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  1. Qobuz has owned the booklets since the beginning of the service. And in the beginning, the booklets were scanned by Qobuz employees before receiving them from the supplier.
  2. Hi, The booklet depends on the supplier. It's an ongoing war for us to get this booklet and I think it's going to get harder and harder. The CD market is down and this booklet comes with that product. I'm not sure the booklet will exist in a market without physical content. But this is not the end so let's keep getting it :) Regards
  3. Hi, This is true, the issue come from our server. We are in constant communication with Roon, don't worry about it. This problem is being resolved. Regards
  4. Hi, Can you give me some example: release you want to play, what is your account and your account country. I will have a look with my Innuos and with Innuos team. Regards
  5. Hi, I find the reason why this release is not available in the search result. This is link to the Global ID. This release and this one https://open.qobuz.com/album/0886443281714 are the same. So we apply to every same release (same track, same artist and more... a "cluster id") and apply a distinct deduplication feature in the search engine to keep only one of them. Regards
  6. Hi, This will be not in the next release currently on preproduction for test but in the next one after, yes. Regards
  7. Hi Did you try to download on another computer, network etc... ? If not make a try and you can send me you account in private and I will try to download and add this to dropbox or any service where you can download it. Regards
  8. Hi, The rights for the catalog depend of the deal we have with supplier. There is not an identical contract between a provider and a streaming service. Providers as well as artists are free to define the rules of broadcasting their content. I don't have the details for this album. For the Perahia recording. I don't understand what happen. The release match all the filter and query, I see no reason to not display it as result. I will look with the dev team about this issue. Thanks for your feedback. Regards
  9. Hi, For your search "Haydn Leipziger" the release you linked is only available for download. There is no streaming rights so the search engine for application, can't find it. For your search "Mozart Perahia" I can find the release you linked in the search result. Can you give me more information, witch application, your store etc... Regards
  10. Hi, I need to check your issue but can you try to set your Fiio as the default audio output in Windows. Normally, the desktop application chooses the default audio output of the OS when launching. Regards
  11. Hi, Qobuz App and WebPlayer uses the same API for signing. There is no reason you can on one and not the other one. Contact me via pm to find a solution. Regards
  12. I confirm, we are on it. This will take some time as I explained, because we will do that page by page and we need to deal with the roadmap.
  13. Hi, The feature for better connect like Spotify or Tidal is on study. And a better discographie for artist is on develop. The deadline for this last one is for the end of the year. For the scroll memory, this one is also in progress, we have installed the basics and will gradually move all pages to the new management Regards
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