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  1. Come on now Mans, it was pretty clear that the OP wanted suggestions based on observations. If you observed no difference on that device, just say so. This notion that there is no science to back this up isn't applicable in this thread.
  2. And so then if I might understand, what you are creating is individualized custom sound engines, or are they complete players?
  3. I do not see it listed, but does the USBridge Sig come included with a Pi
  4. Thanks for being specific. If I might ask, do you have specific RAM that you would recommend for use in the Gigabyte Aorus and Designare MBs that have been discussed? I recall seeing you recommend CAS and speed, but I cannot find it.
  5. I never said it should be different. I simply stated that I didn't find a lot of value added for the price increase. This is a discussion forum and I have expressed my dislike for the reasoning behind a price increase as a present user. Are you suggesting then that I do not have the right to let my opinion be known in a forum where Roon seems to monitor, and others might see this and consider creating alternatives?
  6. Are we to feel sympathetic that they cannot figure out how to make a profit despite their software being 5x the price of something like Audirvana or most other player programs?
  7. Although I subscribe to Roon, I have balked at the lifetime price tag in hopes of a different solution. It is not that the $500 is that much, but in that the features Roon offered aren't enough. The search engine is a bit tweaky and you have to be VERY specific with spelling and such. The Roon radio is(was?) simply awful compared to the likes of Spotify and many others. Oh sure there is some artist info and if you take the time to click about the "followed by" or "influenced by" you can find some nice stuff, but even still, Amazon seems to sorta have that down as well in the "you might also like". My primary reason for using Roon is the streaming>HQPlayer DSD integration. Roon was already over priced, and this seems like a money grab for function they should have included before.
  8. Generally, but not always, the amps used for HP and speakers are different or there is some additional circuitry to reduce the power to the HPs. Your needs can easily be met if you look for individual amps sharing the signal or a pre amp that has switched outputs. Alternatively look for a speaker selector switch switch to put into the middle.
  9. 4est

    $12000 equipment

    Are you talking about the knock offs often seen on eBay and such?
  10. Sadly no. I sent it back. I really wish it had worked out, but I was only willing to put so much effort into my AV/background system. I got frustrated in part because my ASRock MB seems to have a faulty RAM slots that would cause havoc when inserting the card. I am past due for an upgrade! Thanks for asking Rick.
  11. If only she had been discovered just a little sooner... If we are going away from classic jazz performers, I'd have to raise my hand to Melody Gardot,!
  12. Gosh, my stereo in 1980 could do all of that. Is this what all of your hubbub is about?
  13. Not a swearing word for you or Webster's perhaps. Whenever I have heard MQA, it makes me to want to exclaim "schiit!".
  14. MQA music server? There is no need to swear at the guy...
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