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Synergistic Research SR Orange Fuse snake oil ?

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15 hours ago, Tokyokyoto said:

I’ve had my JS-2 for a couple years, since they were first released.


Just FYI:

The JS-2, UpTone Audio’s choke-filtered, dual-output, 5~7.4A linear power supply has been in continuous production since 2014. Think we just past the 1,000 unit mark. Every unit assembled entirely in our offices, and every unit Q.C.ed/burned in (for thermal phase change pad melting and regulator heatsink torquing) by me personally.


This past week I ordered a couple of oranges for my amp and preamp and thought I’d check the size;rating fuse in the JS-2 and try one in there too.  Wouldn’t you know it...I popped open the fuse holder and out comes an Audio Magic beeswax fuse.


9 hours ago, R1200CL said:

Well, that fuse isn’t cheap either. But it’s nice to know Uptone is using good quality fuses.

Uh no. We install only LttleFuse or BelFuse glass fuses (slow-blow) in JS-2. Have never installed any fancy fuses. 9_9

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