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Audio System

Analog Music chain-



                                      Turntable      SOTA Sapphire                                                                  

                                      Arm               modified Rega RB300

                                      Cartridge      Dynavector 10x5 / Grado Platinum Reference

                                      Phono           Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+                                                    PS Breeze Audio LPS






Digital Music Chain                                      



                                       Switch                      Uptone Audio EtherRegen                                                             PS Uptone Audio SMPS

                                        NAS                        Synology DS214play                                                                      PS stock SMPS

                                       Server                    MSI PRO Z390-A ATX Motherboard/Intel Core i5-9600K Coffee Lake
                                                                       G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (4 x 8GB)  DDR4 3200
                                                                        FEMTO NVMe  drive
                                                                        Seasonic Gold 600W ATX power supply                                                                                                

                                         DACS                    Denafrips Ares II , Chord Mojo                                                                             



                                      * Euphony configuration: no core isolation, OS run from disk, cache to disk enabled, buffer to RAM disabled

                                         current player preference: Roon with HQPlayer output



Alternate Digital sources

Oppo 103 player                                                                                                 

                                                 Linn Genki HDCD player                                                                                     





                                      Preamp                    Schiit SYS                                                   

                                     Amp                           Musical Concepts modded Hafler DH-200                           






                                    Speakers                    Magnepan 1.7

                                    Headphones               Audeze LCD-1, Audeze Sine, Grado SR-225, Meze 99 classic





Cables -                                  


Lush 2 USB

AQ Eagle Eye coax

Monster Cable toslink

Kimber Hero RCA interconnects

Analysis Plus Clear Oval speaker

PS Audio Jewel power


Equipment I have owned and sold/retired as other gear made my system better




Auralic Aries Mini

Sonore microRendu


Linear Tube Audio Microzotl 2 

Conrad Johnson PV10A preamp

Bryston B60R integrated amp

Prima Luna Premium integrated amp


Metrum Octave I

Schiit multibit Gungnir DAC w/Unison USB

Micro iDSD DAC

PS Audio Dlink III DAC

Adcom GDA 600 DAC


Uptone Audio ISO Regen

Denafrips IRIS


Superfarad 3 12V power supply

SoTM SPS500 power supply

HDPlex 200W power supply



Kef LS-50 speakers

Kef Reference series Model 103

JBL 100

Magnepan 1B






Note: last updated 8/4/21

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