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Innuos Zenith Mk3 - Should I wait for a new model?

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The only new model to be released is a Zenith MK3 with an internal 8TB Hard Drive and associated Drivers for the large internal Drive.

No news of any brand new models as of yet but I have been advised that there is a new Operating System for the Zenith is to be released shortly.

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19 hours ago, Martin Herløv Andersen said:

The Innuos Zenith Mk3 are from 2017 that's old for a computer (:


Has anyone heard rumors about new models coming out anytime soon?

Would love to buy one, but should I wait?

Hi Martin,

The Zenith Mk3 and Statement both released towards the end of 2018. I received my Statement in January ‘19 and it was amongst the first to be delivered. 

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My guess is that we may see an “Ethernet reclocker” next from Innuos.  A long while back I recall Nuno mentioning that they planned to bring both the USB and Ethernet reclockers from the Statement to Mk3 and SE owners.  Obviously we got the first with the Phoenix.  I’ve not heard anything about an Ethernet reclocker in a very long time though.


My point in mentioning this is that the Mk3 has been afforded with a nice upgrade already with the Phoenix.  And more from the Statement might trickle down eventually.


Having said all that, I wonder if we’ll see a Statement Mk2 before we see a Zenith Mk4.  It would make sense for them to advance the Statement then trickle the improvements down to the lower models.  The Statement is still young though as mentioned above.  

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