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  1. Well, there are other ways to use HQPlayer for local files, but only one way to use Qobuz that I am aware of.
  2. Honestly, the Qobuz>HQPlayer is about the only reason why I use it. I know it has lots of "features", but I don't really need nor use much of them.
  3. AFAIK it is the same as the RasPi.
  4. Whoa... Two 2080ti? What else are you looking to do with a box like that Jud?
  5. This appears to be an integrated amplifier with a built in DAC. If this is the case, you will need to use some sort of digital attenuation or speaker attenuation. I'd recommend the former using high quality software. The above devices would only work on analog inputs. Roon has Tidal integration, or use the Tidal app software to reduce the volume at the digital input.
  6. Oh certainly they are each standalone programs. I just that was what we were discussing.
  7. What is not correct about this? Mine has a bias switch that adjusts from 10w to 25w and it does make a difference in radiated heat and sonics.
  8. Not concurrently? Here I send from Roon to HQP and then off to an NAA.
  9. Are you sure? I don't really know first hand, but I do not quite understand how liquid cooling can be much quieter than air cooling when the liquid is still cooled by fans, plus a water pump. I am sure I am missing something, and would love to be educated. I simply used a big Noctura air cooler in mine. I was under the impression that water cooling was simply better at cooling for over clocking and such.
  10. Well, I am not THAT blind, lol. Thanks Firedog, I just didn't want to purchase one and have it be so slow that I wouldn't use it.
  11. Perhaps this is too basic of a question, but I am looking into purchasing an iPad to use as a Roon remote control. I have been using an iPhone XR for sometime, but it is a bit slow and more importantly the screen is too small for my aging(sigh) eyes. Although I wouldn't mind if it were useful for other things, all I really need is a reasonably good Roon remote control for a 5k+ album library with Qobuz service. There appears to be a lot of options via Newegg in the sub $300 range, which is about all I'd want to spend on a remote control. More than that and I'd consider using a stand alone AIO touchscreen, or simply a touch screen with a longer cable to my server. I have both available but would love something more mobile. Any suggestions on what and where would be appreciated.
  12. I am sorry to say, but did you really expect frank to cough something up after 7k posts of nonsense?
  13. Then Miska's reply above is very applicable. We use his software and feed the highest native rate. In most modern DAC chips there is already a conversion to DSD and so many pursue that over PCM.
  14. Perhaps you should read the original post. HQPlayer is precisely what this thread is about, and by extension the hardware requirements seem on topic. Regardless, it the OP's call.
  15. Of course the EC filters are that awesome. That is why we put up with the expense of the latest CPUs. I also think the other HQPlayer filters were better than Roon. YMMV. Just to reiterate, up thread it was implied that one must have a pricey digital server set up to make use HQPlayer to an advantage. That is simply not true at all by Jussi's design. I'd likely take my old $500 computer with a $500 DSD DAC than what I have heard for $1K in PCM, or perhaps multiples of that. The PCM>PCM upsampling is pretty darn nice too. I can't imagine going back to playing Redbook direct anymore. I upsample everything, typically to the max input rate.
  16. I wouldn't get too hung up on having an uber expensive machine for starters. Even then they last for a long time if you are willing to stay put. Until my recent upgrade I was getting by with a i7 3770k with a 1060 video card. It would play- poly sinc/DSD7 at 512 just fine. The new filters are even better, but I didn't know what I was missing until I upgraded. It sounded great, and one can always upgrade computers as they go. When using an NAA one has already separated the functions and there are plenty of lower cost computers than can serve as an endpoint.
  17. Just because it works does not mean it works well...
  18. Sandyk appears to be in denial that the resampling chip in his DAC does the similar thing as your software, but with simpler and non adjustable filters and modulators. Of course the recording is the limiting factor, but that doesn't negate the fact that your software allows us to fine tune PCM as well as convert to DSD.
  19. That is mostly for PCM>SDM(DSD) on HQP. The PCM upsampling is much less intensive. I make this distinction because many might not want or need the conversion and shouldn't pan it thinking that is it's only use case.
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