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FOR SALE: Sonore DC-4 Cable with Cardas Ultra-Pure Copper

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Up for sale is a Sonore DC cable that I no longer need.  It is lightly used and in excellent condition.  Priced at $150. (MSRP $235)


Sonore DC-4 1.0 meter with dual 5.5mm x 2.1mm connectors.


  • Cardas 2x15 twisted pair
  • 2-15 AWG ultra-pure copper
  • Golden Ratio scaled Cardas Litz conductors
  • Multi-stranded arrangement in a color jacket
  • Each individual strand is coated in an insulating enamel












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1 hour ago, auricgoldfinger said:

Price lowered to $124.99

I am interested in the cable. Shall I sent you a message?




AMP: Electrocompaniet ECI-6D; DAC: Oppo 205 (modded); ECI-6D

Streamer/endpoint: Zen MKIII/ultraRendu; Speakers: Proac Tablette Reference 8 Signature; Cables: Speakers (Acoustic Revive) + RCA (au24sx) + RJ45 (Vodka Audioquest) + USB (Diamond Audioquest) + Power (Pangea's + Actinote's) + iR&oM (Neotech 16AWG OCC Silver + DC 4); Filters/reclockers: Jensen VRD- iFF + Pink Faun Isolator + Acoustic Revive RGC-24 + HMS “The Perfect Match” + isoRegen; Switch: etherRegen + opticalModule; Cisco 2960; LPS: Sboosters MKI & MKII (+ ultra) + HDplex 200 + LPS 1.2


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