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  1. The sonicTransporter is Linux-based, I assume? Is it possible to access the terminal on a sonicTransporter? If so, I'd see no reason why you couldn't download, install, and run it alongside HQPe...
  2. @skipspence Sorry for the delay in response, I do think it makes sense to support this if I can without too much trouble. Let me look into how easy it will be to create a win32 executable. @Khordo Sort-by-year totally makes sense, in general terms. My hesitancy is really just specific to the state of the current UI, and how to introduce this non-awkwardly. The onus would be on me as the developer/"UX designer" to find a way around such problems, of course... --- FYI, I'm currently working on adding DSD samplerates to the preset rules feature. It's turned out to be more involved than I was originally expecting, which has led me to disengage a little, but I do want to iron it out and get it working soon!
  3. In all 5 cases , the text for year comes after "TYER". Is that helpful?
  4. Good question! I do want to get this running on ARM64. I spent a couple hours recently fighting the internet trying to figure out how to get ARM64 Linux running in a virtual machine so I can compile a binary, but eventually had to walk away from it. I may need to get a (physical) Pi setup going so I can add ARM64 as one of the binaries. It's not too difficult to run from the source code as well, especially in a Linux environment -- by pulling it off of Github, so long as Node.js is installed. Also, @antonellocaroli was able to make a binary of a recent release of the app for ARM64; I'm sure he'd be willing to share :)
  5. New release, v0.9.10 Now displays any supplemental album and track metadata that's supplied by HQPlayer (album composer, album performer, track artist, track composer track performer) (thanks @Mr Pops Alot) Server-side logic to improve stability when more than one browser client is connected to the HQPWV server at the same time. Here's an example of what the extra data looks like displayed in the app:
  6. HQPlayer forwards only a few properties over through its API. As you imply, track metadata, in all its fullness, is a messy business (I confess I barely pay attention to track metadata in my personal use of music players, but now I'm having to get better acquainted with, heh). But HQPlayer distills what there is to be found in the metadata and assigns just a few key properties at the album level and also at the per-track level. At least that's my take, looking from the outside-in at the data it supplies.
  7. Of the 6 albums I tried, the one where HQPlayer did populate its date field based on the track's metadata were DFF files, ID3v2.4. With the other 5 albums, HQPlayer did not populate its tracks' date fields. They were all DSF files using ID3v2.3. MP3Tag showed the tracks of all 5 albums having the "YEAR" metadata property populated. Edit: When I try to edit the tag of a DSF ID3v2.3 file, I notice that "MP3Tag" doesn't show those 4-letter mneumonic codes. Not sure the significance of that, but here's a screenshot:
  8. Noted. I think I'll need to add pagination for long lists, or at least make pagination optional. Okay I'm glad you're raising this. I'll add song artist when it exists to the track list items, I think that makes sense.
  9. I just sourced a half-dozen DSD albums of errm "miscellaneous provenance" (for science), and all did have year info in the ID3 tags in their DSF files, but only one of the six had that info being shown in the HQPlayer Desktop interface when a track is played and is also not being passed through the HQPlayer API using the "date" property. @Miska am I missing something, or is this a known thing? (or neither?)
  10. New release, v0.9.9 Albums in the library can now be grouped by year (or decade) (thanks @Khordo) Albums can now be searched by year as well "Album groups" can now be fully expanded or collapsed using context menu button at the top of a group (thanks @sledwards) Bug fix for where different tracks with same filename were incorrectly sharing the same metadata properties. This fix is a breaking change which invalidates previously saved hqpwv track metadata, unfortunately (viz, track favorites, play count, and history) (thanks @sledwards !) Regression bug fix for zoomed-in album image.
  11. Thanks Khordo. Properly adding DSD bitrates to the preset rules action is definitely on my radar, but I'll take this as a helpful nudge, heh (I don't use DSD files in my personal use). The idea of supplementing artist and other info through some sort of external metadata source (a la Roon) is a fun one. Simply linking out to some website could be interesting, like discogs or allmusic or whatever else is out there. For example: https://www.discogs.com/search/?q=hiromi uehara On the library question, as you suspect, it's not something that's afforded through the HQPlayer API. If you update the HQPlayer library while using hqpwv, you have to manually refresh the webpage, and only then will things be back in sync. It wouldn't hurt to me to communicate that somewhere in the app explicitly, maybe in a help page or FAQ or something... On expanding/collapsing groups of albums, see below.
  12. Thanks Derryck. It's good to know that the kind of functionality you describe would be valuable. Adding functionality in a way that requires minimal explanation to the user and just generally seems "transparent" is the main challenge. So, definitely a "UI design" challenge much more than simply one of code logic. I'll have to think on this one as well.
  13. Yes thanks, I've been considering adding an option to expand all or collapse all groups, probably through adding a context menu button on the album group headers, or maybe just on the one that's displayed first. Now that there are more ways of grouping of albums and it's generally becoming more of a useful thing, I will add this in the next release as well.
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