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  1. I have written an app that you may be interested in, M3Unify.
  2. You did not say, so may I ask if you tried dropping it into iTunes or Music, whichever you are using? I got an old AC/DC High Voltage .itlp track to open and operate just fine. It displays in the Library in Songs view with a little book icon.
  3. Thanks for asking. However, I have no plans to resurrect that.
  4. When you attend a concert, whether an orchestra or a rock band, there is no "diamond of sound", really, like there is in a home stereo setup; if there were, many ticket buyers would never hear the performance as intended. So why are things panned left or right on a recording of a concert? Wherefore the convention? Of course, recordings are completely artificial; they are not *the live performance* you attended; so, is the idea to provide more "presence" to an otherwise fairly monolithic monaural recording or some other crazy idea inspired by early stereo hi-fi demonstration records
  5. You are suggesting that the files from all libraries be combined on each machine??! You don't want to do that. I am unaware of an easy way to compare track entries from different libraries. In fact, I'm not sure this venture will provide any meaningful information. I mean, what happens next? Turn on Home Sharing an any tracks not on the local machine will be available that way.
  6. Sorry, no insights. As has been pointed out, some solutions work for some, the same solutions do not work for others. Don't know why it is.
  7. I'm pretty sure all that stuff was rolled into Apple Music, maybe 2-3 years ago
  8. Is "Automatically update artwork" checked in Preferences... > Advanced? Also, you should check to see if CD & DVD in System Preferences is compelling Music to open whenever you insert a disc.
  9. I'm pretty sure there's no modern version of the iTunes Store web-search dingus. I understand that Apple just this week introduced a feature that displayed alternate versions of releases (original and "legacy", eg). But I suppose you still have to find what you're looking for to begin with in order to see the alts displays. I'm sure Kirk has a bit to say about search.
  10. An interesting aside: Music's AppleScript API does not recognize a source as being iPod (any iPod or iOS device) as iTunes did. Thus, AppleScript cannot access track and playlist information on a device via the Music app.
  11. While you're still a subscriber, couldn't you just turn off iCloud Music Library and Disable Apple Music? Doing so may give you an idea of what will happen when you actually cut the cord.
  12. Like Kirk, I use Apple Music to find music I already know, or to recreationally go down the rabbit hole of recommendations. I still find new music the old-fashioned way: reading magazines/publications, friends' recommendations, radio, chance encounters, and so on. I do not care for Spotify. I recently subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited--except for the music selection, which is about the same as everywhere else, I'm afraid its features are _quite_ limited. I follow bands and artists I like on Twitter. That's the most immediate way I've found for staying, uhm, "Connected". Since Ap
  13. I dunno. A possible factor: when new playlists are created, they take on the characteristics of the "Songs" View of the main Music library. So, if, say "Songs" is sorted by Date Added then the new playlist will be sorted accordingly. Ultimately, who cares? Just make sure your playlists are sorted the way you want them and then Copy to Play Order. When iTunes sorts by Album, it is actually sorting by Album Name -> Disc Number -> Track Number. It doesn't somehow "know" what the actual album order is
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