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  1. I am SUPER impressed with your review. The depth of the review and technical skills you are posses are at another level. Keep them coming 🙂 One question, how much did you listen to the dac in a stereo setup? Most reviews of the Bartok is as a headphone amp and I am interested in the Bartok only as a dac. I admit I don't like head phones for anything else than work.
  2. What do you think. Fiber or Ethernet cable? Fiber optic PRO: If I choose fiber optic then I done, don't have to think about how another cable would sound. CON: I have to buy a new router and also the transmitters and cable. Double price of the supra cable Ethernet Cable PRO: - Supra CAT8 is a very good cable and it's not very expensive. - I don't have to buy a router. CON: - I will never found out if fiber optic is better 🙂
  3. I think that big company's like Netgear has such a large userbase that the catch this kind of errors. Right know a user on the AVSforum are testing his B7 and C9 with a Gigabit switch. Waiting for the result. I using WIFI for now, have a pretty good connection. But I like all streaming to be with cables
  4. I know I already have a post about this issue but I can't edit the other post so I am creating a new one. I found out that my TV works on the 100mb B'side. On the A side there is no light on the port. I have tried different cables but can't get it to work. My AppleTV 4K works need to test my Marantz Processor. The TV works on my old https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-5-Port-Ethernet-Unmanaged-FS105NA/dp/B00002EQCW As I was googling my NETGEAR switch I just found out it was only a 100mb switch Then the next logic step was to found out if the TV supporte
  5. Thanks I take my hat off for you 🙂 You have compared different transceiver. But why not the are not expensive. So which one do you have? The one in link #1 and you think the one in link #2 will sound the same? Are some brands better? and what about cables. I need around 20m can I make them myself
  6. In the excellent review on the UpTone Audio EtherREGEN by @austinpop he was using a Startech SFP 1000 ZX ST 1550nm/80km. I found them on this site https://www.fs.com/de-en/products/11776.html Have I chosen the right compatibility and transceiver type?
  7. I can not use the fiber optic without a optical module. I know that I need it for the SFP port on the router and also on the EtherREGEN. How can I use it without?
  8. Are there many way to do this 🙂 Okay in one en of my listing room I have my router close to where the cable from the internet provider socket are. In the other end of the room I have all my equipment connect to a 5 port switch. The cable between the router and the switch are a normal cat5 cable. The EtherREGEN are going to replace my current switch. The B side will connect to my Streamer and the ports on the A side to my router, tv, surround processer and Apple TV Right now I don't have a SFP port on my router. But I would buy one if it can get me
  9. just ordered the EtherREGEN and want to get the best performance from it. I have 15m from my router to the EtherREGEN, would it sound better with fiber optic? using a router like the Ubiquiti ER-X-SFP
  10. I have connected the Allo DigiOne Signature Player to my Marantz AV8805 with coax. There is sound but its very thin and not very load. What can be wrong? I am using the Signature Player with ropieee
  11. Cambridge Audio, Bluesound and Marantz/Denon all have apps where I can stream Tidal. So is there a similar app for the RPi? I want a pure streamer without a DAC. Many dedicated streamers are crazy expensive. The Allo Digione Signature are also expensive considering that it's an extension board for the RPi. But the reviewers love it. So should I just buy Roon and get on with my life 🙂 or are there some free alternatives
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