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  1. Have you ever tried SR orange fuses in those components? I'm wondering how they compare.
  2. Which color fuses are you using, and in what components?
  3. Were you unable to find someone who would build the unregulated LPS for $500 labor plus parts as you had hoped at one time?
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to find magnets inside those cylinders.
  5. He fired all the employees and liquidated the company. It's all documented in the SR7 calendar thread. What more is there to say?
  6. You might want to read the most recent posts from this thread for further context on the bespoke SR7 orders. Or, you can go back to the beginning to see the ugliness in its entirety. Discussion of the PHD collapse begins on page 14.
  7. Re-specification was a brilliant ploy to keep cash flowing into his personal bank account after the queue was closed to new orders.
  8. Exactly, and a rather sophisticated one which relied on key influencers here on AS, who of course were unknowingly being used to further the scam.
  9. Word on the street in South Uist is that Paul is using an alternative email address "for new customers." Cash flow from new customers can be used primarily for one of two purposes: 1. Acquire the parts never purchased but needed to build the power supplies in the custom queue 2. Fund personal living expenses, which is what many believe happened with the director's loan from PHD that ultimately bankrupted the company.
  10. The biggest disconnect is the failure to deliver power supplies promised and paid for 4 years ago. Nothing else matters at this point.
  11. Can you provide a link to instructions for filing a claim in Scotland?
  12. Yours was a PHD product. We are discussing power supplies to be built by Paul Hynes himself. For the most part, the custom build queue pre-dates the formation of PHD.
  13. @paulhynes May we please have an update on progress of the custom build queue? Are there any calendar objectives for completing them? Perhaps one per month would be reasonable? I have been told a Sean Jacobs DC-4 can be built in a week.
  14. Is there a problem with your website? The link in your signature doesn't work for me.
  15. Let's try another way. I have attached a file this time. 🙂
  16. Excellent post, Rajiv! I'm curious...if you were at a live performance of Solti's Mahler 8th, would you be able to hear individual instruments during full-throated passages, or is that a function of listening to PGGBed files through your headphones?
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