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Found 19 results

  1. cosmuk

    Amarra 4.1 & High Sierra

    Recently updated the Mac OS to High Sierra and noticed a low frequency improvement. After uninstalling the previous Amarra library, I installed 4.1, then rebooted the OS. Because I have a large library, I let it acquire the metadata overnight and in the morning quit Amarra, to finalize the library. After work I had time to audition and sampled a few tracks then, optimized with • IRC (1.2.4) • Interfaced with an Opera Browser (major sonic improvement) • Selected Exclusive mode. To finalize these settings, I rebooted after each. (computers love this) The result is nothing short of stunning. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ॐ
  2. i am tryng to test amarra with the object of install over it tidal app, and going to optimize with AO and fidelize , using windows 10 enterprise . is necesary to buy a licence to amarra for tidal to test it before purchase ?my intention is to set amarra app as shell and get the best sound possible from bothoptimizators. as a new be any comments should be very appreciated- wilfredo
  3. Gjoslyn

    Amarra 4 Bugs and Workarounds

    Amarra 4 is buggy but often times there are workarounds that let you avoid discovered bugs. I would like to share mine and also hear your discoveries. Metadata Bug: My music library was entirely Apple Lossless. I found that metadata was occasionally not read correctly. The prime problem was a part of a record being assigned to "Various Artists" rather than to the artist that is clearly in the metafile as edited by the Mac software "Metadatics". Of my 1000 records, about 50 were flakey this way. Further, different music loadings of Amara 4 luxe would give different results. Amarra 4 sometimes could read the file like I wanted and sometimes could not. Workaround: After many experiments, I have found that if I convert the offending albums to FLAC, the metadata is read correctly and consistently by Amarra 4 luxe. I have fixed about 10 offending records by converting them from Apple Lossless to FLAC. Confidence in Workaround: With only 10 files fixed, I am cautiously confident. I am in the process of converting my entire library to FLAC (I use X Audio Compression Toolkit). Will update this thread with the results.
  4. Hi all, I am writing this post to suggest that Sonic Studio includes in the next release of Amarra a companion App for iOS devices to provide full control of Amarra in a headless mac. I love the sound of current version of Amarra (Symphony) 2.5 I use a headless Mac Pro (tower) exclusively for Audio, and have trimmed down the OS (Mountain Lion) and disabled features as much as I could following many advices from other users. I only use Amarra in cache mode and playlist mode (without iTunes) an I quit the finder. Surprisingly, every single step improves the sound even though the computer is running almost at iddle (from Terminal "top" command). The remaining piece to get rid of is Screen Sharing. I use and iPad to control the headless mac with VNC software iTap. It works perfectly from the user point of view. But if I disable Screen Sharing, the already excellent sound gets even better. The processor does not have to take care of updating the screen and sending over the network to the iPad. However in order to use Amarra in the current setup, I need to have access to the Mac screen (with Screen Sharing). Spotify has two remote solutions (Spot Remote and Remoteless) that use a small server application in the Mac which is much lighter at using CPU resources, and the sound - without Screen Sharing and with the small server app - is better than with Screen Sharing enabled operating directly Spotify on the iPad clone of the Mac Screen. I also own Audirvana+ and even though I personally prefer Amarra Symphony, a remote App for Audirvana+ would be a welcome addition too. My expectation is that getting rid of Screen Sharing through the use of a custom remote App for Amarra or Audirvana+ may bring further improvements in sound quality than another iteration of the already fine sounding engines. Sorry if I became too technical or not too clear but for those avandced users I recommend experimenting at improving the Mac sound if it is used only for computer audio. It costs no money and you are rewarded with better sound. Regards, Jotauve.
  5. RBFC

    Amarra 2.5 setup problem

    Hi, all. I just updated my Amarra to 2.5. I use a MacMini with OSX 10.6.6. I have been playing files from my external hard drive directly through Amarra without launching iTunes. The latest update will not allow me to access my external drive unless I go back and launch iTunes. I'm unaware of any configuration problem, as this is the same group of settings that I've used for several previous versions of Amarra. Any thoughts as to how I can play files without having iTunes running? Thanks, Lee
  6. christopher_j

    Amarra SQ airport express problems (help)

