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  1. I'm using CCC to backup my 750 gb iTunes library onto a 1 tb external drive. It's now telling me that the external drive is full. I turned off and deleted the safety net, and set CCC to run a deletion pass first. But I'm still getting the error message. So, the target drive should have the same 750 gb as my source drive -- but it's still telling me that the target drive is full. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. As noted in another thread, I recently upgraded a late 2014 Mini to a current model. I wiped the 2014's hard drive, planning to recycle it with Apple for $150, but I figured it might be worth more than that to me. My set up is simple: I have a one bedroom apartment. My music files are on an external drive connected by usb-c to the 2020 mini. My wife and I also use that computer for work -- she runs Photoshop and other editing software. I generally use Word/Excel. Would I benefit from setting up the 2014 as a dedicated music server? I can reinstall an OS, delete most of th
  3. Yeah, it's "Music," not iTunes, but referring to the app as "music" when talking about "music" just gets me confused. I upgraded my 2014 Mac Mini to a new model (not the new Apple chip). I didn't do enough research before moving my itunes library -- which is on an external drive -- and I ended up having iTunes download all the albums I had purchased from Apple onto my new hard drive. Then, when I imported the files from my external drive, I ended up with duplicates of everything. After playing a bit, I think I'm good -- with one version of my files on the external drive and no du
  4. Yup -- I downloaded XLD from a different site, and it worked. Thanks.
  5. Sorry if this has been answered. I just upgraded my Mac Mini to Big Sur, and XLD does not seem to work. What are folks using as an alternative? I downloaded some FLAC files and need to convert them to ALAC to get them into my iTunes library. (Am I correct that the Music app wont do this?) Thanks in advance.
  6. I just discovered this guy: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZm4kvJzjA[/youtube] Anyone know where I can find digital download? Seems I can only find CDs.
  7. Thanks. For some reason I thought the album was released last month.
  8. Has anyone listened to the new album? Does anyone know if it's available for hi-res download?
  9. Maybe I'm confused, but I still have the column browser in Music. I click "songs" on the left-side menu, just as before.
  10. I just upgraded to Catalina and my Scripts are missing. (Doug's Apple Scripts, to be exact.) I tried installing a script that was specific for Catalina, but it's not appearing anywhere in Music. Any suggestions?
  11. Thanks everyone. I'll listen to a few and try one. I'm not much of an opera fan in general, but I figured I'd give this a shot. The Furtwängler recording with the Philharmonia Orchestra gets a lot of praise on the Internets.
  12. I just finished a short biography of Wagner. Can someone recommend a good version of Tristan and Isolde? I’ve got a recording of Gotterdammerung, but I’m rarely able to get very far. Who’s got the time?
  13. Jump forward in that video to 6:50. But, I was being a little flippant when I said Beethoven invented jazz. Although if you listen to Gershwin's "American in Paris" . . . .
  14. Check out Beethoven's 32nd piano sonata. Second movement. About 6 minutes in. Written in 1825-ish. Not only is he the greatest classical composer, but he invented jazz.
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