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  1. Does that mean a Zenith MK3 on its own is not worth it unless a Phoenix is attached?
  2. Love to give the Terminator Plus a go! But..... I would like demo it first as dropping 5K on a DAC I haven't heard is somewhat of a serious gamble. Especially if it comes all the way from the Far East. I presume Customs fees and Import Taxes come into play as well. Can anyone in the UK help me? Also, what is the demo etiquette these days? Do I need to pay all in advance with an understanding of a full refund of not purchased? Or is it a deposit of some amount? Or is it based on the existing trust of one's regular Audio Supplier (whom mine unfortunately does not supply/import items from this manufacturer).
  3. Thanks Peter for your info. All understood and all is well. Quite understandably, if you took into consideration all the jumper settings on top of wire settings we would all be discussing set up for the next ten years on all the variables. My latest 'shipped settings' received - single vertical jumper on the inside and double to the outside - gives very good treble (sharpness) with good clear Bass. The 'original' long term setting - double jumper to the inside and single vertical jumper to the outside gives slightly less pronounced treble (sharpness) but more deeper Bass. Brilliant for late night low volume listening. Both settings are good.... Just depends on what your 'ears' like 😁. Ones frame of mind and multiple levels of tiredness play a great deal on what you hear. I'm looking forward to burning in, trying different settings and finally, the addition of an Innuos Phoenix later down the line once I've settled with the sound character in use. Looking forward to reading everybody's encounters and suggestions on this wonderful Audiophile USB Cable.
  4. Hi Summit, Thanks for your reply. Please have a look again at Peter's 'B' and my 'B'. The vertical jumper of Peter's is on the outer edge whilst mine is on the inner. Does this make a difference? Many thanks.
  5. Hi all, Received my Lush^2 today! Delivered within two days!! Wow!! I have a question related to the photos attached. This is the shipped default setup recieved. Is it correct? I see a difference on the jumpers on the B in the forum and on the enclosed printed sheet. Did I miss an update? Nice quality cable , a bit thicker than thought which may mean I need to re-route. I'm a bit concerned that I may have ordered it too short at 70cm! Haven't connected it yet as want to establish if this is the correct default as shipped to me or I need to swap things I over. Any help appreciated as I would like to get listening.
  6. yellowblue, Congratulations! Thank you for letting us know your very first thoughts of the Phoenix. I'm sure it will get even better as time goes on. Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts later down the line. Glad to hear it's working fine with your Lush^2 cables as my Lush^2 is arriving tomorrow. I would like to put in some hours listening with it before I introduce the Phoenix to the chain. Happy listening! 🔊 🎶
  7. Hi Alan, PM received with thanks. Thanks for the config post above. Yes... sorry... slightly off topic. Phoenix now ordered. USB cable chosen thanks to everyones input. Looking forward to reporting back on my Phoenix setup and sound thoughts. Many thanks and regards to you and all who participated.
  8. Hi FrankMA, May I ask what Jumper/Pin settings you went with on your Lush 2's? Many thanks.
  9. Lush 2 it is then. I will read the lengthy thread again to make sure I understand the cable and it's settings. Also noting the Wire settings based on what users hear. This will hopefully give me a 'leg up' when I start to use it. From thereon I can begin to fine tune it in to my system. I'll use my AQ Coffee from the Zenith to the Phoenix and then the Lush 2 to the D90 MQA DAC to begin with. Thanks all.... I will keep you posted on what happens soon.
  10. Narrowing my USB choices down to: Sablon 2020 - seems to be the 'end game' at the moment Curious Evolved - new version that is getting a great following Final Touch Audio Callisto - the USB lurking in the background of 'greats' Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 - a firm favourite with many Phasure Audio Lush 2 - good reviews offering something different and 'tuneable' A good selection that gives me a headache to decide 'which one'!!!
  11. Please let us know of the Lush ^2 with the Phoenix. This will be of great interest.
  12. Still reading about it and trying to understand if it's the 'way to go'.
  13. Hi, Thanks for all your info. Looking forward to giving this Sablon 2020 a go...... But that Lush USB! It's apparently a 'tuneable' USB! Wow! Going to give this one a thorough read up! 😁
  14. That's fab Alan! Thank you for sharing that useful comparison and outcome. I'm now emailing Sablon for availability and price for the 2020 USB in preparation of my Phoenix order. I've got an Audioquest Coffee USB going from my Zenith MK3 to the D90 MQA DAC. If I kept it and used the Sablon 2020 to go from the Phoenix to the D90 MQA DAC do you think it would be OK? Or used the other way around? Cheers!🍻
  15. Hello everyone, I've just joined up and I'm following this thread with great interest as I will soon be placing an order for a Pheonix. Please keep the great info and chats coming as I find them of great help and they allow me to understand more fully of all the capabilities that may come my way with the Pheonix. I'm currently running a Zenith MK3 through a Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated Amp and a Topping D90 MQA DAC. Sound is fed through my Klipsch Forte III's. USB from the Zenith MK3 to the D90 MQA DAC is an Audioquest Coffee. Looking forward to chatting with you all. Cheers! 🍻
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