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  1. Alex--Daniel at Intona has a list, I emailed him a few weeks ago and was placed on it. I recall I was #3, and I'm shipping off to the next person today. Best, Randy
  2. Just an FYI, I received Daniel's field programmer and was able to update the firmware in my Intona yesterday (kudos to Daniel/Intona for making this possible). So for the first time I'm able to use the Intona with my dac (Aesthetix Romulus Signature). I'm having difficulty getting my dac recognized if I insert either of my Curious cables (really want to use the Curious Regen Link), so for now I'm using the Intona alone (within either my Regen or W4S Recovery), but have to say I'm really happy with th sound running only the Intona. I'll be experimenting more with the Recovery and then the Regen added to the chain, hopefully I will get the Curious Regen Link to work with the Intona installed.
  3. Per correspondence with Daniel a few weeks ago, I got on the list to receive the field programmer and update my unit as it will not work with my Aesthetix Romulus Sig dac. I can't wait to receive and get mine upgraded as I still have not been able to use my Intona in my setup. Randy
  4. I think the OP is talking about cables made by Dave Elledge, owner of PI Audio Group. Dave makes the fabulous UberBuss power conditioner (among other products). I'm a long time customer have nothing but the best to say about both Dave and his products. I should add that I have not heard the PI Audio USB cable.
  5. Thanks, as I own and like the JS-1. Do you use it to power both the server and the USB card? Randy
  6. This is likely a dumb question, but could the Uptine Audio JS-1 power supply be used to power this server?
  7. Alex, I've been advised by Daniel that a firmware update will require that the Intona be opened up and reprogrammed using a 'special programmer', so I take that to mean units will indeed have to be shipped back.... Best, Randy
  8. Adam, that's my setup as well--however, I am running it on bootcamp partition of a Mac Mini....don't know if that could be an issue or not. I'm hoping to try the various suggestions in this thread, as well as do the USB stick test that Daniel of Intona has asked me to do, this weekend.
  9. I received my industrial version Intona yesterday and tried to install this evening. No matter what configuration (with or with Regen) or combination of USB cables I try, my OS (WS 2012 Essentials R2) tells me that the USB device is not recognized or compatible....
  10. Thanks Richard. My Synergistic cable is also the Active SE (I prefer the black plug). I'm a real fan of the body/texture that my TotalDac cable brings to the party, and the mixture with the Curious cables is giving my a nice result. I can't easily reconfigure to have only my Curious cables in the chain due to the distance from my server to the dac, but would like to try an 'all Curious' chain at some point.
  11. I received my short Regen link and .8m Curious cables from Rob Thursday and have around 20 hours on them now. Configuration is TotalDac USB cable from computer to original Regen, .8m Curious cable to Regen Amber and then the Curious Regen link to my dac. I'm really, really liking what I'm hearing so far both with my speaker setup and via headphones. The Curious cables are replacing a Wywires cable and a Synergistic cable (I preferred using both of these to the hard adapter that came with the Regen). I'm hearing more body & detail/refinement, but with no loss of musicality. If the Curious cables improve as they settle in with more hours as has been suggested, I think I'm going to be very happy with their addition. Randy
  12. I'd love to hear a response to this also; there was a poster over on Peter's forum that indicated he might give that setup a try, but I have not seen any further response from him....
  13. Just a quick post to let Alex know I received my Amber upgrade board, it's installed and functioning. Now I just need the chance to listen! Thanks Alex & John! Randy
  14. Hey, I'm enjoying the original Regen, so waiting for the Amber isn't the end of the world !
  15. More important --did the shipment of Amber boards arrive for the rest of us waiting for the upgrade? Randy
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