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  1. You are absolutely correct. The only movies that I liked Pacino in were the three “Godfather” movies. After that, he became less and less interesting to me as an actor, and now, as you say, he’s become a caricature of himself.
  2. I bought a third-party Lightening camera adaptor from Amazon. Brand is LAOSUI, $14.99. Takes USB “A”, USB “C”, flash card, and micro SD Card. Works perfectly with iOS 13.X. Of course, we won’t know about iOS 14, until it ships next month. But I have had no issues. I’ve even put music on a flash card, plugged it into this adapter and it plays through the iPhone/iPad perfectly! Of course, I still have an iPhone 6S, so it has a headphone jack (the last one to do so?) as does my iPad 6. $15 is way cheaper than Apple’s $39, and of course this one is more versatile than the Apple adapter as well.
  3. Speaking of Yma Sumac, are you aware that her real name was Amy Camus and she wasn’t an Inca from Peru, but a Jewish girl from Brooklyn NY with a great coloratura soprano voice. I’ve an amusing story about her. About 20 years ago, I was sitting in a local nightclub in Palo Alto CA, recording a local jazz quartet. Between sets, the musicians spoke among themselves. One musician asked another: “What have you been up to lately?” The other responded, “I was recently in a band backing Yma Sumac”. The first asked, “How was she?” The second responded “Old, and fat, and mean!” True sto
  4. Actually the Quintessential “Cheap Fiat” is the Fiat 500 from 1957 - 197x. When it came out, the average Italian could buy this diminutive car for the Lire equivalent of US$250.00.
  5. Very lovely. Of course, this is the era of the Vittorio Jano Alfa Romeos. Starting with the Zagato bodied 6C1750 Of 1927 and ending with the 8C2900 in 1939. PS. I took all of these pictures myself. None are from the Internet. I have more than ten-thousand photographs of cars that I’ve taken over the years.
  6. In the ‘50’s, and well into the ‘70’s, the Italian carozzeria (coach builders) such as PinninFarina, Bertone, Touring, Zagato, Ghia, Vignale (the picture you posted, above, is a Vignale body), etc. made some of the most interesting (not to mention beautiful) car bodies in the world. What happened is that when the world went to unibody construction, there was no longer a chassis that could take custom bodies. This more or less limited the carozzeria’s ability to build custom bodies because they had to fashion a custom unibody structure as well as the custom styling. In the 1960’s, Fiat built th
  7. I have always thought that Picasso was a bit of a charlatan. I’ve often wondered if his work wasn’t a joke perpetrated on the art world on purpose by him. Of course we can but wonder. Because there’s no way to know.
  8. It really doesn’t matter if we are comfortable with this “collective taste“ or not. These decisions are made for us, decisions about greatness, whether it’s art, artists or famous people are made by those who set themselves up as the arbiters of what’s good and what’s not. For instance, our school systems dry clean our national heroes for us almost to the point of canonization. We grow up in the US believing that, for instance, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were gods. Now we find out that Edison was a tireless self-promoter, plagiarist, charlatan and all around unpleasant fellow who passed off
  9. While you are right. Humanity’s collective regard for any art or artist forms the hierarchy that ranks both. That ranking puts Mozart higher than Britany Spears (and most everybody else), so basically we grow up being told that a Bach, a Beethoven, and a Mozart represent the highest attainment of Western culture. - even if personally, many of us don’t appreciate their music and some of us have never heard any of their work, we know the names, and we know that they are considered the pinnacle of our civilization.
  10. Agree. 100%! A little known fact, Fisher-Dieskau has the largest discography of any recording artist in history. The sheer number of albums that guy recorded over his lifetime is truly staggering. Last time I saw the number it was in the hundreds. I wonder how many are still available as CD reissues today?
  11. You are right. This is extremely subjective and it mostly revolves around personal criteria. For instance, I don’t value Britaney Spears or Barry Manilow, or Peter Gabriel, or for that matter, John Lennon, Micheal Jackson or Mick Jagger, as singers because they do not meet my criteria for a vocalist. Sinatra does, Crosby does, William Warfield does, as does Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald, And Dinah Washington (Does anyone here remember Minnie Ripperton, a true coloratura soprano?). But I certainly don’t agree with you that art is universally valueless. Art is probably the only human endeavor tha
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