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  1. Here is a selection of playlists from big Hi-Fi sellers in France : - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/3087957 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2527599 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2535347 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2642109 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/1810672 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/1756626 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/632193 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/1771709 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/1407012 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/1182544 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2349768 - http://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2350748 Enjoy
  2. Hi, This is not yet available for Germany's Store but will arrive. Here come some playlists from the Hi-Fi Audio Partners for US Account. You can listen them but may have some tracks not available : - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/3314272 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/3191147 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2845368 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2693054 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2692987 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2200244 - https://play.qobuz.com/playlist/2317112 Regards
  3. Hi, 1. Can you try to do the same with our Desktop Application and see if there is the same issue ? 2 & 3. I follow this feedback to the Mobile Product Manager but can you try to send some information with the Beta release and Instabug ? Regards
  4. Hi, Lot's of works are in progress for Chromecast device management and to get the Chromecast Certification. I have no date to communicate but the experience will be better when those improvements will be online. Regards
  5. Hi, The Qobuz beta integrate Instabug, so when you have the problem, use the command on the device to make a screenshot. Regards
  6. Hi Can you try with the beta release, available here : https://testflight.apple.com/join/GPJZwnh9 Regards
  7. Try to clear the playqueue then clear the cache of the app and reduce this cache to the minimum size.
  8. Hi, Thanks for this feedback, I send it to our supply chain. Regards
  9. We have an issue with the desktop app about buffer and cache. This must be this one you have. TY
  10. Hi, Thanks for this feedback. Can you tell us with wich application did you have this issue. And did you try with other applications. Regards
  11. We will add ne feature to enable volume leveling with this information but the customer are free to activate or not. And this is only information extract from the audio, we never change the audio file.
  12. Hi, I don't understand why you said we have implemented R128 volume. We only analysed all the tracks in the catalogue to retrieve the gain and peak information, which is necessary to set up the volume leveling. We does not implement any function yet. Regards
  13. Hi, 1. This is a good idea but not very important vs all the thing we have to do before. 2 & 3. We call this the "Full Player" mode. A new design will arrive soon. This one will not display the total duration and other information you request. But we've already thought about them. And that must be available for the two play queue from the small player and the full player. 4. You can remove track with the delete key of your keyboard. And you can select more than one track with "shift" key or "control / command" key. We think it's more useful than display a button for each track. Regards
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