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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for a good transport for iPhone/iPad that doesn't have a internal DAC, any recommendation on Wadia 171i and Cambridge iD100? Are they both work great? I know Wadia is discontinued, is it still working with todays iOS 7? (I don't need to charge the battery and control the volume via the transport, just deliver data bypass i devices internal DAC is fine) Seeking for advices on Coaxial cable (from transport to DAC), and digital to audio cable as well, any recommendation? Thank you very much!
  2. Dear fellow music lovers, I think it's about time to start a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus, also called DM+, thread. I have one of them, and I can see when I search there are many others who also have it. Why not combine our knowledge of this little gem in one simple thread... ------------- Let me start off with a little test I conducted just now, I have listened to a 1.5 meter QED Profile Precision USB cable up against my "no-name" 1.5m gold-plated cheap cable - both on my Cambridge DAC using my Denon AH-A100 headphones. I must say, there were no difference at all! Can't recommend the QED (wich is by the way funny as it is no were to be found on their website, might reflect the quality) Last year I did the same with a AQVOX high-end USB cable and that made a very noticeable difference, but was only for testing so had to return it. Now when I was at it anyway, I listened to the difference on iTunes and iTunes+Amarra Hifi and oh my, there is a huge differance - Amarra really cleared everything up and tightened my bass, gave me more in both ends of the signal. ------------ How are you using your DM+ and what discoveries have you made?
  3. These used to sell for $29.95 when they were being closed out many years ago. Unless you luck into a set at a yard sale, they cost a little more now. Turgo, my friend from Spain, has one of those families that spans half the globe. One of his nephews is a soldering iron aficionado going to UCONN. They showed up today with a small suitcase. Inside, was a set of these speakers, badly scarred and yellowed with age. He opened the case and there was each component in cut-out foam. Built to travel. I laughed when I saw them. ...then I looked closer. "Sam," (short for a Portuguese/Yiddish name I cannot even begin to get right) had done some surgery on this particular set. The 1/8 inch plugs had all been nixed and replaced with some kind of gold plated Chinese RCA connectors. The original volume control had been tossed in favor of a pot from "an old Alpine" according to him. They came originally with a 12 volt power supply but Sam had a 24 inch or so length of car-audio 8 gauge wire with a fuse on the end of it nicely soldered to gold plated eyelets. There were two batteries for an old UPS in the case. Turgo showed me the little charger. A simple power supply with added filtering box, hooked into his home-brew 8 gauge wire with ham radio style DC plugs, similar to a power connection for an old hard drive. For our audition, Turgo had carried in a freshly charged lawnmower battery. (No kidding) I wasn't laughing now. Still not expecting anything, but the enthusiasm from a young guy who wanted travel tunes so bad, he went to tall this trouble...was damned impressive. (The effort and resourcefulness demands the utmost respect at the very least.) Sam said he was flat broke several years ago, but needed something he could play his portable through. Normally, he had a headphone/pre for a source from China but that got left in the case... I extended a line from the Emotiva with a set of barrels and a 16 foot long, home made set of CAT5 IC's. So what does a (?15? or close to it year old) model of Cambridge PCWorks sound like when they have been modded with crazy good wire and connectors, internally foam damped...good pure battery power, that funky plastic grill stuff removed and some other external mods? (I forgot to mention the very well executed subwoofer stand and satellite stands, both made of aluminum. Not sure about the satt stands making a big difference, but the one for the sub with and without made the bass night and day for sure.) For several hours of work and less than $100 all-in, they sound a lot better than what I have heard for three times the price. It is difficult to get my head around this, but the powered speakers I have auditioned do not have the pleasant balance of these. They do not crack windows with AC/DC at concert levels, but there is something about the battery power that changes the bass. He had the stock power supply as retailed and there really was a difference. Control, volume level and presence were all increased with chemical DC power form the battery. (This was a 20 minute situation. They had to run. The difference was that apparent.) For something in a fatter-than-normal briefcase, they are pretty damned nice. Jazz people who normally would bring headphones would LOVE Sam's setup for a motel room. We brought the volume up to the point of amp-clip a few times. If you juuuust come up against it on a peak now and then, it does not do anything nasty. You hear it, but it is not ear-bleeding-nasty by any means. If you see a set of these in your travels, grab them. Sam told me they are "70% of the sound if you use them un-modified," the wiring and battery being the things that make the most difference. If any of you happen to have a solar powered "bug-out" cabin somewhere, you NEED a set of these. With the small UPS gel-cells he runs them off of, he says he can listen without the wal wart based supply for a few hours if used mellow...45 minutes if used hard. For background listening, he says leaving the supply in-loop, which charges the batteries, is good. (I never heard them like that.) With a small DAC connected to whatever, these would be totally worth bringing them with me for motel tunes. Even if there was no Internet, a Sony FM walkman (I had to try it)made pretty good music with them. Before I tapped this out, I made a few mouse clicks and ordered a set for myself. $40 and 18 for shipping. More fun than a new Schiit Yggy...
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