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  1. Hi, As I said before, we can't do it before we have secure our audio stream. Regards
  2. For playlist or other track list out of album page, we keep the old display. Title track will be : work + title + version And composer will be add in the same time after the work like this
  3. This supplier The Orchard is not yet sign for US, this is in progress. Regards
  4. David, am a bit confused regarding Qobuz and MQA files. Does Qobuz now support MQA, or, is this something Qobuz is going to support in the future?.

    Thank You for your great support. Love Sublime+.


  5. Hi, you can migrate your French account if you have no active plan on it. Contact our support for that.
  6. Hi, this will be fix asap. We have update API answer. Goal is to get sale display as our online shop. Regards
  7. Email is used as login and you cannot create more than one account with the same login. Regards
  8. Hi Go to another track then click on "..." from the track with the issue and remove it from cache. Then play again.
  9. It's better to relaunch Qobuz app (to clear the navigation cache)
  10. It's very frustrating to take time out of a problem, to finally have that kind of comment. I will now focus on issues directly related to the products I manage.
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