    Hi guys, Im just after some advice if I can as Im not sure what I am doing wrong I purchased amarra sq today as well as airfoil so that I can stream mog (or similar) to my airport express. The sound is coming out of my system but its not changing when using the equalizer, and the music continues when amarra and the equilizer is turned to off. So it doesnt seem like its in the chain for some reason. In air foil I have it currently set up as : sonicstream as the source and then airport express as the destination. In amarra sq i have the built in output as the output ( i can also change this to sonicstream, but nothing changes also), and for the input i have sonic stream (as its the only preference). I have heard nothing but good things about amarra, but so far not so good for me...including amarra and airfoil im out of pocket approx $80, which I know doesnt sound much but to me is quite a significant investment. So I'm hoping someone out there has a similar setup and can guide me as to what Im doing wrong or whats not working correctly. Thanks Chris
  7. hi, what the big deal with use itunes with that others apps like: Amarra, Audirvana Plus+, BitPerfect, Fidelia, Pure Music just for read .flacs and .iso sacd rips??? is just for add itunes formats? but not for make itunes sound better? or yes using that apps even the mp3 can sound better? or whats the deal, I dont get it... thanks
  8. Hi, my Ayre QB-9 DSD plays fine through Amarra 3, except that Amarra appears to lose the DAC in its Audo Device Preferences panel every time the DAC/stereo system is switched on. (Audio MIDI setup sees the DAC fine.) The slider that selects the DAC is in the right location, but the DAC name just disappears. The result is that iTunes and Amarra look like they're playing the file, the track time progresses, but no sound. I have to rescan to get the DAC name to reappear — which starts the music playing again. Anybody else have this issue? Or the best way to go about solving it? My mac mini server is headless, so it's really inconvenient to have to share the screen remotely from one of my other machines each time I want to turn on the stereo. Thanks. Mac mini 2014 running newest version of Yosemite, Amarra 3
  9. Dear fellow music lovers, I think it's about time to start a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus, also called DM+, thread. I have one of them, and I can see when I search there are many others who also have it. Why not combine our knowledge of this little gem in one simple thread... ------------- Let me start off with a little test I conducted just now, I have listened to a 1.5 meter QED Profile Precision USB cable up against my "no-name" 1.5m gold-plated cheap cable - both on my Cambridge DAC using my Denon AH-A100 headphones. I must say, there were no difference at all! Can't recommend the QED (wich is by the way funny as it is no were to be found on their website, might reflect the quality) Last year I did the same with a AQVOX high-end USB cable and that made a very noticeable difference, but was only for testing so had to return it. Now when I was at it anyway, I listened to the difference on iTunes and iTunes+Amarra Hifi and oh my, there is a huge differance - Amarra really cleared everything up and tightened my bass, gave me more in both ends of the signal. ------------ How are you using your DM+ and what discoveries have you made?
  10. davidian

    Amarra re-design concept

    Accidentally posted twice Admin can delete it?
  11. Hi everyone, I consider myself quite technical (advanced degree in Computer Science) but as I am relatively new to digital music, I am having these burning questions - which seem quite basic, but hard to find answer for. - I have a Mac Mini connected to Lindeman DAC via USB. I thought, in this way, the music file (AFLAC) is directly passed to the DAC, and therefore as long as the cable is good enough to not cause jitter, the sound quality should NOT depend on the music player I am using. I currently use iTunes, but people say I will get better sound by using something like Amarra. If this is true, that means some sort of signal processing is happening at the software level. Can I set it up so that the raw digital music is sent to the DAC so all the audio processing happens independently of the computer or software? - Similar question, in this case for when I am using an iPod transport. I was reading a review for the Wadia 171 transport in which it says the audio quality was different when connecting an iPod vs. an iPad. The reviewer noted that the difference could be coming from the iPad cable. How is this possible? Does the iPod/iPad transport do more than extracting digital music and sending it over to the DAC? How can a longer cable for digital transport affect the audio quality?? Although these two are different questions, they are actually the same in the sense that I am asking for what happens in the source-to-DAC process. This is probably a very fundamental question, so any pointers to a good reading is also welcome!
  12. AnotherSpin

    Upgrade from Amarra to Amarra Symphony.

