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  1. back up. Another purchase completed. I am going to the poor house.
  2. On my download list, it’s next to the .tar file. I hit .tar first and while waiting, download the artwork.
  3. Another costly addiction: Met Opera On Demand. We’ll just do the free 7 days. Well, let’s extend a month. Another month. Better get the year to save $
  4. I am using Audirvana, too. I run it to Hugo 2 and Beyer T1's. For the iPhone, it is different--on the go. I am thinking of some form of portable streaming device. AK Kann? Kann cube? I had hoped for "2Go" but its been quite a while. I enjoy your blog. Its an excellent resource for me purchasing the downloads. I am grateful.
  5. Agreed. To build a hi res library of purchases, I’m buying at 50% off or better. Im curious as to what others are using to stream Qobuz... ?
  6. With Chord Dac, I was advised to not use software up sampling; let the DAC do its work as the original file is the important element.
  7. I was hoping the two amps was product 1 and the phono was product 2 and the third product was.... ugh.
  8. Thank you. I am hoping for 2Go announcement.
  9. A tad OT We’ve done a year subscription to Digital Concert Hall. Berliner Philharmonic With the great camera work and our KEFs attached to the TV, it’s addicting.
  10. "Ring Without Words"! Last night, I started the book, "My lie with WAGNER" by Christian Thielemann. Fascinating read! I am reading about him as a boy, who could not be further from the norm or expected in life. It is interesting to read one, looking back through the years of maturity, upon himself as a prodigy. He has acute self awareness and in spite of his gifts, humility. I want to understand what Wagner did to him. I want to, even just a bit, experience it for myself. It seems to take a bit more effort than a 3 minute, 3 chord pop song. Just a bit.
  11. I’ve been devouring bios of composers. Some were savaged by critics for “poor taste” while the audiences embraced the music.
  12. Isn’t being accused of poor taste a rite of passage compliment?
  13. I love live recordings. This one is energetic.
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