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  1. If that is your desire, then you might want to look more closely at HQPlayer and DACs that can accept high rate DSD directly. There is nothing more "ageless"(re-programmable) than a computer doing the lifting into a simple DSD DAC.
  2. This is nothing like those laws. This is about the rights of who has possession of the physical copy. When you sell a CD, you lose the right to have a copy of it.
  3. Or simply that Qobuz are providing real hi res files instead of MQA in some instances.
  4. I'd be surprised if you cannot readily find one used if you do not want to wait it out. I am sure there is a dealer with one laying around. I do understand this. Some things simply require patience. As a DIYer, I guess I am used to it.
  5. 4est

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    Until someone can look at the measurements and tell me what it will sound like to me, then yes.
  6. 4est

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    Did I say distinct? I swear I said discern... I also was not trying to contradict, but make a note that many state that audio electronics are transparent to the point of being the same, but others seem to find difference in them. One can attempt to blame this all on bias and claim a need to ABX and such, but to my knowledge there has been no verifiable proof that it has been of value in this. Sure there are measurable differences, there has to be. What there does not seem to be is a proper testing protocol to equate what is heard to measurements.
  7. 4est

    HQPlayer NAA DSD256 Amanero hissing noise

    I think this is correct. I do not remember what firmware I am on and don't dare to change it. lol
  8. 4est

    HQPlayer NAA DSD256 Amanero hissing noise

    I had something like that, and got rid of it via reflashing the firmware version as you indicated.
  9. 4est

    Subjective / Objective , Philosophy of Science

    With all due respect, that is stated often, just not in so many words. Often we hear how amps have vanishingly low distortion beyond what is discernible or that modern DACs are mostly of high enough fidelity. Yet, people such as myself note large enough differences in these for us to continue to expend energy upon it. Clearly there is something amiss beyond simple bias and subjective desires, or subjectivists would be outliers and not more than half the pack.
  10. Where are you going with this then. First you say that stereo is limited, and then you suggest that multi channel has limited material. Is this then some study or simply you pontificating? I just don't get where you are coming from.
  11. This is so tired... I attempt to use my source material to the best of my abilities. There just isn't enough multichannel material for me to wreck my living spaces with even more speakers. Especially because I prefer panel speakers (I own Sound Lab, Quad and Magnepan) which require addition space around them. And yes, I have done this. For awhile I was running 5 Quad 63s run by 5 EAR 509s. There just wasn't enough material to justify continuing it. The source material is the limiting factor IMO, and makes multi-channel merely a side gig at best.
  12. I am not really sure what you are expecting from this post. I understand the conundrum, but how are we to assist? Are you simply looking for a 1m pair of cables to match to shorter ones you already own?
  13. 4est

    Best power supply for 3A 5V DAC

    15 watts is a lot of power for a headphone amp. From the pics, there are no heat sinks capable of handling that much power and the HPs will likely only use a watt or two. How warm does the chassis get? It would have to be the heat sink from what i can glean.
  14. Who is we, and who says we are not? If a speaker is to be about half the price of the entire system, one wouldn't just change it willy nilly (a gross generalization). Furthermore, changing out speakers is a much larger task even beyond just the cost. Room layout and speaker positioning are very important IME, and can take quite a bit of effort/time to work out. That is not to mention the size and weight. Mostly though I feel that you may have missed the obvious. I have always recommended one find speakers that they LOVE first and foremost. Then spend the time and effort getting the most out of them. Perhaps many of us are merely do this. FWIW, I run multiple sets of speakers, and maintain electronics to match them all. What is listed in my signature is my living room AV set up. My primary speakers are Sound Lab A3s. They weigh over 100#.