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  1. On my download list, it’s next to the .tar file. I hit .tar first and while waiting, download the artwork.
  2. Another costly addiction: Met Opera On Demand. We’ll just do the free 7 days. Well, let’s extend a month. Another month. Better get the year to save $
  3. I am using Audirvana, too. I run it to Hugo 2 and Beyer T1's. For the iPhone, it is different--on the go. I am thinking of some form of portable streaming device. AK Kann? Kann cube? I had hoped for "2Go" but its been quite a while. I enjoy your blog. Its an excellent resource for me purchasing the downloads. I am grateful.
  4. Agreed. To build a hi res library of purchases, I’m buying at 50% off or better. Im curious as to what others are using to stream Qobuz... ?
  5. With Chord Dac, I was advised to not use software up sampling; let the DAC do its work as the original file is the important element.
  6. I was hoping the two amps was product 1 and the phono was product 2 and the third product was.... ugh.
  7. Thank you. I am hoping for 2Go announcement.
  8. A tad OT We’ve done a year subscription to Digital Concert Hall. Berliner Philharmonic With the great camera work and our KEFs attached to the TV, it’s addicting.
  9. "Ring Without Words"! Last night, I started the book, "My lie with WAGNER" by Christian Thielemann. Fascinating read! I am reading about him as a boy, who could not be further from the norm or expected in life. It is interesting to read one, looking back through the years of maturity, upon himself as a prodigy. He has acute self awareness and in spite of his gifts, humility. I want to understand what Wagner did to him. I want to, even just a bit, experience it for myself. It seems to take a bit more effort than a 3 minute, 3 chord pop so
  10. I’ve been devouring bios of composers. Some were savaged by critics for “poor taste” while the audiences embraced the music.
  11. Isn’t being accused of poor taste a rite of passage compliment?
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