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  1. Hi! Can you fix the Rendu JRiver setup with DoP link or send me the document. I have the Chord 2Qute dac.
  2. What is the proper procedure for shutting down the microRendu? Do I need to use the SHUT DOWN button below the REBOOT option?
  3. Thanks to Jesus from Sonore and Andrew Gillis from Small Green Computer, I am the happy owner of a new microRendu case! Excellent customer service all-around.
  4. Another happy customer!!! Thanks Jesus!
  5. PM sent. Appreciate the quick response.
  6. Details please. How much and who do I contact?😁😁😁
  7. Can I purchase a new case for my microRendu? Thanks.
  8. Hello! Can someone tell me what size torx screwdriver will fit the microRendu so that i can switch cases? 😊
  9. Hang in there! Sending Good Vibes and Karma to you and your wife!🤓
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