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  1. I recently had my laptop stolen, so replaced it with a new Macbook Pro, running Catalina. My music files are on a a WD MyCloud EX2 NAS. My N100 is playing music files from the NAS, I can access the NAS via finder on my Mac, etc. Downloaded the new AMM onto the laptop; AMM cannot mount/access my NAS (get the message that it is not accessible/reliable). Frustrating as I have added new music and cannot get AMM to run. Tried to access the new music through the folders option in Conductor, but even after waiting quite some time, music folders won't show up going that rout
  2. I'm powering both the EtherRegen and USB Regen (USB Regen between B side and my DAC's USB input) with my JS-2, without connecting any external ground to the EtherRegen, and cannot discern any hum or noise issues at this point.
  3. So I have about 5 hours on the Ether Regen at this point. Serious listening for the past 30 minutes. WOW! This is a significant improvement. My system consists of Manley Neo-Classic 300B pre, Audio Note Quest Silver Sig 300B mono amps driving Daedalus Audio speakers—fairly resolving but very musical for my tastes; the Ether Regen appears to be a fantastic addition. Great job John & Alex. The naysayers out there just need to give it a listen.
  4. My Regen arrived today. Simple setup with NAS where music files reside to modem/router, then to Regen, then Regen to Aurender, Aurender to USB input of Aesthetix Audio Romulus Signature DAC. Regen is powered by JS-2 pwr supply (set to 12v). All ethernet cables are Supra Cat 8 except the cable between EtherREGEN and Aurender—that is a The Linear Solution Cat7a (great cable for the $ IMHO). Fired up and listened briefly. Seems more immediate but no glare, pleased with my initial reaction. Going to let it all play a few hours and then give it a longer listen.
  5. IOS 12.4.3 has been released but I’ve held off installing; does upgrading to this version cause any issues with the Conductor App?
  6. First time poster in this thread (long time member here on the site but have been AWOL the past couple of years due to family illness)--I just added an N100H to my system. It replaced a modified Mac Mini with linear pwr supply running Windows Server on bootcamp partition with Optimizer and JPlay--I was on my second Mac Mini and was starting to have repeated problems, so decided to try the user friendly Aurender solution. Just installed last night and very pleased with the sound; from initial listening I feel like the SQ is at least as good (not going to say better yet, but I may conclude its
  7. Alex--Daniel at Intona has a list, I emailed him a few weeks ago and was placed on it. I recall I was #3, and I'm shipping off to the next person today. Best, Randy
  8. Just an FYI, I received Daniel's field programmer and was able to update the firmware in my Intona yesterday (kudos to Daniel/Intona for making this possible). So for the first time I'm able to use the Intona with my dac (Aesthetix Romulus Signature). I'm having difficulty getting my dac recognized if I insert either of my Curious cables (really want to use the Curious Regen Link), so for now I'm using the Intona alone (within either my Regen or W4S Recovery), but have to say I'm really happy with th sound running only the Intona. I'll be experimenting more with the Recovery and then
  9. Per correspondence with Daniel a few weeks ago, I got on the list to receive the field programmer and update my unit as it will not work with my Aesthetix Romulus Sig dac. I can't wait to receive and get mine upgraded as I still have not been able to use my Intona in my setup. Randy
  10. I think the OP is talking about cables made by Dave Elledge, owner of PI Audio Group. Dave makes the fabulous UberBuss power conditioner (among other products). I'm a long time customer have nothing but the best to say about both Dave and his products. I should add that I have not heard the PI Audio USB cable.
  11. Thanks, as I own and like the JS-1. Do you use it to power both the server and the USB card? Randy
  12. This is likely a dumb question, but could the Uptine Audio JS-1 power supply be used to power this server?
  13. Alex, I've been advised by Daniel that a firmware update will require that the Intona be opened up and reprogrammed using a 'special programmer', so I take that to mean units will indeed have to be shipped back.... Best, Randy
  14. Adam, that's my setup as well--however, I am running it on bootcamp partition of a Mac Mini....don't know if that could be an issue or not. I'm hoping to try the various suggestions in this thread, as well as do the USB stick test that Daniel of Intona has asked me to do, this weekend.
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