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  1. Oh. I see. You want moderator privileges...
  2. Typically when I have encountered someone who referred to themselves in the third person, they were stoned, crazy or full of themselves. There are no quotes because I did not quote you, I merely commented.
  3. The fact that you are speaking of yourself in the third person speaks volumes to me.
  4. If the DAC2s are like the originals, they do what is called resampling or ASRC whereby all of the inputs are reclocked internally by the Benchmark in an attempt to reduce jitter. They view it as an advantage. It generally negates the input quality and puts its own mark on for better or worse. You likely won't get much traction with HQPlayer on it. I'd try one of your AKM DACs to begin with.
  5. You just cannot seem to contain yourself...
  6. Oh, and purchasing new equipment is not necessary. The whole premise of HQP is in part about getting the best performance out of the hardware you have. I happen to be a proponent of PCM>DSD, but didn't start off that way. It was through using this program that I slowly merged into it.
  7. Bear in mind that some of the filters are for specific things- MQA for example or DAC types. Read the manual and pick filters for your DAC and try them out. The filters are all about trade offs and not absolutes. That is why there are more than one. The differences can be quite startling.
  8. In the downloaded HQPlayer folder on your drive there will be a PDF manual.
  9. I live in Michigan, and a local landscape supplier had it as well. Why blue stone instead of slate?
  10. Spot on! I just so happen to have an old "The AR" turntable if anyone is interested in it. It was purchased new by my father in the 80's.
  11. Oh quit acting like some sort of prophetic martyr. You have presented a paradigm that is contrary to most everyone's experiences and understanding, with nothing to back it up. All the while you're using a tone of mocking superiority that many seem to find distasteful. Oh, and please stop with the "I've been doing this for thirty years crap", most of us have been. In actuality, it appears as if you are the one that is convinced of something Frank, and we are not. We all have reproduction aspects that trigger responses. Yours seems to be different than the majority. So be it and get over it. There is no magic to your path, just a lot of rhetoric about how no one knows what do but you.
  12. What are you asking for here? It's not like the manufacturers provide PCB Gerber files or that it would be reasonable to expect Uptone to do detailed published analysis of other products.
  13. My i9 9900ks is nearly silent using a Noctura cooler, but as Jussi stated, an NAA with the server in another room is the easiest way to accomplish this.
  14. I tend to agree with you, Frank's Magic seems to be slight of hand at best. Who is to say really tho? I am just tired of the diatribe.
  15. Sad to see you go, but please bear in mind that Archimago should back up his claim too. That is what this Ob-fi is for!
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