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  1. For me the format I want to purchase is the one it was recorded in. Rarely are things recorded using more than one format. The additional formats are then derived via software such as Saracon. I prefer to own the original and resample or convert as needed for my purposes. For playback much is determined by your DAC, or your preferences with your DAC and can be converted by software. My favorite is HQPlayer. It is popular here for PCM>DSD and its extensive options and capabilities. The developer, (user name Miska) is here as well.
  2. Perhaps it is just me, but I find it interesting that Carver chose to market a tube amp when he claims that he can make a transistor amp sound like a(ny) tube one.
  3. Good attitude, and I do not think it is fair to get upset that one missed out on new pricing. If we push attitudes like that and expect them to pay back the new discounts, we are removing any incentive for them to lower their prices. I have been extremely happy with Qobuz as a whole and see their lowering of prices as a potentially good thing for all of us who use it.
  4. Perhaps a wee bit from 10000 users leads to something. I dunno exactly. When I tried it for giggles it didn’t want to use my cpu, a 9900ks, but loved my older GTX 1060.
  5. Ah, TY for the response. If not the higher pressure manifold, you might want to consider a surge tank there and moving the pump further away. Mine always bothered me even though once the music started it retreated into the background. I'd love to see plota, but don't do it on my account.
  6. If I might ask, what manifold and what pressure are you using on this? I purchased a high pressure manifold, but have not installed it in mine.
  7. This is THE reason. The effects of the boundary reinforcement will swamp out the other differences being discussed here.
  8. Welcome to CA! First off, I am sorry to hear about your tweeter even though as a US citizen I am happy we lost ours. It sorta sounds to me as if you are loosing a USB connection. It might help if you describe your components and how they are connected. I have been using Qobuz since their beta testing in the US, and have never encountered a glitch that I could attribute to their service. I have had issues in the past with USB devices that had corrupted drivers or firmware.
  9. And this is an understatement!
  10. Oh, this may be quite doable. Is your listening above the main space or second floor bedrooms? is there any insulation between the floors? I'd think the conduction between floors might be as big of an issue as the door. I hate to agree with Frank, but the fire rated door with tight seals seems prudent. Your door has that large panel which is essentially a large diaphragm. You might even try just the seals and perhaps my truss rod idea to dampen that panel. Cheap and easy!
  11. Easy now, don't give up so quickly Chris. I feel it would help if you specified exactly what you are looking to accomplish or ameliorate. Are you looking to crank it up without waking the household, looking to be able to listen moderately without upsetting them or ?. The former seems impossible, but the latter is likely doable.
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