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  1. ...that website can be confusing. There was a micro-usb, but previously USB version too. I bought two of them and they worked quite well. About 53 bucks, IIRC. I switched to a Gaia, but two friends are using and liking those little Douk Audio boxes.
  2. ...looks like 1/2" would be close, but would work, @Delkat Sorry, quick and dirty...12 week old puppy zaniness. Cheers...
  3. I'm on the record as saying these days, I hear virtually no difference between local and streamed files...other than from album to album, based on recording quality, mastering, etc.. That is, I hear differences between Album A and Album B at times, but not reliably between Album A Stream and Album A local. I would say my network and system is well optimized and attention has been given to the details, even those which cannot be shown to objectively matter. Streaming Qobuz here is pretty tasty these days. Did I agree or disagree with your point? I'm not sure
  4. ...I put his music on at night sometimes, and maybe 1 out of 100 times you can make it until the end.
  5. ...yeah, the power and data models may be a bit out of date, @Blackmorec. For example, I have about three feet of copper in my network. The rest is fiber. All components, including network components, are on good quality LPSs. For example.
  6. ...I'm MarkusBarkus and I approve this post. I should add that to my sig. with a dot.
  7. ...related concept: Wm. Burroughs "language is a virus." Below adapted by Laurie Anderson to bring it back on topic. Kind of...
  8. ...I left Tidal last Christmas, but I recall seeing both green and blue dots display, so not new, per se. I recall searching and not finding much on the difference between the two. I assumed it was just more of their tap-dancing show.
  9. @Delkat that will be Multi-Mode fiber, IIRC...which is fine. Many folks have moved to Single Mode fiber, which is typically for very long distances, but some find they prefer for audio. The caveat is: don't mix single mode stuff with multimode. There are some fiber honchos around here, so if you get into a fix or need more tech support, hit one of the networking threads for more response from pros/honchos.
  10. @Delkat I have runs of ethernet and fiber across a 35' run/down a level. You will find proponents of each: copper and fiber. I am in an urban environment with a lot of commercial and residential wifi and rf sources, so I have preferred the fiber. In fact, I have FTTH and audio on a dedicated fiber line. I have about 2-3 feet of copper in my network. Either option would work. If you're doing the pull, and it fits the budget...why not pull both? Fiber is pretty cheap. I actually pulled single-mode and double-mode fiber, Cat6 and a high-zoot cryo-ed/unshielded etherne
  11. ...this week I am demo-ing a Premier dac. I have it stacked on a temp rack, but would definitely separate the power supply onto its own shelf if I proceed with the project. So far, I think the deconstructed Dave (Dave/DC4/Denefrips Gaia) may still be ahead, but the ProISL USB solution will arrive today. Mr. Galbo told me the Premiere is at about 40% via SPDIF, which is how I have it initially, due to placement, cables, etc. Very interested in any comments to advance the demo/decision my audio friends...
  12. @hlkaye...have you also tried initiating streaming and unplugging the network...to play out of buffer to see if you still notice a difference between streamed and local? Caveat here is how your streamer buffers. Some folks are loading "albums" into buffer and unplugging network as a matter of routine listening process, as "the best network is no network" philosophy. The differences I find between streaming and local are from album to album, not local vs. streamed. Caveat here is your streamer and network optimization, of course.
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