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  1. Ireland is not yet impact by this price change. I can't give you more information about other country. Sorry
  2. Yes this feature is in the backlog but not yet in the roadmap.
  3. Hi For the moment, we only have the volume leveling information for track. All other information need a catalog scan. We does not have the Dynamic Range or the BPM in our back log but we have thinking about them Regards
  4. Hi, Yes this is in the roadmap. We would like to have a bette label page with more feature and information. Regards
  5. 1. remember scroll position when moving between pages This will be done, we're going to review this feature. 2. allow to select tracks across groupings using the shift and control keys This is already available 3. the ability to show all tracks in a release with a single click Can you explain me this feature ? Regards
  6. Hi All our content is now scan for volume leveling. We are in progress to add this information on our API for all partner Regards
  7. The gap for Belgium catalog to France catalog is about 30k release.
  8. Hi It seems that we don't have the rights to this album for Belgium... I'm waiting for the supply chain service to get more information. Regards
  9. Hi, We're here on a special case. When the novelty period is low, usually in the summer or at the end of the year, we complete the novelty section with slightly older albums in order to have some content. But the rest of the year the new releases are fresh. Regards
  10. Hi, All developpement are made from Paris. And be sure there is lot's of communication with our New York desk and Paris desk. I will look at this suggestion with the right team. Regards
  11. This is used by the Qobuz application when you play music with direct connexion audio device, like an usb DAC. This help to have faster answer to play music. When you choose to use network audio device, like Google Cast or DLNA. The cache is not use. The netword audio device call our media servers. There is only communication between the Qobuz Desktop application and the network audio output in order to be informed of changes. The Qobuz application then acts as a remote control for the network audio output.
  12. No the Qobuz app did not do that yet, but must do in the futur.
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