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iPod help!


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Do not know where to turn and many CA members are hugely tech proficient, unlike yours truly.


Have an old 64GB iPod, it was a promotional gift at a conference many years ago. Loaded up some CDs to an iTunes library on a old HP laptop, that has long since been toasted, that I used to feed the iPod. Haven't connected the iPod to a computer in 6+ years. Use it at the gym and in the car on long trips.


Have since joined the CA team, loaded up all CDs to an HD (@ 1.6 TB in full resolution CD files, only a couple of dozen HD Tracks hi rez files) using iTunes to rip and store. Would like to add some new stuff to the iPod and am afraid to just hook the iPod to the dedicated music Mini because: a) not sure how iTunes of 8 years ago on the iPod will react to the new iTunes version on the Mini; b) afraid I'll do something that will mess up all the files on the HD and/or this already on the iPod; and c) all the music on the HD is full resolution, not mp3, and more mp3 files will fit on iPod, so I have a conversion issue/task to figure out.


Have a MacBook, which has no music at present on it. So, I could potentially offload music from Mini/HD to MacBook, perhaps it can convert to mp3 as it is downloaded then hook up the iPod to the MacBook?


I'd be thankful to anyone whose iOS, iTunes and file conversion skills could help me come up with an efficient way to get more tunes on the old iPod.

Tone with Soul

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Starting at the end, iTunes has an option to apply AAC (similar to mp3) lossy compression on the fly, so it should be able to cram new music onto the iPod. Also select "manually manage" the music library, and it should play nice. It might want to do a software update on the iPod, buy you probably even would have the option of declining that. It should be safe.

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The iPod should work just fine on even the latest iTunes. Just connect it and see what happens, nothing much can go wrong, seriously.


iTunes automatically converts to AAC (apples version of MP3) if you want it to (there is an option in iTunes to convert on the fly)

but you can easily sync music in full redbook format as well. Just nothing above 44khz sampling rate, those will simply not play on the iPod.


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I think there is an option to copy the music from the iPod to the computer, which would probably be a good thing to do. Safe thing to do anyway. ;)


But I agree with everyone else, I don't think you will have much trouble. :)



Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat DAC.

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