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  1. Innuos Zenith Mk3 Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output, Really? Does anyone know if Innuos are designing their own MB's? Then I would understand the claim that it has a Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output. If not the it hard to believe that the the USB should be something special. Would really like to hear your comments.
  2. Thanks for taking the time. My question was about SQ. So I think you nailed it (: I think I will buy the ISO REGEN and wait for what ever you are cooking. I own the ER, glad about it, but it get really hot.
  3. I really like the new arm M1 cpu in the new mac mini. Because of It's all on one chip, low power consumption and raw computing power it should be the perfect chip for a music server . Or am I wrong? With a 12V LPSU and a ISO REGEN it should be very good or am I not aware of the details? I have the innuos ZEN Mk3 and the reclocker home for an audition, but I can't help thinking that the Mac Mini and the ISO REGEN can get me at 80% of the innuos performance
  4. @Superdad have you compared the iso regen with a good reclocker? I don't have that possibility and I trust your ears, so spit it out (-:
  5. Fixed it, had to turn on the dac first, then from standby mode turn on the Zen. Now when I am here. I want to give my initial expression of the sound. The Zen alone as a roon endpoint sounds a little better than my miniDSP HD Studio, blacker background, voices are warmer. After listen for an hour I just had to try the Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker. Cold it sounded good, but after an hour it started to sound really good. It was almost analog, or so I tell my self. But the reclocker is the real star.
  6. The Zen has landed, but I can't see it as a roon endpoint, so no sound 😩 Maybe my dac's usb are not compatible with the zen
  7. Thanks for making me a little wiser. I have arranged with my hifi dealer that I can have the Zen and the phoenixusb reclocker from Saturday at 15:00 to Tuesday morning. Really looking forward to it 🥰 Will keep you updated.
  8. Before this turns into a real phobia I need some reassurance that USB is totally safe and not harmful in any way (-: Let me explain. I am thinking about buying the Innous Zenith Mk3. It only has USB out. So what's the problem? It started with me looking into USB cables and many of them are crazy expensive, then I read about how much better it will sound with the innuos phoenixusb reclocker. So I started to think that USB is an inferior connection, that needs a lot of equipment to sound right. And because the USB connection is asynchronous then the fancy phoenixusb re
  9. The Innuos Zenith Mk3 are from 2017 that's old for a computer (: Has anyone heard rumors about new models coming out anytime soon? Would love to buy one, but should I wait?
  10. I am trying to find out if buying the Innuos Zenith Mk3 will give me better sound than my current setup My current setup are this ROON NUC server miniDSP HD Studio as a RAAT endpoint, connected to an ER, using Supra CAT8 Tidal HIFI are my only source, but if I get a DAC with DSD I would like to try that Orchid DAC Primaluna HP integrated Tekton Design Double Impact Well treated room Good power to my system So is it better to split the roon server and roon endpoint or have one product for them?
  11. I am SUPER impressed with your review. The depth of the review and technical skills you are posses are at another level. Keep them coming 🙂 One question, how much did you listen to the dac in a stereo setup? Most reviews of the Bartok is as a headphone amp and I am interested in the Bartok only as a dac. I admit I don't like head phones for anything else than work.
  12. What do you think. Fiber or Ethernet cable? Fiber optic PRO: If I choose fiber optic then I done, don't have to think about how another cable would sound. CON: I have to buy a new router and also the transmitters and cable. Double price of the supra cable Ethernet Cable PRO: - Supra CAT8 is a very good cable and it's not very expensive. - I don't have to buy a router. CON: - I will never found out if fiber optic is better 🙂
  13. I think that big company's like Netgear has such a large userbase that the catch this kind of errors. Right know a user on the AVSforum are testing his B7 and C9 with a Gigabit switch. Waiting for the result. I using WIFI for now, have a pretty good connection. But I like all streaming to be with cables
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