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Tomlinson Holman working for Apple?

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Saw this over at AppleInsider. I would think this means good news for the prospect of hi-res in the Apple store and improved sound quality from Macs overall.


Let's hope this is much more than rumor!





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Good news indeed, though that Apple Insider article propagates the false idea that LC AAC files are 16-bit instead of 24-bit. In fact, LC AAC and MP3 are both floating-point codecs.


The problem is that they use lossy compression, not the bit depth. iTunes needs to offer lossless ALAC, not 24-bit AAC (which is possible using the HE-AAC standard).


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underway. I had quite a collection of surround stuff by that time and he was impressed that I was such a surround fan (or he was just being nice). :) I also owned one of his first pieces of equipment, the APT-Holman stereo preamp, a piece that my brother-in-law still owns from me to this day!


If he's truly getting hired by Apple this could be very good news for us computer audiophiles who want hirez multichannel easily managed via files and DACS rather than spinning discs and midfi HDMI processors.


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just kidding...I think I beat you all to the scoop.




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You scooped no one, you just posted the same darn topic for the third time. That's why this is a little messy!! So Chris consolidated the 3 threads (which is why the dates/times are skewed now), like I recommended. Thanks Chris (a post or two still missing from yesterday's first thread?..oh well).


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