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  1. I do not recognize that connector, but the wires appear to simply be connected using screw terminals. You should be able to remove the green connector and use whatever is on the new amp(s).
  2. Will these act as end points to the likes of Roon, Audirvana or HQPlayer?
  3. Drill the proper sized hole in a board and split it in two. Simples!
  4. Getting big? I'd agree that there are people that are doing so as well as building tiny houses, but statistically I do not see this as a notable percentage of the population, but that of a few outliers. Perhaps I am wrong?
  5. I cannot help but think that the US ought to quit giving people a tax break for having kids and start giving breaks to those who don't. I am sorry Dennis, but that is a poor excuse to perpetuate the use of Glyphosate and the Monsanto monopoly.
  6. If I were so lucky, I'd see her as an investment!
  7. I am not sure if I understand your concern about capacitor replacement. It is a simple task for most any technician. I'd be more concerned about the quantity of them. They appear to be Elna Silmic. You could research their longevity if you feel the need.
  8. I am not sure why you would assume that as the all core boost (sh/w)ould have been represented in the specs as I understand it. I do not know for sure, but that would seem to be the purpose of that spec.
  9. To my knowledge you need an unlocked chip to be able to adjust the clocking up OR down.
  10. I am not sure I understand what you might be waiting for TBH. This is not a "software upgrade" in the likes of how many player programs have a sound, but a true upgrade to the actual analog signal by using the computational power of a PC to construct higher precision waveforms than what can be made using the average FPGA or DAC chip. YMMV of course, but people aren't using HQPlayer for its looks alone! FWIW, the different filter options actually allow one to "optimize synergy", not negate it.
  11. You have not said what files you send, but you really ought to give it a go. Your SGC will likely do DSD256- enough to see if that route is something you wish to invest in. For any PCM, it is most likely fine. It would fulfill obj and subjective initiatives too fwiw. There is a steep initial effort curve, but once you learn what filters you like, it is set and forget. Miska/Jussi and the users are very responsive and helpful if you struggle.
  12. Although this may not seem like a viable option, have you considered adding in HQPlayer as an upsampler and/or PCM>DSD converter? You never stated exactly what you were sending to the DAC, but IIRC the Rendu can be an HQPlayer NAA(endpoint). There are many who feel that HQPlayer offers superior algorithms to Roon and DAC hardware (internal chip upsampling and DSD conversion) if you wish to step things up a notch. In this suggestion, you would need the HQPlayer license and possibly a new server if you care to send PCM>DSD. Myself and others have been enjoying that PCM>DSD on similar DACs. Food for thought from someone who at one time was only interested in sending Redbook straight through to a DAC... Ive been using Qobuz(previously Tidal ☹️)
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