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  1. All countries have differences. All products doesn't come from the same supplier that's why we have differences between store.
  2. Hi, For people who have this issue "very slow W10 Qobuz app". You can contact me by private message. A release test with a fix for this issue, will be available in two weeks. If you want to test this release before production. Regards
  3. Hi It is an identified but specific issue that we cannot easily reproduce on our machines. Our development team is still working on it to find a solution. Regards
  4. I know that some artist page are not clear. So this search can help. And in this search is not focus on the artist but on the query "JAMESDAVID", result can be different thant the artist page. As indicated we are working on a way to browse the catalogue by genre in another way. I think it will meet your needs.
  5. Hi, You are right, this is more selected new releases. It's not possible to display all releases and get a clean discover page. This is a selection. Discover page is more Showcase page for new release. To get all new release is better to use the search engine like that : JAMESDAVIS #newrelease We are working on a way to browse the catalogue by genre. Regards
  6. Hi, Exclusive mode is available on Windows but not on Mac for the Desktop. I will look at this. Regards
  7. Thanks for this feedback, I understand. 1. must be ok 2. not sur but I'll try. This one is essentially a technical problem. 3. Will be available with "My Qobuz" project Regards
  8. Deals are not the same for EU and US country. Issues is not Tidal has it but Qobuz need to negociate with major to get the deals for US. We have this deals for EU so there will be no problem to get it for US.
  9. I will. My bas I did not use the good profil. This release is not yet available for US. Goal is to get same catalog for US and EU.
  10. This album is available : https://open.qobuz.com/album/t4ijcf055nlza I don't know your query but even if I used " Immigrance by Snarkpy Puppy" (mistake on Snarky) I found the release. Regards
  11. Hi, Q1) Playlist are limit to 1000 tracks on Qobuz. Is not possible at the moment to upgrade this limit. Sorry Q2) This feature is in the backlog but not yet available. Regards
  12. When you view an open.qobuz link, the page that appears will search for a Qobuz application installed on the device. If an application is detected, the opening will be done in it. This works more or less well, as application detection is not obvious. If the detection does not work properly you can press the "Read on Qobuz" link. At that time the url will be a url specific to Qobuz applications. When installing an application, it will indicate to the operating systems that it is able to manage this type of url.
  13. Hi, This will arrive soon, we are working on search public playlists & label. Regards
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