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  1. Perhaps you haven't noticed, this site is now Audiophile Style, and typically vinyl does have a lot of style to it.
  2. I do not see it as thus. Liking equipment doesn't mean you align towards their technology as much as their implementation. Good gear can be had in both, and the better either SS or tube examples sound, the more they sound alike. This is nothing like vinyl vs digital even though I agree all have some die hards.
  3. 4est

    HQplayer 4

  4. Well, there are other ways to use HQPlayer for local files, but only one way to use Qobuz that I am aware of.
  5. Honestly, the Qobuz>HQPlayer is about the only reason why I use it. I know it has lots of "features", but I don't really need nor use much of them.
  6. AFAIK it is the same as the RasPi.
  7. Whoa... Two 2080ti? What else are you looking to do with a box like that Jud?
  8. This appears to be an integrated amplifier with a built in DAC. If this is the case, you will need to use some sort of digital attenuation or speaker attenuation. I'd recommend the former using high quality software. The above devices would only work on analog inputs. Roon has Tidal integration, or use the Tidal app software to reduce the volume at the digital input.
  9. Oh certainly they are each standalone programs. I just that was what we were discussing.
  10. What is not correct about this? Mine has a bias switch that adjusts from 10w to 25w and it does make a difference in radiated heat and sonics.
  11. Not concurrently? Here I send from Roon to HQP and then off to an NAA.
  12. Are you sure? I don't really know first hand, but I do not quite understand how liquid cooling can be much quieter than air cooling when the liquid is still cooled by fans, plus a water pump. I am sure I am missing something, and would love to be educated. I simply used a big Noctura air cooler in mine. I was under the impression that water cooling was simply better at cooling for over clocking and such.
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