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Moving the ITunes library to another computer

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I bought a DROBO recently, connected it to my main computer and started ripping disks. I've reached the point where I want to transfer the DROBO to my secondary computer which will be the music server. The computers are networked. I still have iTunes loaded on the main computer and I still want to be able to control the library on the DROBO.


I haven't been able to find the "switch" necessary to tell iTunes to automatically look on the networked computer for the files. Instead I get the "I can't find the file message". I am able, through that dialog box to cross the network and locate the file but I sure don't want to do that for every file I have.




Lee Estes


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I am pretty new to all this but I was wondering if you had tried going into the advanced controls in iTunes and clicking on "browse". This will allow you to select where iTunes sees it's library.

Seeing as your computers are networked I was thinking you could find the file path on "My Computer" under the afore-mentioned "Browse" tab.

I have done this for my external 1TB hard drive, but I don't know if it will help you or not.


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I believe you are asking how to access the files from a new instance of iTunes connected to your old file server.


You simply need to add the files to the iTunes library on the new music server.


First you should adjust your iTUnes preferences, the relevant preferences to your question are under Advanced tab.


Since you (presumably) do NOT want to duplicate the network drive files on to your music server, insure that the checkbox for Copy files to you iTunes Library...is NOT checked, This will allow you to add music files to iTunes 'in situ'.


Secondly, If you want newly ripped files to be added to your network drive, select Change and then select the music folder on your network drive.


Now, you're ready to 'add to library', which is in the File menu.


iTunes will then add the files to your local iTunes music library without moving/copying the files. Meta-tagging data and artwork will be stored locally in the iTunes database.


NOTE: you can add files to multiple iTunes libraries accessed by different machines.

YOu can safely 'delete' files from any particular iTunes library without impacting the actual data file - due to a second prompt which asks if you'd like to keep.delete the actual file.


There's also an option for letting iTunes organize your music files. I always select this - not sure what happens if you don't.











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Have fun !!


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