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Audio System

Analog Music chain-

                                      Turntable SOTA Sapphire                                                                   

                                      Arm modified Rega RB300

                                      Cartridge Dynavector 10x5 / Grado Platinum Reference

                                      Phono pre MS Phonomena II+                                                                  powered by  Breeze  Audio LPS @24V DC


Digital Music Chain                                       

                                 Uptone Audio EtherRegen switch                                                                 powered by Uptone Audio SMPS

                                   Synology DS214play NAS                                                                            powered by stock SMPS

                                        NUC 8i7BEH running Euphony Stylus  /low power mode                         powered by Uptone Audio JS-2 @ 12V DC   

                                        DDC  Denafrips Iris                                                                                     AC mains

                                        DAC Metrum Octave I                                                                                AC mains



Alternate Digital chain   Oppo 103 player                                                                                        AC mains



                                     Pre Linear Tube Audio Microzotl 2                                                            powered by Uptone Audio JS-2 @ 12V DC 

                                     Amp Musical Concepts modded Hafler DH-200                                        AC mains



                                    Speakers  Magnepan 1.7

                                    Headphones  Audeze LCD-1, Audeze Sine, Grado SR-225, Meze 99 classic



Misc -                                   

Lush 2 USB cable 

AQ Eagle Eye coax

Monster Cable toslink

PS Audio Jewel power cables

Kimber Hero RCA interconnects

Analysis Plus Clear Oval Speaker cables



Equipment I have owned and sold/retired as other gear made my system better

The AR Turntable (1983 version)

Schiit Sys

Bryston B60R integrated amp

Prima Luna Premium integrated amp

Conrad Johnson PV10A pre amp

Schiit multibit Gungnir DAC w/Unison USB

Micro iDSD DAC

PS Audio Dlink III DAC

Adcom GDA 600 DAC

Suoerfarad 3 12V power supply

SoTM SPS500 power supply

HDPlex 200W power supply

Uptone Audio ISO Regen

Kef LS-50 speakers

Kef Reference series Model 103

JBL 100

Magnepan 1B




Note: last updated 3/24/21

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