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Headless Mac Mini Server 2011 Shut Down Procedure

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I'm running the Mini headless and have Audirvana Plus automatically load on boot with iTunes integration so I can control my music via an iPad.


My question is when I'm ready to shut down the Mini what should the procedure be? I'm sure it's an easy method just one that is not making itself known to me yet.


Thanks in advance for the help!



Anaheim Hills, CA

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Eddie, I'm also keen to hear what others recommend as I'm setting up a headless mini too (though not with audirvana, at least not yet.....).


FYI, I use Rowmote on my iPad, which gives a simple interface to control apps on the mini, like startup, quit etc, and it includes a shutdown computer option.


another option is a vnc client to use the ipad as a way to view your mini display, but if basic application control is all you need I think something like rowmote is your best bet.




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I'm an energy conservation freak, and I cut power to my TV etc when not in use, instead of leaving it in standby mode.


I however leave my mini on the whole time. If you allow it to sleep, it will use very little energy, and even idling, it is only around 10W. I find the convenience of having it always on is worth it.


However, one compromise might be to use the System Preferences to set it to shut down automatically every night at 10pm (or whatever time suits you), and then you only have to worry about turning it on when you need it (or you can schedule its time to turn on as well).


Finally, using a screen-sharing program like Splashtop remote, will make it really easy to control it in the conventional way.


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The problem I've seen with setting an automatic shutdown time is that if I've shared the screen on my headless mini it won't shut down like I've told it to. Rather, it warns me other people are signed in and wants me to confirm the shut down. Is there a way to force the shutdown regardless of who may be signed in?


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The brute force way to shutdown is to issue the command:


sudo shutdown -h now


Then edit the sudo'ers file and remove the requirement for a password for sudo.


Then you can make a little Applescript wrapper that does the dirty deed, or you can deliver the command via ssh.


If this sounds like more trouble than it is worth, it is. However, you can do it, and if you are interested, I'll lead you through the steps.


But why shut it down instead of sleeping it?


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Very good question.....


Don't really know cuz I haven't made the attempt but I will do so tonight.


I've got it set to shut off at Midnight every night but I haven't actually tested to see if it works since I've been manually shutting down via "Share Screen" on my laptop.


Thanks and keep the suggestions coming.



Anaheim Hills, CA

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The iOS app "Off Remote" is what I use to shutdown or restart my headless Mac mini. It works exactly as advertised.


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My problem is a bit different topic but still in "this world" of Mac remote control.


I use Splashtop and an Ipad2 to interface with my Mac mini but I need to have my Tv (or a monitor) connected to the mini otherwise Splashtop do not work.

Can anyone tell me how to configure the Mac or the Splash application or what to do to overcome this problem.

I need to be able to control the Mac with the Ipad without a monitor attached to the mini.


Thanks for your help. JOliveira


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I use splashtop with an HDMI cable to my TV, but the TV is almost always off (as in no standby power). It works that way. So hopefully there is an answer in there somewhere. I'll experiment a bit more and see if I can come up with a more informative answer, but it should work I think.


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My sleep setting is a little flakey. It hasn't shut down the last couple of nights so I had to use Screen Share via my MacBook Pro to shut it down......


The "Off" remote FREE Version for the iPad is an ok version. I'm sure the PAID version is much better.


That's the updates for now!



Anaheim Hills, CA

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Seems I'm a bit slow on the uptake on how Snow Leopard goes to sleep. I've been messing with settings in the "Settings" trying to get the Mac Mini to sleep. Adjusted the amount of time prior to the unit going to sleep, etc..... Nothing. It wouldn't go into sleep mode. Then it dawned on me, turn off the "screen sharing" on my MacBook Pro. 5 minutes later the Mini was sound asleep.


I guess I can figure out how Screen Sharing would prevent sleep mode since there was no actual interaction happening between my laptop and the mini but never the less it prevented it from going to sleep.......


So far so good.....



Anaheim Hills, CA

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