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  1. I just discovered this guy: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAZm4kvJzjA[/youtube] Anyone know where I can find digital download? Seems I can only find CDs.
  2. Thanks. For some reason I thought the album was released last month.
  3. Has anyone listened to the new album? Does anyone know if it's available for hi-res download?
  4. Maybe I'm confused, but I still have the column browser in Music. I click "songs" on the left-side menu, just as before.
  5. I just upgraded to Catalina and my Scripts are missing. (Doug's Apple Scripts, to be exact.) I tried installing a script that was specific for Catalina, but it's not appearing anywhere in Music. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks everyone. I'll listen to a few and try one. I'm not much of an opera fan in general, but I figured I'd give this a shot. The Furtwängler recording with the Philharmonia Orchestra gets a lot of praise on the Internets.
  7. I just finished a short biography of Wagner. Can someone recommend a good version of Tristan and Isolde? I’ve got a recording of Gotterdammerung, but I’m rarely able to get very far. Who’s got the time?
  8. Jump forward in that video to 6:50. But, I was being a little flippant when I said Beethoven invented jazz. Although if you listen to Gershwin's "American in Paris" . . . .
  9. Check out Beethoven's 32nd piano sonata. Second movement. About 6 minutes in. Written in 1825-ish. Not only is he the greatest classical composer, but he invented jazz.
  10. Is the B&W T7 sturdy enough to stick in a suitcase?
  11. Any current thoughts on a Bluetooth travel speaker with good sound. The internet reviews are all over the place.
  12. I want to pick up a copy of Pollini's Late Beethoven Piano Sonatas. I can get the CDs from Amazon for $17. ProStudio Masters has FLAC 24/96 for $29. Is there a noticeable difference for solo piano work? Should I expect that the mastering of the hi res will be better? (Should I stop worrying so much about $12?)
  13. eClassical has the Vanska/MSO Beethoven cycle today for $25 studio quality; $17 CD quality. I already have the cycle from the Philadelphia Orchestra, Kleiber's 5 & &; a terrific new recording of 5 & 7 from the NY Philharmonic and an LSo recording of 3. But is this too good to pass up at this price?
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