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  1. @seeteeyou thanks for that. I viewed it before but all the download links no longer work.
  2. @seeteeyou thanks so much. V9 is a 64 Bit version. The others are 32 Bit but I encountered an issue. It will start but then will say SACD Extract has stopped working. I don't think it's the ISO file as it plays in Foobar 2000 with split tracks. Any idea as to how to make it work or to use Foobar 2000 to split it into DSF files? Thanks
  3. @seeteeyou thanks so much. Is V9 a 32 Bit version? Thanks
  4. Hi I have an older Windows PC which used to run the 32 Bit version of ISO2DSD. I have just restored the system and can no longer find the 32 bit version of the app to download. I downloaded Version 10 but that does not work. Would anyone here have and be so kind as to share a link to download the older 32 Bit version? I have moved to a Mac now and have the current Mac OS version on that but encountered an error: "illegal byte sequence" and extraction fails when using it to convert an ISO image file to DSF. I suspect this may be becaus
  5. By the way, does anyone use the Lush 2 as a USB regeneration link? If so, does the length matter or is it still the shorter the better? I ask because I preferred using it with another USB cable rather than the USPCB connector or USB connector. It just sounds better.
  6. @TheAttorney thanks for your feedback. The reason I asked was because I liked TANF on the Lush 2 with my streamer to DAC and wanted to replicate the same or something similar on Blaxius 2D. I guess the CD transport on SPDIF coaxial has somewhat different sound characteristics which may have led what you perceived to be close enough to TANF on the Lush 2 to have a little too much of a bass bloat in the context of my setup. Thanks for the detailed listing of different configurations. I will try them out. By the way, what cables did you
  7. @TheAttorney if the white wire is always connected, then can't you replicate TANF on Blaxius 2D as: A:[W]Y B:[W]YR Since on the Lush 2 it is: A:W-Y B:WYR unless I am misunderstanding the notation. I tried [W]BY [W]BY but it was too boomy in the bass and fat sounding. Is there something else you can suggest for Blaxius 2D ? Thanks
  8. @TheAttorney I was also reading your earlier post and mistook TANF for Blaxius 2D as [W]BY [W]BY . I guess it should be A:[W]Y B:[W]YR . Did you not like TANF on the Blaxius 2D ? I am not using Blaxius 2D from Chord Scaler to DAC but instead from CD transport to DAC. Thanks
  9. Here is more of Alex's "transparency" posted on another board. At least the poster had the consideration to redact and block out personal details from the emails unlike others. "Sooo, not to get into he said she said here but I had a very similar experience with uptone audio. I on the other hand purchased all new direct from Alex products. This is my experience without bogging down into great detail. 1- several times my purchase was delayed even though product was paid. This happened on more than one occasion and occurred for two products I purchased. 2- I two had an iso regen f
  10. Here are the photos you did not include which clearly show the damage. That is more than a "little bit of silver" showing - they are pretty stripped. I do not own a hex/Allen key nor a Torx bit - wrong sized or otherwise and have not attempted to open the unit. I am guessing the previous owner of the used unit you sent me must have. Alternatively, Uptone must have used these implements when assembling the unit thereby causing and knowing what caused the damage. This is a link to the video documenting the rattling noise: LPS 1.2.MOV There is no need t
  11. As usual - all marketing hyperbole and talk. While the Uptone items I have were not directly purchased from Uptone, Uptone offers a transferable warranty which you are contractually obliged to honour. So what you are touting as exemplary customer service by attending to a failed unit is simply fulfilling a contractual obligation and no more. While I am unaware of the provenance of the original LPS 1 I sent for repair, it was sold to me with the OEM Meanwell power supply that Uptone provides and has always been used as such. Any overdriving would have arisen from a power
  12. Just a cautionary note for anyone wishing to purchase anything from Uptone Audio. Over the past 3 or so years I have owned an ISO Regen, two LPS 1's and two LPS 1.2's. When they work they are OK. However, when they do not, you cannot really count on any meaningful support from Uptone Audio - under warranty or not - and even more so if you are not in the US. One of my LPS 1's failed during the warranty period after less than a year of use. It would not output anything. I contacted Alex Crespi of Uptone who arranged for a replacement. I shipped the faulty LPS 1 back (costly). I received a rep
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