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  1. Perhaps it is, and then again the poster I referred to seems to suggest that because one may have a degree in physics or engineering their opinion is worth more than a lay person. I get that you don't see a need for cabling along with Ralf. As it stands, there are many who do, including some with advanced degrees in those disciplines. To state outright that because one has some sort of degree they are more qualified to access the validity of a subjective topic such as cables is simply false. I merely added the midrange system BS because despite what that poster would like to think, he doesn't seem to understand how to set up a system well. It is clear if you look at the pics of his system (dipole speakers a couple of feet off of a back wall for starters) and some of the silly answers I have seen over the past year. Interestingly, I was not promoting cables at all if you reread my original reply. I said what I did because it seemed as if the cable skeptics had piled on, and I wished to offer a different perspective. To be honest, I do not even understand why someone as experienced as you would even bother getting into this fray. If I may get back to the OP's question, it would be my suggestion to wait until you have a good handle on what you already have. Later if you feel the need, you can try some cables to see what they do for you. I have never cared for the direct AB comparisons with subtle changes. Instead I prefer to replace one set and play a bunch of different music over a few days or a week to let things settle in. Then swap back the originals as a comparison.
  2. Nice appeal to authority coming from a poster who thinks his science background somehow eclipses his mid range system...
  3. On the contrary Alex, I think it may mean that you are full of it! LOL Moreover, in that you seem to be capable of putting up with a lot of it!
  4. Care to enlighten us as to which brand that is?
  5. Yes, thank you. You are correct of course about the multiple programs, I worded it poorly.
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply! I was hoping that someone had experience with this IRL. In my situation, the HQP server is directly connected to my A/V system and then to an NAA for my main hifi. The A/V kit is often used as background music and this card would allow me to also readily use SDM conversion there as well. Heck, the horse power is just sitting there, why not? At present I am using the TV analog out to avoid the latency issues, hence the interest in something better. Do you have a PCIexpress DSD solution that you might recommend? I'd like it to accept PCM and DSD/SDM and switch itself. VLC? Is there a way to stream from Tidal or Qobuz using VLC as well as Netflix? That might be an option if possible. I am using TV analog out(could switch to optical I suppose) because this is dumbed down for house guests to use. I don't want them mucking with the computer settings for all of the obvious reasons. ATM it just works, and there is value in that. LOL
  7. Oh, OK. Thank you Miska. That makes sense. I hadn't thought of it in that way. Do you per chance know about how much latency there is w10 with WASAPI ex, ASIO or what the hardware buffer options might be? Perhaps I am barking up the wrong tree, but I'd appreciate a better DAC that can do DSD for my AV system.
  8. Has anyone used this for online video such as youtube or netflix? I'd be interested in this if there is no lag with video sources.
  9. The Naim Hydra is the opposite and proper way to do this.
  10. Agreed, but it spells trouble anyway I can think of it.
  11. Of course one CAN run them in series. Not only is Speedskater correct, but it can aggravate noise and grounding issues too.
  12. A phono stage should not be near the large magnetic flux fields generated by an amplifier. It is just begging for problems, even if you do not hear it straightaway. With line levels, especially balanced signals, this is much less of an issue. These are (as stated) larger tube amps that also have output transformers with magnetic fields that are modulated by the signals. I am sure one could get it to "work", but the question seems to be about functioning optimally.
  13. You never did say if you were using phono or not. If not, I am sure you will be alright.
  14. This post speaks volumes about where you are at psychologically... A dirty Porsche is still going to blow away your glistening Trabant. Moreover, it is unlikely the Porsche owner is giving you a second thought as you vanish in their rear view. FWIW, I drive a diesel truck and have no interest in motorsports.
  15. I agree with this. You could easily have a piece of 10 gauge steel cut to size to go under the amps or under the shelves. Better still might be to purchase a sheet or two of Mu metal and tape it to the underside of the shelf.
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