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  1. Looks good! Question: did you end up twisting the wire for the cables, or running them parallel? There was some back and forth on that topic, as I recall. What did you do? Happy testing tomorrow...
  2. Bernard, when I posted about temps, I used a Klein IR1 infrared thermometer. I took a number of readings near the center of the case top. That device is +/- 4F, so not precise enough for a deep study of the subject. It did give me an idea of what the temps were idle, running, with modified cover, etc. which was interesting. I could not perceive any differences in SQ relative to temp differences. That's likely not a surprise to anyone, given the narrow range of temp fluctuations at my location.
  3. ...these are actually the Revel Studio2s. I like them a lot and as I have tweaked things, they have always been up to the challenge. And one would think they have ample bass, but in this room, the low frequency waves run wild without management. Now, I feel they are able to deliver intellectual *and* emotional music.
  4. --Dedicated AC power line. --Room treatments. --Dual subs. Other elements do/did improve sound quality for sure, but the items above were very big gains, and on this forum, most probably already have a system "dialed-in." I think the uninterrupted "home-run" from the panel to the audio area would be a benefit to anyone. And perhaps clean power supplies should be included to make a generic statement: improve power. I feel strongly others would also benefit from room treatment/management, but if you have a less than optimum space, it is worth serious consideration. My room is oddly shaped, with a low ceiling. When I brought speakers home to try I was floored by how much worse they sounded than in the shop. Who stole my bass? So, I read around various product sites and tutorials on room treatments and sound management, and incrementally added things, listened, and added things. I am fortunate that I can design and build things myself, when desired, so it allows a lot of freedom in customization. For some inexplicable reason, Sweetie has let me run absolutely wild building the system and the room. Makes no sense at all.
  5. John D. -- one of the most honest and sincere posts ever to appear online. The "real" power of 1s and 0s. Thank you...
  6. ...I have only been following AS for about six months. During that time, I have gained insight and good food for thought on a number of topics, such that I thought I should "join" and be more interactive. The notable exception to this forum as a knowledge exchange is this thread, which has to be enjoyed, if at all, purely for entertainment purposes. I imagine Mr. fas42 is *actually* conducting a social experiment regarding online communities. Nothing else makes sense (nothing that doesn't involve counseling and managed medication protocols too sad to contemplate) in a reasonable world. Some of the silliest comments and most convoluted logic I have read in a long time resides on this thread. And I read *a lot.* Well done Mr. fas42. I hereby submit you should be promoted to Mr. "fas43," effective mediately, with all relevant pay and fringe benefits associated with said promotion. Congratulation and well done, sir! Now pass the popcorn!
  7. Hey Hopkins! What fabric did you order? I have been thinking about this concept. There are some excellent Swiss fabrics with quite high shield percentages you can cut with scissors.
  8. ...yes, that is more like it. And photos help. Hell, if I can post a photo of a "smokestack" attached to a eRG for heat dissipation, you can at least send cable dressing pickies. I don't care if some folks think the "new guy" (me) is a nutter. It's a fun hobby and I am a tweaker since boyhood. I had a dragster parachute on my Stingray bike. Even at 12 yrs old, I knew it didn't really slow me down, but it's fun, right? But if I sold the parachute as a product to help slow your bike, that's another matter. So howze about those photos, Mr. fas42?
  9. FYI re: Orange Fuses: https://www.thecableco.com/synergistic-research-s-orange-fuses-buy-2-get-1-free
  10. The statement below is true. ----------------------------------- The statement above is false.
  11. I've been following this thread for a long time now and it's fascinating. And by fascinating, I mean ridiculously nebulous. I *think* what is actually needed and perhaps being requested in other, sometimes frustrating tones by others, is a sort of white paper or case study--a tangible example of a series of treatments that were made that resulted in your desired effect, Mr. fas42. e.g. I started with system/device X, which was comprised of components a, b, c...n. I made the following modifications and found that: pileated woodpeckers started in on my gutters, the dog left the room, anything tangible you fancy to identify/quantify the change +/-. I think what folks struggle with (what I struggle with) is the vagueness of both your targets and your outcomes. Mr. T. would have said: It's just jibba jabba. And ironically, I think I actually agree with your top-line philosophy that everything needs to be sorted. I drilled a hole in my new eRG and jammed a brass tube into the hole to measure the temp delta (3-5F). I have Herbies' halo devices for tubes on my power cords. I periodically check the tightness on my speaker drivers. Oh man, the room treatments I have! I will get freaky with you, sir. But something tangible would help a lot. Otherwise, Mr. T was right: it's just jibba jabba...
  12. Hello David. How hot is so hot? Do you have a way of measuring that? I found readings of ~114F max. I made "aggressive" mods and I lowered the temp 3-5F. It fluctuates. To keep the moderator happy: These mods made no discernible difference to my ears! 😉 And BTW the honchos at UpTone have stated there is no heat issue. To me, it seems that is indeed the case with the case. I have not personally heard any issues with sound degradation based on fluctuations/ increases in ambient or case measurement temps. BTW: this room is below grade, so temps range from 68 to 73F. Pretty consistent year 'round, FWIW. So how hot is "so hot" anyway?
  13. Anyone compared a Triode Wire "Discrete" USB cable with the Phoenix vs. the Sablon 2020? I just yesterday began a Phoenix audition. Right off the bat sound was excellent on some jazz streams and local files (Aurender ACS10), but female voices were not what I would call "right." It's early, I get that. Unit has ample usage in dealer's personal system, however. Details: Dedicated AC // UberBuss power correction-supply // Oyaide Tunami power cable to Phoenix // Straightwire USB to Phoenix // Discrete USB to MScaler... Thanks!
  14. scolley, if you don't need a "conditioned" outlet from a PS, but an ordinary AC outlet, you could potentially convert a duplex outlet in the wall to a double. Not sure if you're comfortable with that, but it is manageable to add a duplex outlet in your wall. If it's not your thing, an electrician could do it easily. Result would be two duplex outlets, side by side, in a double box. You would jumper outlet to outlet, same feed, so should be no issue with ground loops. This based on not many details about your needs, what's on the circuit already, etc.
  15. So I don't need my foil listening hat? Noggin will be running much cooler now...
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