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Silclear Contact Enhancer: A Cautionary Tale


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20 hours ago, Blackmorec said:

Talking to one of the principals of a major vacuum tube electronics manufacturer, he mentioned that far and away the biggest cause of faulty amps was the use of contact enhancers. Several manufacturers actively discourage their use.  I always found that contact cleaners made from analytical grade alcohol worked best, evaporating entirely and leaving no residue. 

Yeah, I don’tt Think contact cleaners on tube pins is a very good Idea.



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9 hours ago, davide256 said:

I can say that when I first tried Tweek and Deoxit it was very easy to observe reduced  background noise  by treating contacts on one side and turning amplification up to where you could first hear faint  pops and ticks.. the untreated side was always  worse than the treated side. But I haven't observed any other benefits. Since vacuum tube pins do oxidize I don't use tubes without treating them. As to Silclear, tried it once, but did not continue as it  looked like an accident waiting to happen... never had any migration/contamination issues with Tweek or Deoxit

Because tubes get hot, I wouldn’t treat the pins with any liquid or anything like Stabilant 22A which is actually a paste that is thinned with isopropyl alcohol.


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