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  1. One can not rip DSD 128 (or 256 and beyond) files from SACDs, because the samplingrate used for SACD production is "only" DSD64.
  2. Just stumbled in here - and .... wow! Absolute great work and reading. Thanks so much! I also prefer the SACD version - maybe a bit bass-shy, but this may depend on taste. I also like the remix, especially the surround version.
  3. Thanks for the info. So maybe i should go back and retry the same over here. Would be cool to get this issue fixed.
  4. The exact same album has given me _a lot_ of headaches back in the time I tried extracting the tracks into *.dsdiff or *.dsf files. No matter which version of sacd_extract I tried, and no matter what other features I enabled or disabled (i.e. "edit master"). So I gave up on extracting my isos and started playing back the isos instead. As I am using Foobar2000 as player, and tagging works quite good, I kept it this way (and as I am listening quite a lot to multichannel content as well ...). The only drawback with playing DST packed isos is the heavier cpu load while un
  5. Hi Synfreak,

    Just came across your version of foobar DarkOne skin on a google search and was very impressed on your version,

    I have been using the V3.1 version for a number of years and I have tweeked a few little things with my limited knowledge of jscript. I dont know if you are still using it but I would be much appreciated if you could send me a copy of the Classical display panel that you use (used) see attached photo.





  6. I think that the way it is mixed/recorded is intentional. Try to listen to it - especially the " The Ninth Wave " section from "And Dream of Sheep" onwards - with headphones. It has ... a special feel about it. Thanks to josh for his insights - always a good reminder to pull the album out and give it a serious listen 😉
  7. - Off-topic mode on @hyendaudio: Ahh, Dynaudio Confidence 5? Great Speaker! - Off-topic mode off 😉
  8. I think @CatManDo has meant the BDP-180 instead of the BDP-160.
  9. I've listened to both versions ("International" and "German"), and couldn't find a dropout. Maybe a re-extraction might help?
  10. Haven't encountered this kind of problem either - up to now. Usually the extraction adds a tracknumber and name to the file? I also do own the mentioned discs (the complete set), but haven't ripped/extracted it up to now, as I also have a/the remaster as PCM files.
  11. Hi! First: Usually you should check the "Convert DST to DSD" box, as you usually don't want to have compressed data in your extracted files. As mentioned above, *.dsf files can't contain DST compressed data anyway. As for the tagging: I also use Foobar for tagging - and playing - all of my files (including *.dsf and *.dff). Not every tag editor may be able to handle the tags in *.dsf files, but i.e. "mp3tag" can. But as long as you are using Foobar - and you are fine with its handling - there should/would be no need for an external tag editor.
  12. Yes and no ;-) Not every soft- or hardware player can decode DST compressed data/Files. So, maybe you were lucky and all of your ripped/extracted SACDs haven't had DST compressed data, or your player(-software) still decodes it "on the fly". But that would be somewhat unexpected, as - for what I know - *.dsf files could not contain compressed data.
  13. Just use sonores front-end to extract the tracks to *.dsf or *.dff files: http://www.sonore.us/iso2dsd.html *.dsf files may be the prefered option, as these can contain tags. Don't forget to tick the "convert DST to DSD" box, as a lot of the SACDs out there use compressed (DST) DSD data. But keep your ISOs for future reference (and as backup) ;-)
  14. If you are running the extraction on a Windows machine, you can try the attached batch-scripts. As Ted suggested, it uses an additional switch in the command-line to shorten/change the output file names. You will have to tag and rename the files manually, but ... Just place the ISO you want to extract, a version of the sacd_extract.exe and the batch-files in one folder, and then run the batch-script needed by double-clicking it. Extract DST Multichannel to DSF Files - Long filenames.bat Extract DST Stereo to DSF Files - Long filenames.bat
  15. There were similar problems with other Pentatone SACDs in the past, so most likely you have the same problem here: a. The Meta-Data used on the SACD uses some special characters which can not be processed by SACD_extract - and it crashes. b. The SACD Meta-Data contains some very long file/tracknames whhich can not be handled by Windows - you can try to extract from/to the root of your drive (i.e. "C:/ " - and no subfolders used). There is a batch file for these rare conditions to be used with sacd_extract - you can drop me a PM if you want to try it.
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