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  1. Just because it works does not mean it works well...
  2. Sandyk appears to be in denial that the resampling chip in his DAC does the similar thing as your software, but with simpler and non adjustable filters and modulators. Of course the recording is the limiting factor, but that doesn't negate the fact that your software allows us to fine tune PCM as well as convert to DSD.
  3. That is mostly for PCM>SDM(DSD) on HQP. The PCM upsampling is much less intensive. I make this distinction because many might not want or need the conversion and shouldn't pan it thinking that is it's only use case.
  4. You do not need anything other than the software to use either HQPlayer or XXHighend. As for "taking full advantage of", that depends upon what your goal is. Quit acting as if this is some elitist pursuit of the wealthy. HQPlayer in particular was engineered to be a cost effective alternative to replacing hardware.
  5. I do not see what software has to do with USB cables and regeneration hardware. Furthermore, PCM to PCM upsampling does not require a lot of processing power.
  6. I’m not sure what the first part of your response is supposed to mean, but no amount of frame stabilization is going to do what I am- not even close
  7. Not a chance in hell unless it can be overclocked a lot. My old i7 3770k worked amazingly well because I won that silicon lottery and it overclocked like a champ.
  8. I am not at all a bass head and I completely agree with this. In my case I cut the lows from my Quads increasing their dynamic and SPL capability as well.
  9. You might consider iFi's products as well. I've preferred them over the Schiit products at similar prices.
  10. Although I do not disagree as I have no first hand knowledge of these, it does give me pause to wonder why they hadn't designed it better in the first place. People seem to go apeSchiit over their products, but I haven't been impressed by their lower tiers as much as I have been with iFi's. I seem to recall that these run the tube B+ voltage at about 100v. If so it is no wonder as that just isn't enough to get to the more linear area of the plate curve on the tube. Regardless, a triode based pre amp is well trodden ground, and methinks the tube/SS/buffer option is holding back the design. Well trodden is not synonymous with trivial, the devil is in the details.
  11. I really think you are wading into similar waters by making these blanket statements, especially considering that you self described yourself as not being a high speed electrical engineer. I say this even though I tend to agree and have pursued that path long before most here.
  12. It's the three modes that would keep me away. IME products such as this tend to mediocre by way of trying to be too much. Does anyone know the B+ voltage of these?
  13. Sadly that is the state of affairs where brick and mortar stores have fallen. If this is your first dedicated DAC then you should definitely audition some others. As to paying for return shipping, that seems only fair, no? You cannot expect a company to be willing to absorb everything, which basically increases the cost for the next person.
  14. Once again, the D50s uses the lower tiered Q version of the chip. Its not a stretch to think that the same company is producing two different products at two different price points. If the D90 was no better than the D50, shame on Topping for asking 3x the price. I would love to suggest that there are no differences in devices as they increase in price. Ive said about all I have to on this.
  15. My best advice would be to get loaners or return privileges for what ever you choose. Your system is of high enough caliber to make auditioning important.
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