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  1. Haven’t checked in here in months and when I do the first topic is THIS? Wow, moving forward I see.
  2. Use Roon with Sonos. Works a treat.
  3. To be honest I wouldn't think anything with "Audiophile" in it's name would be the direction to go. It sure can't be that he wants more hits!
  4. And yet we say that it doesn’t matter what we audiophiles “hear” as long as it measures “right”.
  5. It is to some I’m sure. To others it may not be a significant factor.
  6. Was just commenting on the traction in the mobile space. Not wanting to get into back and forth on MQA “debate”.
  7. The mobile market IS the market. Think car stereos, portable boom box type devices, friends sharing with their phone, etc, etc. Who doesn’t want better sound in their car? I sure notice the difference in sound quality between various streaming services
  8. Sonos was never promoted to be a high end product. I use a number of them to distribute music throughout the house and never once do I listen and think “man this sounds awful”. It’s a midfi product line that is reliable and plays pretty much any music service (or your own ripped library) you can think of.
  9. So please forgive my ignorance on this but when is Qobuz going to be offered to the general public in the USA? Or is it already and I missed it?
  10. I heard Qobuz is going to go all MQA.
  11. I don’t envy you! That is a lot of moving parts. I regularly utilize Ubiquiti products in setting up networks both in residential and commercial projects so I can vouch for their simplicity and robustness. I have only run across the Orbi devices a couple of times in my work and both times they were replaced with either Ubiquiti (if there was wiring infrastructure) or EERO products which I have found to be a better alternative. Good luck in your overhaul! PS. Be sure to start with their Security Gateway router and a Cloud Key into their switch. Makes everything a snap to setup from there.
  12. If if I take “Roon Ready” to mean that it’s accessed by both the Roon Core and the Roon app then the obvious one would be a Sonos Play1 which retails for $149.00. If you like you can always add another and make them a stereo pair.
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