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  1. Hi, You can change the track display in the playlist, to get track, track by album or album cover.
  2. Hi, On the desktop application, when you click on a title (e.g. the title in third position) the playlist will start playing on that title and go to the last track in the playlist. Does this meet your request? Regards
  3. Yes I manage the GoogleCast Receiver. But don't manage the content of the Mobile APP. I can ask the dedicated PM but can't do that every time.
  4. Hi For the moment we plan to remove the avatar and display one or two letter according to the display name (First letter of words) Our algorithm will take all your listening, no matter if you listen from Room, Qobuz or other partners. But this is a new Qobuz concept of track pile. I can't tell you when Partners will add this feature in their app. Sorry I haven't the answer of this question. Maybe @David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist or @dmackta Regards
  5. Hi, I will forward your feedback to the Mobile Product Manager. I can't tell you if this is plan. The display for mobile is not the same as MacOs. Regards
  6. Hi, The scroll position memory is currently rework. This will be available in the next version. Regards
  7. Every Qobuz Apps needs improvement. And we are aware about that.
  8. Hi I don't understand your remark, the web player is not disable Regards
  9. Hi, I don't know if it's a good thing to be able to put such a large amount of tracks in the playlist (6k tracks). Assuming that you are unlikely to listen to the same play queue for several days. Let's take 2 days though, or 2x24 hours. A track is on average 3 minutes long, so 20 tracks for one hour. This gives us: 48 x 20 = 960 tracks We could thus imagine a limit to the play queue of 1000 tracks. And in the case of random playback. Load all the id tracks of your favorites, make a random mix and take only the first 1000 for 2 days of non stop listening.
  10. Hi, Where do you see there is a limit to 5000 tracks or album in favorite. My account has now more than 5k of tracks.
  11. Sorry I have no more information about that. But I think is a limit from older Sonos model. Regards
  12. Hi, HQPlayer give us an update. They are still in progress. No date or estimation for the moment. Regards
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