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  1. If this looks anything like your real equipment, turn off Google assistant immediately and cover up all the laptop webcams!
  2. Thank you, @mitchco! Great review, and as always full of technical and subjective details. HAF/Thierry do a great job from my past experience with them. Very knowledgeable and always willing to help.
  3. All they are asking for is any kind of objective evidence to support the claims or explanations proposed here. That's how real science works. Blind faith that one's perception and senses are infallible is the direct equivalent of a flat earther, whose world view is rooted in this exact belief.
  4. I agree, the explanatory model is a necessary first step. But just like with the intellectual curiosity, it is not enough by itself. If a new explanation conflicts with known validated models, it must have at least as good a predictive power as the existing models, otherwise it can't replace them. Folks at ASR can be brutal on anyone who proposes just an explanation, especially one that conflicts with other established models. But hey, it's not like that's very different from the reaction here to the posts on ASR
  5. Explanatory model is not sufficient if it lacks predictive power. Magic is an explanatory model.
  6. You're right. Scientific discovery is driven by intellectual curiosity. But the reason scientific method was invented was that just the intellectual curiosity turned out to be insufficient to form a successful predictive model of the real world.
  7. I guess you have to be on the other side to see the irony of this statement, Alex. What distinguishes scientific curiosity is the method of validating the proposed theories, not the invention of new ones. An 11th century court magician would say that the 21st century scientists lack "intellectual curiosity" since they refuse to try magic. I'm available to respond to follow-ups on ASR, or on another general thread here, on AS since this is OT here.
  8. Makes sense, but it’s very annoying. I’ve not noticed this behavior until recently, and I spend more time using the phone than I do the PC.
  9. Just realized you said clock drift I’ll need to check, as the method of calculating the drift over time is not applicable to simple waveforms. I’ll see if I can rework this.
  10. Although the fonts look better, the behavior of jumping to the wrong location remains on Safari/iOS. What I see is that the initial click brings up the correct post for a split second and then jumps to the end of the thread or to a random near-by location in the thread. Sometimes this makes it impossible to find the right post.
  11. Hi Apriben, 1: Which curve has disappeared? Group delay is back in v.47, maybe in a different color: 2. I'll take a look. I tested with a number of files that included measured, not generated waveforms and these seemed to work as expected. I'll try the generated test files later. 3. The resolution is better than it was in the early versions but depends on the number of samples in the file. More samples produces higher accuracy. There's no interpolation involved in the process, just a least-squares fit to the phase data.
  12. Folks, a new version 1.0.47 of DeltaWave is now available to address the issues you reported in v46. Changes in 1.0.47b Put back group delay plot removed in v.46 Added separate FFT Window option to non-linear EQ (previously used the same window as Spectrum settings) Improved jitter error result with simple waveform measurements Fixed the amplitude increasing by 4x when using simple waveform measurements combined with drift correction Please let me know if anything else needs my attention, and thanks for testing! @TomCapraro, here's the jitter result (and overall better null values, too!) with version 1.0.47: @Arpiben, here are your files showing that the 4x gain adjustment is no longer needed
  13. Safari on iPhone jumps to the very bottom of the thread, below all the posts, when selecting a post from the activity list, regardless if this is the last post or one somewhere in the middle. Here’s what I see when selecting an existing post from activity feed: Also, when clicking on the arrow to go to a quoted post from another post, the jump seems unpredictable and never to the actual quoted post.
  14. Hi Arpiben, thanks for the summary I did find and fix this issue. Also the one reported by Tom related to increased jitter value when using drift correction with simple waveforms. Just need more time to complete my testing before releasing. Let me know if you need an early version, and I can post something you can start using.
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