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Audio System

Analog Music chain-

                                      Turntable modified "the AR" turntable                                                                       

                                      Arm modified Rega RB300

                                      Cartridge Dynavector 10x5 / Grado Platinum Reference

                                      Phono pre MS Phonomena II+                                                                  powered by  Breeze  Audio LPS @24V DC

Digital Music Chain                                       

                                   Synology DS214play NAS                                                                       mfr. 12 V DC power supply

                                        NUC 8i7BEH running Euphony Stylus                                                       powered by SuperFarad 3 @12V DC     

                                        Schitt Eitr w/AQ Eagle Eye coax                                                                manufacturers wallwart

                                        DAC Chord Mojo                                                                                        powered by Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 @ 5V DC



Alternate Digital chain   Oppo 103 player  ( to Mojo  )                                                                   AC wall power



                                    Pre Linear Tube Audio Microzotl 2                                                                powered by  Uptone Audio JS-2 @12V DC

                                    Amp currently running off the 1W class A of the MZ2

                                              while I seek an amp to match. Ouch ($$$)

                                    Speakers  Magnepan 1.7

Misc -                                   

Lush 2 USB cable  

Audioquest Eagle eye coax

PS Audio Jewel power cables

IC's-  Wireworld Equinox 7, Kimber Hero

Analysis Plus Clear Oval Speaker cables



Equipment I have owned and sold/retired as other gear made my system better

Sota Sapphire ( on the injured reserve list whilst I contemplate replacing the motor)

Musical concepts modded Hafler DH-200 amp

Bryston B60R integrated amp

Prima Luna Premium integrated amp

Conrad Johnson PV10A pre amp

Schiit multibit Gungnir DAC w/Unison USB

Metrum Octave DAC

Micro iDSD DAC

SoTM SPS500 power supply

HDPlex 200W power supply

Uptone Audio ISO Regen

Kef LS-50 speakers




Note: last updated 12/19/20

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