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Using iFi iPower 12V With WD Drive

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Does anyone here power their WD drives with anything other than the WD supplied generic wall wart power adapter?


Firstly, are there any merits to doing so?


Secondly do the differences in specifications matter?


My drive specifies 12 Volts, 1.5 Amps, 18 Watts.


The iFi iPower 12 V specifies 12V/1.8A.


From the past I am guessing the higher amperage is OK with other equipment but not sure if it is the same with disk drives. Will it fry the drive and cause data loss with prolonged use?



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I wrote to WD.


They said:


We were advised that we don't recommend to use this power adapter 12v 1.8A in our My Book Studio as this will cause issues on your device.


I am assuming they may not know what they are talking about.

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