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  1. ...how many times must this have played out in history? Men, organizations and dogmas in the waning days of relevancy struggling to be...relevant. Sad, actually...audio-gear porn mags in the age of the internet.
  2. ...I have only heard a couple such recordings, and it is really fascinating to me. They really are so very different from what you typically receive later in the processing chain. If more folks ever heard such recordings, the discussions about recreating at home what was in the studio would be very different. Keep digging out the gems for us, @JoeWhip!
  3. ...Audiophile Style! Sorrry.
  4. ...that was my immediate internal response. Wow. It seems very much a "...medium is the message..." moment. And it maps very well to the intended audience, right? Although one can imagine it, it is practically unimaginable that some geezer (I am one, BTW) will painstakingly key in that URL in the footnote to read the original reference source. IMO this really illustrates the differences in the old media vs. the new media. And frankly, I don't feel you can learn much from most magazines any more. When I reflect on how much I've learned about modern audio reading
  5. ...I think this may be the case. If you manually turn off the devices you have managed, but then turn on just the F3...and then a minute or so later, other things, it may well reveal that dependency. Good Luck!
  6. ...Alison Moyet has a phenomenal voice, but IMO had an amazingly weak body of songs over the years. My opinion may be based on too narrow a perspective, but I heard of her...maybe in the 90s?...and followed so many dead ends, musically speaking. This is a very nice reminder to revisit that musical thread. Thanks @botrytis...
  7. ...does this include the majority of the people comprising Africa and Asia, who I understand, were not all following the concepts of Greece and Rome in their respective civilization arcs? I suppose you *might* reply since we're reading the Roman alphabet on the internet from a site based in North America that this is the relevant reference. Sorry to put words in your (or anyone's mouth actually) mouth, but these arguments are very old, and very tired. To me they illustrate the role of inherent biases and limitations perfectly, as they are completely blind to their own b
  8. I think Captain Renault said it best: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" Audio doping? Sure. Makes sense it would exist since money/market share is involved.
  9. @Zaphod Beeblebrox your kung-fu is very powerful.
  10. IMO what some folks get confused over is the debate, among scientists, over the interpretation of findings/data, which happens regularly (including in our house). It's possible to misinterpret data, and to over-interpret data. The idea that scientists debate findings doesn't invalidate the findings or the scientific method. That is (part of) the scientific method. And TV pundits and politicians are not helpful here. If I hear/read: "follow the science" one more time...
  11. ...take all the time you need. Don't rush. Lemme know if you need me to turn off my fridge too. 😉
  12. ...I have one of these premo supplies on my OM in a small network closet. Ambient temp is 78F. PS is 96F. It never runs hot and is dead silent. Sleek, no non-sense design. 👍
  13. ...and the related caution: "Every time you smoke a cigarette, God takes a minute off your life...and gives it to Keith Richards."
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