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Waiting for Weiss DAC202 Review

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I will get one for testing the next days from the german distributor (WOD Audio).


Hopefully it will work with one of my desktops or my laptop, so that I could share some findings with you ;-)


As I will not keep it for a very long time, my main goal is to see how it performs with my computer setup(s), how easy the operation is, and how it behaves under "normal daily use".

Audio performance isn't high on my agenda for this (first) try, but I will do my best to get some impressions how it interacts with CD-resolution and "HR" material (up to 192khz/24Bit).


The headphone section will also be evaluated, but "only" with a AKG k 501 (which is my all day companion, and therefore very well known).





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Dear Harald,


It'll be great to hear your comment, Please share with us when you have one.


Dear Chris,


That's more than enough for me to pull the trigger :-)


I will call my local distributor tomorrow.


Anyway, Still waiting for your review.






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... with bated breath. Seems like Chris may be too busy listening to type up a review!



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