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Will Music Survive Covid.? (some exaggeration intended)

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This Guardian article concentrates on classical musicians but the pandemic has strongly influenced all of them. I personally observe the fact that less interesting music has been issued during recent months. Will the trend continue.? Definitely musicians nowadays need more audience support than ever.. 
Simply let's do all we can to support them and music they create which brings joy to all of us!

"Leading figures in classical music say many highly-trained orchestral musicians are giving up on music as they face homelessness and hunger this autumn. Speaking to the Observer this weekend, the internationally renowned conductor Sir Simon Rattle warned that an “exodus is happening right now”, while top English soloists the violinist Tasmin Little and the pianist Stephen Hough both spoke of despair and desperation among even successful performers."


Bail out our musicians or risk losing them for ever, say classical music stars




Some Ways You Can Help Musicians During COVID-19


During recent months many jazz, classical and other musicians here in the Netherlands actually played 2 or 3 concerts in one day to make living and to make it possible for the socially distanced audience to hear their music live. As for me - deep respect and appreciation for their hard work!


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