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  1. Thank you. Appreciated. Frank’s advice is valuable to anyone who doesn’t want to invest too heavily, whereas my advice and experience is quite a bit errrr..less economical. 😈
  2. Hi Tom, Thanks for your thoughtful and nicely written reply. Appreciated. For some human beings, music is lower down but on the same scale as safe food, clean water and energy. It is one of the fundamentals that contributes to a happy life. And like food, water and energy it needs to be paid for, as producing it has a cost that needs covering. Lets say you owned a reservoir and all the water in it and you found people downstream drinking without paying. You also found that these people had no other source of water. Would you simply cut them off, or would you find a way to
  3. Frankly (s’cuse the pun Frank) I don’t know why certain people want this thread closed. IMO there’s still some excellent information. I recognise the dichotomy between Frank’s low cost system (note I didn’t say low-fi) and his lectures about better sound quality. On the other hand, his experiences don’t contradict what I’ve found and am still finding. Close this thread and you’re definitely throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  4. Hi GW, Stop and think about this for a second or two. After this court ruling, the only way you can obtain these radio stations, the ONLY WAY WE CAN OBTAIN THESE STATIONS involves copyright infringement. What I’m saying is, its HIGH TIME for the licensors of the World’s Music to get their act together and introduce licences that recognise the abilities of the WW Web instead of trying to hobble them via these sneaky, underhand legal maneuverers. They’ve had years and years to come up with something, yet their strategy for making money is still; capture all the World’s music then hold it
  5. Thoughtful and absolutely correct. We are talking about SMPSs that are unfit for high-end audio use, not all SMPSs in general. That’s an important and correct distinction to make. The term SMPS doesn’t mean bad, but is does mean paying attention to what you’re actually using and how it affects the sound. The real problem is that some SMPSs are very noisy and very detrimental to SQ. Those are the ones to avoid! BTW, the very heart of my system is powered by a SMPS......an obviously very very good one. The Devialet, properly powered, supported, connected and set up for SAM is one
  6. Hey Todd, You may be interested in what led to this ‘blooming’ of LPSs in my system. At the very start, I’d just received a new system after 13 years with an all-tube Balanced Audio Technology - Guarneri Homage system which i loved but hadn’t updated for 6 or 7 years. I’d decided to make a radical change and implement a fully digital amp/DAC and Server combination for local and remote streaming. Quite a change for a tube-head with a large CD collection. My system was duly ordered but there was a hold up of the Devialet amps due to the massive Worldwide Core Infinity up
  7. Great Question Larry, You’ve asked me to elaborate on the only piece of my own DIY in the entire project. Thank you for that! Essentially in stock form the RE650 takes a 230V (115V) feed directly from its wall socket into a 5V on-board SMPS, which is about the size of a match box and looks scruffy and very mass produced. Fortunately the way the switch is built, the case splits like a clamshell and on the one side are all the network eletronics and heat sinks and on the other side is the power supply and built-in wall socket. Quite a neat and fortuitous division for this projec
  8. I debated where to post this. As its about upgrading a network stream to a Server I figured this was the most appropriate place. This piece is about my findings after upgrading 3 Sean Jacobs DCs LPSs that exclusively power my network stream. A little background.....I’ve posted details about my system but essentially its a DC3 powered, Synergistic Research cabled, Wi-fi isolated network using a TPLink Broadcom-based tri-band router and RE650 Wi-fi to ethernet access point. The hi-fi has its own dedicated 5GHz band....there’s no other wi-fi in the vicinity of the h
  9. You’re right! We’ve had similar problems in the past...then the solution was emission shaping antennae. Today its tweaking the legal system. Doesn’t everyone think that by 2020 the music industry should have developed a licensing solution that takes care of these border issues and comes up with a sustainable solution for the artists, the music industry, the Radio Stations and last but not least, for consumers of their products? You can only deny the future for so long before you become an out of date failure and based on this ruling, that appears to be the direction in which the industr
  10. Thanks for that. As I was saying......Worldwide media comms has got ahead of Sony Warner’s licensing model And they’re not coming up with a solution. Essentially what they’re saying is; you’re consuming from free and we don’t want that. Fair enough. Its when they go on to say,”so we’re going to try and stop you consuming” that I get annoyed. Half of business is about generating demand and these guys have it.....good for them! So on the back of this demand, figure out how to make money from it and this is where it all falls apart. These few companies between them, own most of the World’s
  11. Dear Audiophiles, You need to read the following article and understand what this means for Internet Radio https://completemusicupdate.com/article/tunein-starts-restricting-international-stations-in-the-uk-after-major-labels-legal-win/ I realise this is only the UK, but I can guarantee that the UK is a test case to see how this flies, and to establish a legal precedence. Pretty soon this is going to happen in your country, and when it does its going to give anyone who listens to international radio a major pain in the arse. So what does this r
  12. Aha. Sorted. Thanks a lot! I am actually aware that iPeng is a Squeezebox network music player controller app although I haven’t spent a lot of time on the specifics. The link between iPeng and the Statement is (was) totally seamless and it all worked so flawlessly from the get go I’ve never had the reason/need to look into how the Radio URLs were obtained. Thanks to your info I’m again listening to my favorite music. So all Sony Warner have achieved is to make everything marginally less convenient.
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