to run 5.1 in secondary zones, just the main zone. Running a separate optical >DAC >AVR seems to be the best option. Then keep the HDMI for main zone. I have so much to learn.
  9. I appreciate your input... I am a little uneducated when it comes to digital audio... Since the DAC is really just intend to drive some outdoor speakers, audiophile quality is not the goal here, just some listenable music... That being said, I have not researched DAC's much and the ones I am finding seem to be a little overboard for my situation. I did find an intriguing Emotiva http://shop.emotiva.com/collections/processors/products/xda1 This might even be overkill, but at least it is 17" wide and will align nicely with my amp... I would say $250 is definitely as much as I am willing to spend (hopefully less). Any other units come to mind?
  10. Funny how one expense leads to another to another to another....I bought a new Rotel Receiver with HDMI connections (A step up form my old Sony, which didn't have HDMI)... So then I realized that the Rotel does not have A & B speaker outputs (B for my outdoor speakers). So I went a got another amp so I could drive my backyard speakers in a second zone. Well, turns out that the Rotel (as well as many other receivers I have come to find out) cannot play digital sources on secondary zones? What? Crazy... So now I have a second zone, with it's own amp, but it cannot play music from my Apple TV to that zone (ATV 2 does not have analog outputs)... The obvious thing to do is to get different AVR... But I am not going to do that... What I think would be the best route for me would be to get a 5.1 channel DAC, to get an analog signal to my secondary zones. I say 5.1 because I do use the ATV for movies quite a bit-but I have yet to find a 5.1 channel external DAC... is there such a beast? Google has failed me thus far.... Another option might be connect two ATV outputs: HDMI to the receiver and optical to a stereo DAC. (Stereo would work for music only) Not sure how the ATV handles multiple outputs.... Should be fine right? Talk about your first world problems.....
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