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  1. I no the INT-60 is a integrated amp, it's in the name (:
  2. HI, I am in dilemma Pass Labs INT-60 or Pass Labs 30.8 amp with Serene as the pre-amp? Price will be the same. Going for the best sound.
  3. Hi sitting down an listening to my new roon server running on Ubuntu server 20.04. I wonder what I can do to optimize it. Maybe removing unnecessary services?
  4. Hi this is not true for the terminator. the terminator also have a very high output impedance of 1250 ohm so if your pre amplifier has a low input impedance then it’s not going to sound right tube amps have a high input impedance around 100K so that’s a good match
  5. Compared to the May KTE version the Terminator 2 is 25% less delivered to Denmark.
  6. So you have the Dave now? Let me know how it compares to the Terminator+
  7. Please, please (: consider writing a review of the Holo Audio May DAC. The terminator and the may dac is on everybody lips this days but I haven't found a good comparison of the two
  8. But I am not connecting the SFP cable to the router. I am using the RJ45 to SFP converter. And as I wrote, I hope @Adrian has tested the modules with the converter he sold me. The first think I tested was the yellow cable connected to the new Edge router with SFP and in the other end the ER. Then the Ubiquiti UDC-1 SFP+ kabel connected to the ER and the new router. That was working. Then the macbook > cat6 > ER > Ubiquiti UDC-1 SFP+ kabel > Converter > old router. Working music was playing
  9. Don't think so. I use the converter box I bought from Afterdark and as I wrote I sure hope he has tested it with the Finisar modules
  10. I don't 😊 what I meant to say was that the ER and converter works with SFP+ modules. The ones on the cable I bought from komplett.dk
  11. Breaking news!! I got my new EdgeRouter X SFP and a Ubiquiti UDC-1 SFP+ kabel. The cable is only 1 meter long. The ER works with the cable and the SFP converter also works with the cable, same goes without the converter using the new router with build in SFP. So did I get any wiser? Not really. Was it the LC connector that was broken or not compatible with the ER? I hope the Converter box was tested with the LC modules, if not some one in Hong Kong should have very red ears. Or maybe the cable was not working. But on the bright sid
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