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  1. Hi There is no feature for duplicate track but you can select multiple track but holding control or command key
  2. Thanks for this feedback, I will create a ticket to fix it. Regards
  3. Hi, this issue will be correct in the next release. Regards
  4. I don't understand what you're saying. You imply that Qobuz doesn't want to collaborate, but you have no idea what Qobuz's problems and desires are.
  5. Hi, Here is the news about your demand. We are in contact with Linn, but no contract has been signed yet. It is under negotiation. Therefore, it doesn't matter if we receive the files, they are not for the moment exploitable without a contract. Regards
  6. Hi, We are not against FOSS, on the contrary. The problem is that in order to work, this software must identify itself on our API. And more often than not, the identification information is not hidden or encrypted and ends up in the hands of hackers. Taking advantage of the information to rip our catalog. We do not yet have a solution adapted to open source software. Regards
  7. Sorry for the late answer. This issue is fix in the last android version. Regards
  8. Hi, Managing meta data for the classic genre is not easy. We need to offer a service and applications that can handle any kind of music. We are making good progress on improving meta data in general. And we know that we will have to approach the classical genre in a different way. That's one thing that's planned. We'll stay true to classical music and try to improve the experience in this genre without forgetting other musical genres.
  9. Hi This is a metadata management issue. The album is associated with the artist you are displaying but as a composer or something else. It is therefore visible in the artist's page. However everything is currently mixed, between official discography, album as composer only etc... A big work is in progress on the improvement of meta data, display rules etc... Regards
  10. Some news: Jay Sean with M3 album is available from the supplier TuneCore. We are in progress to add the TuneCore catalog on Qobuz. Regards
  11. Hi, We are gradually integrating the Worx catalog, which explains why not everyone is yet in the catalog. Regards
  12. Hi, If you made to many connexion error, your IP will be block. Please try to connect on our website http://www.qobuz.com If it's doesn't works, check your password or ask for forgotten password. If it's works try to connect on our Windows Application. If this doesn't works, can you change your internet connexion for another one, like via your mobile, to get another IP. If this doesn't works or you can't do the next step, please sent me by PM, your IP (https://whatismyipaddress.com/) Regards
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