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  1. You thought right. They do all have an Ethernet port. (New minis lack a Firewire port.)
  2. No-nonsense well-constructed cables: Balanced Audio Cables at Blue Jeans Cable Balanced Audio Cables at Blue Jeans Cable
  3. There are HDMI splitter devices which may help you. For example: http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Ahdmi%20splitter http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Ahdmi%20audio%20video%20splitter
  4. Have you ensured 'Wake for network access' is enabled in Energy Saver panel of System Preferences on the Mac?
  5. My guess is that there will be improvements to dialogs so users are less likely to mistakenly instruct iTunes to delete files.
  6. Sorry for wasting more of your time. Losing "20-30 hours of writing" suggested you weren't using the workaround.
  7. I don't see an optical input on the TX-8020. Are you sure you've posted a link to the correct receiver?
  8. You could prepare your message in any text editor then paste or drag into the forum editor when ready.
  9. The votes, although far too few to be significant, are even more interesting if we ignore the two for Z which were based on the accidental inclusion of a 0.4 seconds long test tone at the beginning of file Z of the HK set.
  10. I read and believe I understood the info about the tones, etc. None of which changes the fact that the posted "originals", which some people found to sound grossly different, are identical (that's zero difference, not an 80 dB difference) apart from an offset of 207 samples. You are obviously confused and still failing to comprehend that the -80 dB difference is not between the audio contained in the two "original" files which were posted.
  11. You are the one demonstrating impaired comprehension and reasoning, as clearly evidenced by your confusion over which of Dennis's tests revealed a 80 dB difference.
  12. Hi, please describe the difference that you hear between integer mode on and off when using the HiFace.
  13. The graphs demonstrate that you were wrong to state the two originals null to only -80 dBFS. I realize that you don't want to know that. Of course I didn't know that! The tone isn't in the FA files that were posted! Not only did that prevent me knowing that a tone had been used by Dennis, the tone cannot possibly affect playback of the posted FA files since it isn't in these files. LOL
  14. You're confused by another test performed by Dennis. The two "originals" of FA null to infinity when they are not offset from each other. The image below shows the null (sample values are zero, i.e. -infinity dBFS) in the stereo track named Mix. It's produced by aligning the X and Y tracks, inverting the Y track, then mixing X with Y. That arithmetically subtracts each sample of Y from X to leave precisely zero as the value of each resulting sample except for the first 207 samples by which the tracks were initially offset, therefore X and Y are identical except for being offset by 207 samples Pot, Kettle, Black?
  15. You (even though profoundly deaf, by your own admission, LOL) heard (or maybe imagined is a better word) what you were primed to hear by reading Mani's description.
  16. It would be less infantile of you if you'd just name the person/people you are referring to. So what? The tones aren't mixed into the music that's in the FA files. The section of each file that contained the tone has been trimmed off, so the tone has no bearing on the playback of the files because the tone has never been in the sections of audio that are in the FA files. Again, irrelevant. The "originals" null to infinity when aligned, so even if they have been normalised they have been normalised identically, making them identical apart from offset. Fear of being considered sub-audiophile by their peers would stop many people from posting, I suspect.
  17. Here's both channels of all 3 files when aligned: [ATTACH=CONFIG]25868[/ATTACH]
  18. Consider that many people maybe did not vote because there is no option for "cannot hear a difference." What value do you think there'd be if people just made a random choice in order to make any choice at all? You make another mistake. There are no test tones in any of the FA files, which are the files that have stirred up so much controversy. Was that your tinnitus playing up again, Alex?
  19. No doubt you are referring to me. You are completely wrong. I didn't cheat - I didn't vote. I actually listened first, then inspected the files in Audacity. For the record, I had one listen to the 3 FA tracks loaded into Decibel player, didn't notice anything obvious to audibly differentiate them, then opened the files in Audacity since that is more interesting to me than repeatedly listening to 30 secs of music I'm not enjoying. Let me repeat, I did not vote in the poll, and I did not cheat.
  20. Look at step 5 in the section titled “On your Mac or PC” here: Sync Apple Music across your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and computer - Apple Support “5. If you already have music on your device, you might be asked if you want to Merge or Replace the music. Choose Merge to add the songs currently on your device to your library.* If you select Replace, the music on your device is replaced with your Apple Music library.” I guess people whose music files have disappeared actually instructed iTunes to delete files by choosing Replace.
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