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HQPWV (HQPlayer Web Viewer)


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Hello, any advice for an Ubuntu Server noob on how to get HQPWV to autostart on reboot… presumably after HQPlayerd itself starts?


I tried sudo systemctl enable hqpwv-server-0-9-10-linux-x64, but received an error messages about there being no dot-service file.


I tried putting a copy of hqpwv-server-0-9-10-linux-x64 in the usr/bin location and rebooting. But that did not seem to help.


Do I need some kind of script somewhere, basically to type /opt/hqpwv/hqpwv-server-0-9-10-linux-x64 from the home/username location for me?


Note: I do have HQPlayerd enabled to autostart

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