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Installing Doug's Script


I'm using a Mac Mini, but have my iTunes library on an external SSD drive.

Doug's instructions say to copy the app to user/library/music/scripts.  I didn't have a scripts folder, and I'm having trouble figuring out where it goes.

Should put it on my HD drive, which holds the operating system?  I.e., Mac HD/Users/[me]/music?  This folder does not have a library sub-folder. (Although it does have the music library.musiclibrary file.


Or on my external drive?  this has a library folder, but not under iTunes.

I tried creating a Music/Scripts folder in both places, but neither worked.


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If you have trouble finding your home library folder (as it is hidden by default), press Shift+Cmd+G and enter ~/Library


If the subfolders don't exist, then follow the advice above.

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