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  1. Wow, this seems like an MQA bitch fest extension with the usual suspects... I cannot help wonder why anyone would care what SG is doing if you don't like him. There is a great big world out there just full full of pleasurable things like music.
  2. How does one create positive pressure in a case without adding dust? Seriously. I work in a dusty wood shop, and would love some suggestions.
  3. 4est

    Bits is bits?

    Easy now Alex. Firedog is merely stating that an engineering degree doesn't make someone a qualified tester. He also states that it doesn't disqualify them either. You have made some remarkable claims and it will not be easy for many to accept them without first hand experiences.
  4. 4est

    Bits is bits?

    Although I generally agree with your first paragraph and have experienced it, I disagree with much of the second one. To begin with, I am no stranger to modding existing gear in hopes of mining further performance. I started doing so in the 80's by doing some of what Frank suggests(well, intimates as he never really does say what he does) by stripping down Dynaco gear and modding their power supplies. Sure, there are many gains to be had removing additional non needed circuitry and making hard connections. Those changes will not and cannot turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Please note that Frank has suggested that anything is capable of doing this, and that the room or speaker placement doesn't matter. In a previous post he has even stated that his speakers are on a work bench. Although I have no real way of knowing without first hand experience, I struggle to imagine the kind of changes one could make that ameliorates speaker placement and the room let alone the speakers themselves. If I am to use his tag line, no amount of work is going to turn a Trabant into a Porsche.
  5. 4est

    Bits is bits?

    I cannot help wonder if what you are hearing when (re)applying this paste is that the old paste has degraded, and it does degrade over time. If you actually want to "hear" good contact, try some Stabilant 22A!
  6. 4est

    Bits is bits?

    This pretty much tells me that you have no idea what a system is capable of or have not much experience beyond your own room(s). To suggest that room acoustics and speaker placement is of no concern and the system should "just work" is utter folly flying in the face of decades of informed user's experiences. The likelihood of your "magic" being real or of value to anyone seem highly unlikely to me.
  7. This is more difficult than you make it out to seem. The circuit will always trump parts and the wrong part changes the circuit. If you can discern the difference between .006% and .0006% distortion, you have me beat.
  8. Better still, look into design aspects that promote dispersion and look for speakers that incorporate them.
  9. Please don't ask me to listen to Abba, pretty please?
  10. 4est

    Bits is bits?

    I struggle to imagine anyone taking him too seriously.
  11. I doubt I am the only one that finds this hilarious. What increased sound quality are you suggesting that leaky ringing filters might provide? As much as you go on about some things being less "audiophile", I find humor in that you think MQA is.
  12. You need to see an eye doctor then. The fronts are curved...
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