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  1. 4est

    MQA is Vaporware

    Why certainly, 1300 albums for Americana, 43,000 for rock.
  2. 4est

    MQA is Vaporware

    In Audirvana, one can simply put hi res in the search, for instance "Hi res Americana".
  3. They pluck quite easily with two soldering irons and magnifiers. You can save the parts and replace them if required.
  4. 4est

    I Blame MQA

    I'm with sandyk on this. WTF does this have to do with MQA? Some sort of odd joke or spin? As much as I am against MQA, all this appears to be is fodder for the pro MQA contingent to claim they are being falsely persecuted... Perhaps I am just paranoid after listening to my POTUS spin crap.
  5. 4est

    Big changes coming my way.

    The simple fact that you have these feelings implies that you are off to a great start and about as prepared as anyone can be. Congratulations! I am envious actually. Not having children is my biggest regret in life...
  6. 4est

    New Headphones Required...

    Perhaps, but not to the extent Grado did(does?) with their cartridges.
  7. 4est

    New Headphones Required...

    My guess is that like their cartridges, the higher end ones are most likely cherry picked out of the cheaper ones.
  8. Oh, now that makes sense. It is merely a resource or something then. What about the new tensor cores and such for the 20x0 cards. Would that make a difference in HQP?
  9. Does HQP even use SLI?
  10. 4est

    "Audiophile" SD Card Transport?

    Neither indicate the DSD rates however.
  11. 4est

    "Audiophile" SD Card Transport?

    Just wait for the kick starter!
  12. If you go this route, please check for rate family changes too. In my set up, that is where the GPU seems to work the most. Then again, I am using an old i7 3770k and a gtx1060. I can do most everything but XTR and shifting families such as 48k>22MHz. The latter pegs my GPU, the former pegs both IIRC.
  13. Miska: Forgive me it this has been asked before, but will HQPlayer be using some of the new 20x0 features such as tensor cores, DLSS and such? If not, then it might make sense for a 1080ti over a 2080 in both price and performance.
  14. 4est

    Audirvana 3 For Windows

    I have just updated to A+ 1.3.3(1059) and I keep getting drop outs on one channel or the other as I upsample to DSD512. Is anyone else having this issue? Perhaps my i5 is running out of steam, but it rarely happened before this latest update. From what I can tell, it even happens once the processing is done and in the cache.
  15. 4est

    odd audio observations..............

    If only all that babble could be blamed as typos...