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  1. Drift correction can't introduce or fix sudden jumps in drift value. That's because the correction is linear, the drift is adjusted by the same amount at every sample.
  2. Bought this one earlier this year:
  3. A buddy owned a Ferrari 550 Maranello for a few years. It was his daily driver, plus he took it to the track every chance he got. I think he put close to 100K miles on the car before he sold it. I got to drive that car a few times, and can't say I'd be comfortable driving it in daily traffic. But he did. His philosophy has always been that a car is meant to be driven. Different strokes for different folks
  4. Yes, unfortunately the method used to determine drift relies on the drift value not being excessive. In Archimago's tests, I found some tracks that had absolute phase flipped at different points in the file due to the large drift value. DW usually puts a note into the results summary when it detects this condition. I'll try to come up with a better way to do this without using cross-correlation.
  5. Thank you. Yes, that's strange. I'll have to review my changes to the spectrum plot in the last couple of versions.
  6. Hi Arpiben, It's possible that the cross-correlation computation is thrown off if the offset becomes too large. This would happen more towards the end of the track, since the error keeps increasing from left to right. DeltaWave tries to ignore large outliers when computing drift value, and so corrects for the drift despite the large apparent error at the end. Once corrected, all the offsets fall within measurable range, and so the final, corrected drift is flat. DW corrects for linear drift only, so any jumps that disappear between raw and corrected plots are usually due to the error being too large in the raw measurement.
  7. Are the null values different as well, or is this just a problem with the FFT display?
  8. Don't hate the player hate the game 😜
  9. DeltaWave 1.0.28 is now available with some fixes and enhancements: Fixed trim calculation to allow at least 5 seconds of mismatch at the file start (previous version reduced this to 1 sec) Fixed resampling option from Manual Adjustment window when caching is enabled Added the number of clipped samples indicator and Correct Clipping process menu option to rescale to 0dBFS or less @TomCapraro, please check if this fixes the problem with your USB/SPDIF tests.
  10. Ultimately, DW tries to match up gain levels using simple arithmetic, an offset and a multiplier. If that results in clipping at some points in the waveform, I'm not sure there's anything to be done. Internally, clipping is not an issue for DW computations, since everything is a floating point number, and can be much greater than 1 without causing distortions. When playing back, this could result in audible clipping. I can add an indicator showing that clipping has occurred. Would that be enough?
  11. As I said before, I think this has to do with trimming initial mis-matched portions of the waveforms. The reason is that I'm using a smaller portion of the files to compute the initial offset than in the previous version (the cross-correlation step). If the initial offset is off by more than a second or two, this is what causes the issue. Previous versions could work with initial mismatch of about 5 seconds. I'll fix this ASAP.
  12. Hmm. Not sure why that would be. The upsampling operation is independent of whether something is cached or not. Let me test when I get back to my computer later this weekend.
  13. Thanks, Tom. This seems to have to do with the initial offset difference in the two files, so likely due to the cross-correlation change I made. Let me see if I can make it less sensitive to the initial misalignment in the two files. If you skip 1 second in the SPDIF file, the match becomes much better:
  14. Sure, Jud. You can chose the desired channel you want to compare separately from each file. You can also use their combination, L+R, if you'd like.
  15. Pretty much so, Dennis. There were many internal computation changes in this last version. Once I address any issues reported in it, I’m ready to call the end to the beta test
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