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Official Qobuz Issues Thread

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16 minutes ago, vortecjr said:

Thanks Chris.


Qobuz recently added DLNA streaming support. Has anyone been able to make this work with the various DLNA devices out in the wild?


I thought you were asking about a forum where Qobuz themselves participate - I couldn't find one.


There is already a thread about this UPnP issue:





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At my end, no luck with ultraRendu, DietPi (running GMRender) and HQPlayer Embedded - all a UPnP endpoints.


mConnect Player and Bubble UPnP and Audirvana with Qobuz login plays to all these devices.


Would prefer the native Qobuz app works direct to these devices though.


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7 hours ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

After the third track on the album playback stopped. 


Excellent. It always helps when the key people can reproduce the issue. 


With such close contact to David, you are now a key person ?


So combining your experience with mine ( it doesn't work with my Rendu's or DietPi running GMrender or HQP Embedded) and combining with others mentioned issues too, it's safe to say the Qobuz native app's UPnP feature is broken and has been since release, even with a few updates along the way.


But yes it's a beta feature and it's re-assuring to read from David that this will all be fixed by the US launch.


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5 hours ago, left channel said:

I don't expect they'll add it to the mobile apps. That would be great though.


Surely they will.


Spotify Connect type functionality is the standard here - cast to endpoints (UPnP and Chromecast for Qobuz) from all devices that support the native app.


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21 minutes ago, left channel said:

In fairness the Tidal cast feature doesn't see my devices either, although I'm clear Tidal only works with Chromecast devices and I have none of those.


Exactly, that's the reason.


21 minutes ago, left channel said:

Maybe that is the plan for the Qobuz mobile apps too? In that case I'm back to my original opinion, kinda sorta: no full DLNA/UPnP support.


If mConnect and Bubble UPnP can work out how to play to UPnP endpoints from mobile apps, I'm sure Qobuz can work it out. Especially since @David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist has said UPnP support will be fixed, I can't imagine it would be difficult for Qobuz to make this feature working for both desktop and mobile apps.


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Just now, AudioDoctor said:


CD quality for both, and the Qobuz 16/44 sounds near indistinguishable from my local files.




Of course it makes no sense if you're streaming the same files over the internet but I don't doubt you. I've heard stranger things myself.


Unless it's not the same files being streamed between the services.


Anyway probably something for a different thread. I've seen this observation before too.

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4 minutes ago, AudioDoctor said:

This file specifically if you want to give it a try.



Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 6.37.03 PM.png


Thanks, will do when I'm on the iMac.


Why does top right say 16/44 and top left says 24/88?


Do you get that with both Tidal and Qobuz streaming of this file?

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3 minutes ago, David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist said:

Make sure you're set up on Qobuz and system preferences to do up to 24/192. And it's conceivable that it could be marked wrong. What track?


Thanks David.

It's the Buddy Guy and Junior Wells track that AudioDoctor posted on previous page.


AudioDoctor is saying CD quality sounds different for Qobuz vs Tidal through Audirvana - not Hi-Res.


You've been at both companies - can you share a possible explanation ?


Are they likely streaming the same CD quality file?


Of course Hi-Res streaming is a different story altogether.


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The only explanation must be you're streaming different actual files, from the servers.


I can't imagine you're hearing the differences of different paths (Qobuz vs Tidal servers), from server to your ears?


Is the difference the same when played bit-perfectly, all DSP off?


I know you said the same DSP applies to both services.


Again, I don't doubt you, I've heard stranger things myself.


David is in the unique position to know if the files are the same or can be different in some cases. But I would understand if he doesn't want to comment on Tidal anymore.


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3 minutes ago, David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist said:

We're working on that now.

We are partnering with Musimap to achieve that feature, similar to Spotify and Deezer's flow.

Timing is harder to predict as it depends on the quality of the Algorithms that will be provided, and how long it can take them to bring it to a quality deemed good enough for a release.

I would say that we aim to have something live in the first half of 2019.


Great stuff David.


Question: any plans for the desktop app to also incorporate someone's locally stored library?


Or will the desktop app only ever be for streaming?


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3 minutes ago, David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist said:

Probably just streaming. But thee will be third party apps that will do this.



Hehe yes I'm already using Roon (and Audirvana)... just wanted to know if this was something Qobuz was interested in too.

The Qobuz native app itself is quite nice on it's own.


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5 hours ago, Miska said:


Ahh, OK, I somehow have got a picture that Qobuz application would have UPnP capabilities. I know BubbleUPnP works with when used with Tidal, so Qobuz will likely work too.



When UPnP output was available in the Qobuz desktop app (beta), I tried to play to HQP Embedded and it never worked.


I sent logs to Qobuz support (cc'ed you in the email also). They never replied though.


Hopefully when UPnP support returns later it does work and I'll try again.


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I'm using the desktop app on Mac for the first time in a while and noticed the beta UPnP playback feature is back for me.


It still doesn't work though.


Playing to my Raspberry Bi running Moode Audio UPnP renderer:

1. mConnect Player works

2. Bubble UPnP works

3. Audirvana works.


Qobuz desktop still not working.


Not a complaint, just feedback since it's still beta.


Anyone managing to get it working with the latest fixes?


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On 11/22/2018 at 10:19 PM, David Craff said:


We have a good idea of what we need to do to make UPnP work on our applications. I hope we can focus on it soon enough. This is not an easy task but I hope we can propose some functional things at the beginning of the year.


Great news. If BubbleUPnP and mConnect can work it out, I am very confident Qobuz engineers can also do it!


Looking forward to it.

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On 11/22/2018 at 5:15 AM, jacobacci said:

Chromecast and gapless seems to be a huge mess. 




Chromecast Audio and 24/96 is a mess too...  It hasn't worked since around July. Google have acknowledged there is an issue too:








@David Craff have Qobuz been in contact with Google about this? If so, can you share if they are even working on a fix?


24/96 streaming to Chromecast Audio from the Qobuz app is not possible - and we don't know if it will ever be fixed.


I've called Google Support and they said they can't comment if a fix will come or not. Very helpful.

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6 minutes ago, David Craff said:

Indeed, recent fixes from Google via the firmware and our Google Cast interface have allowed us to return to a correct functioning.
However, this is not finished,


Hi David, when you say "recent fixes from Google via firmware" does this include the 96kHz Chromecast Audio (TOSlink) dropout issue has been fixed via a firmware update very recently?


Or you've seen the fix for this but it just hasn't been released publicly yet?




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2 minutes ago, David Craff said:


The firmware update is about the issues when playing flac audio at the begining and the end of the track. This problem are only on the video chromecast.


Noted thanks David. Regarding the Chromecast Audio TOSlink dropout issue for 96kHz, has the latest Chromecast "preview" firmware version fixed this, in Qobuz's testing?


So it's just waiting for current product release now?




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Hi @David Craff


If I am on the HiFi CD Quality Qobuz plan, for a 24bit/192kHz album on Qobuz:


1. Am I streaming the CD quality version (16/44) that Qobuz has down-sampled?




2. Am I streaming the CD quality version which the record label has provided to Qobuz?


Or does it depend on album - some albums have been down-sampled by Qobuz and some albums, the label provides the CD quality version?


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