    Any opinions? Is there a difference in sound quality that would justify the significant upgrade cost? Thanks in advance for a thoughts and suggestions.
  13. I'd imagine others have had the problem, so here goes. itunes forced an upgrade on me to the new version. I listen to music in Amarra in cache mode along with itunes (both open). Since that upgrade, there is a 60-90 second gap between songs listneing through Amarra in cache mode. I have Memory Settings set to 4 MB (I have 8), and the tracks are being retrieved from a Drobo FS. This delay did not occur before the intunes update (only before the 1st song, as it appeared to "load" the 1st song....) What's strange too is that each time I reboot to try to "fix" the problem, I have to re-set the itunes to find the music on the Drobo, not on the mac mini itunes folder. Help?
  14. So Sonic Studio sent out an email to customers about a week ago stating that an update to sQ would be available 3/31. Great. Nice of them to give us a heads up. Their website noted that, yes, the update would be available on March 31st. Today is March 31st. Their website says "Latest Version Available Now!" But there's no indication anywhere on the site as to where the update can be downloaded. (The download section of the site lists only sQ 2.0, not 2.1.) There are only buttons for going through and paying for the product again or downloading a "free trial." Neither of those buttons indicate what version you'd be downloading, 2.0 or the new 2.1. I really like the Amarra software. I think they have the best sounding playback software on the market. But their roll outs of products and upgrades are among the most bungling, inept, and casually sloppy of any software company I've ever seen. Their licensing procedures have been changing and rather awkward at times and their communication with their customer base has been lousy. This stuff isn't the end of the world but I just don't get why a company like Sonic Studio is so sloppy and sort of arrogant towards its own customer base. I really wonder who's running the shop. Communicating clearly isn't hard to do. You just have to care enough to make an effort. EDIT: Okay, they just updated the download section of the site. Nevermind...... Why didn't they just do it at the beginning of the day and save me a rant?
  15. AudioExplorations

    Amarra Symphony - "Extra Sonic Mastering EQ"

    This seems to be one of the key added features compared to the much cheaper standard Amarra "full". There is no information about it on the sonic studio website as to what it is. Can anyone enlighten me? Is it some sort of visual parametric EQ? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey all. I feel like there's a lot of what they call tacit knowledge knocking around in these forums, and I'd like to tap into it. I'm building a Music Server that will feed via a USB magic box thing (probably the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha) directly into speakers that have a digital input. Here are the priorities: Sound Quality - Very Important (I am expecting bit-perfect redbook and HD at the speaker input) Convenience - Very Important (including remote control via iPad) Cost - Not So Important Appearance - Important (ie we don't want a bunch of boxes, and we don't want a monitor) My take on things from reading around is that a Mac Mini (configured as per Amarra's instructions) running Amarra and iTunes and not much else is the way to go. My concerns are: - gapless playback - 24/96 and 24/192 playback - remote control I'm looking for convenient, non-enthusiast usability for a widely varied iTunes library, including remote control. What are the things I haven't thought about? What will be the most difficult part of getting things working? I have some history doing computer config, etc., so I'm not overly worried about that part but I'm happy to hear about shortcuts and best practices. Here is the Mac Mini I will spec: * 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 * 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x4GB * 256GB Solid State Drive * Apple USB SuperDrive * Apple Remote Music library will be stored on a small, external USB 3.0 1 TB drive. Thanks in advance for any help or references to existing sources. Regards, Chris Toronto
  17. Total newbie here, so please excuse any ignorance in the post. I am using Tidal and Amarra SQ+ together on my late 2014 iMac Retina. Playback is great, but if I leave the system for a while with the music paused, I don't get any sound output. I can still see the gain meters moving in Amarra, however. The only solution I've been able to figure out is to quit Amarra while the music is playing, and open it back up. I don't recall having this issue when I was using a digital out, but just went to USB for a solution to a different issue. I know Amarra has a Tidal offering now, but I find it ridiculous to pay extra when SQ+ is supposed to help with streaming services in general. Thanks for any suggestions!
  18. Newb here. Just got Amarra and downloaded my first hi-rez album, the HD Tracks sampler. Most tracks play via Amarra (blue light indicator), but some of them will not budge off the iTunes (yellow light) indicator. Same album, in ALAC. Why is that?
  19. dezfretz

    Amarra EQ

    Playing files of a "decade" of test tones from the Stereophile CD and measuring SPL with a Radio Shack sound level meter, I have a persistent 10 dB peak at 200 Hz at the listening position. In Amarra, I selected "Bass Reduce" and three sliders appear. I typed in 200 Hz for one freq and zeroed the attenuation on the other two. Q is defined as center freq divided by bandwidth. Bandwidth is defined as the 3 dB-down freqs on either side of center. I previously measured nearly flat at 160 Hz so I chose 180 Hz for the 3 dB-down point and 220 Hz on the other side, so bandwidth is 40 Hz. Q, then, is 200/40 = 5 which I typed-in, setting attenuation for the 200 Hz center freq at -10 dB. At the listening position the SPL now measures flat for the 200 Hz tone -- and the system sounds WAY better on music: Voice articulation and imaging are dramatically improved, and overall bass response sounds "right." I reported my experience to Sonic Studio Support and they validated this approach. They noted that the other sliders could be used to simultaneously deal with similar peaks (or troughs) at other frequencies.