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  1. https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-the-brothers-live-from-madison-square-garden-new-york-ny-03-10-2020-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/24300.html Jaimoe, last performing original member of the ABB asked the guys who have been members over the years to get together. They agreed and performed at MSG just before the City shut down. The Nugs.net guys, who I believe were formerly known as livedownloads.com have posted the entire show in multiple formats that should attract my fellow CA/AS members, PCM HD, DSD, MQA...they also live streamed the show on March 10th and then pay per viewed it this past weekend, and I believe that they may continue to offer it on that basis. Watched the concert on Sunday and because the quality of the filming was great, confirmed that I had been playing a dozen of their tunes with the correct chord inversions and learned a couple of new ones to boot. My wife, who has to deal with my guitar obsession, stopped to take a look. She is a big fan of Derek Truck's band with his wife Susan, TTB, and she was mesmerized by the filming. I have purchased first couple of row seat to TTB shows here in FL, but this was like being on stage. Downloaded the PCM HD and it sounds great. As for the important part, the music, Warren's vocals and playing are soulful, Derek just smokes on slide (he gets better and better), Chuck Leavell cameos on piano with style, Oteil swings hard with the rhythm section and Derek's kid brother Duane Trucks on drums, covering for his late uncle. Together they jelled and cooked for 3 hours pushing some of the songs in great directions, like the Dreams and Mountain Jam extended improvisations. For me, best ABB performance since the one captured at the Fillmore East...which is a reference performance and recording of historical importance. Dig it!
  2. 57gold

    HQ Player

    The Twenty.One is described in detail in your well presented article/video, but the Twenty - high powered server isn't described, which what does the HQ Player work, right? What are the specs/components in that optimized, state of the art unit? Would be interesting to learn how the CAPS 20 two part compares sonically to the SGM Extreme, an HQ Player machine with no expenses spared.
  3. Using stuff that I already had: 1) an old Shunyata cable with the magic dust did very good things for a Theta Gen Va I used to have; and 2) a Versalab Wood Block power line filter, to get good results isolating the Quad Core Mac Mini from the rest of the system. Believe these products were designed to filter incoming noise, but guessing it's a two way street. Smoother sound with more depth and detail. Good stuff. For airborne noise, have to resort to a "Signs" Joaquin Phoenix-style foil hat I guess until graduation to a two computer solution, motivated by HQPlayer's increased capabilities and features.
  4. Will the CAPS connect to a DAC with a D to D, or will all the efforts to handle the signal received from the heavy duty computer make one of those unnecessary?
  5. OK, amongst serious CA folks with tech savvy, so excuse the continued silliness one my part, but, if the 20.1 is just handling already upsampled data from a heavy duty computer (which is doing the serious lifting), why the big heavy, mostly empty box, with heat sinking and oversized or super duper power supplies, not in the big box, to run relatively light weight stuff? Just an exercise of the possible...belts, suspenders and gaffers tape, because one can?
  6. So the CAPS Twenty is in the works with the new i9-10900K?
  7. Which one is that? Didn't see a description in the article nor in the video.
  8. So, what is the high powered computer you would use to send this guy music from if this guy is just a player like a Rendu?
  9. OK, watched the cool video and read the text and wonder what does the HQ Player up conversion with the new filters/modulators at high rates like DSD256+? The cute little computer that sounds like a new Starbucks drink doesn't have the horsepower to handle that task. Also, why does the JCAT USB unit have such a big heatsink? What does it do? Given the huge size of the cool looking case, thought it was going to have a high octane CPU and GPU like the stuff talked about on the HQPlayer thread when folks are looking to get to the highest performance levels. As usual, I'm lost.
  10. Yes, a little strong perhaps on the word or abbreviation choice, perhaps. Apologies to those whom I may have offended. The guy in the office thing is an observation related to the irony of investing in great music reproduction tools and not actually being a music enthusiast. Music reproduction gear without the music brings....pride of ownership? Seems odd, but different strokes. Have a second hobby, playing guitar, and see the same equipment fixation with folks obsessing over vintage guitars/amps, NOS tubes, scores of effects pedals, boutique builders of the above...and then many demo their stuff with a video and they can't play nor know how to use the tools they acquired because what little they can play sounds off. Seems unbalanced or misguided; perhaps the obsessive energy ought to be spent on learning how to play? Yes, but different strokes.
  11. Getting back to my observation. The Terminator DAC is $4,300 and if it needs another $2k box to "fix" its USB input, it's mis-engineered/broken from the outset. Have learned a bunch of great and useful stuff from this community, like how to get a MAC to play music on a great vintage CD player with SPDIF input. Posted the first observation that a studio equipment company was launching a home audio DAC, the Mytek DSD192, which I enjoyed for years. Also learned about and employed software players like PM, A+ and HQP to great and positive effect, which I leaned about here and am grateful. And as Barrows and Jussi point out, a dedicated music server with no "distractions" and enough computational power is an optimal path to significantly better music. Perhaps this is my next music listening mission, to the extent somebody comes up with something that can quietly handle HQP at a high level without costing as much as an SUV. All that said, the "gizmo centric", D to D boxes, re-clockers, USB filter/cleaners, cable paranoia, Pis (though I still do not know what they do even after reading a two part review)...BS that has taken over CA/AS is pretty silly for a serious music lover. It seems to be the stuff of the "audiophile" guy in my office who spent huge $s on his system (Spectral, MIT...) and stumbled when asked, "what's you new favorite album?" He couldn't talk about the musical performances, the song writing, why it moved him, only the recording quality of some audiophile samplers of third rate music. He said, "he liked to listen to the equipment." Different strokes.
  12. With respect to DAC design, I was hoping that this was the case, that some folks figured it out and particularly those producing $2K+ DACs. But you post above also suggests that one needs to use a good USB source...which for this piker, who doesn't understand what most of the people posting on this forum about things like convolution, end points, boxes called Pis, USB reclockers for $3K...a Mac Mini USB out, is that a USB source? Or is this where some of the gadget boxes come in?
  13. Why isn't the stuff in the D to D converter engineered into a DAC? Using Berkeley as an example, seems to me that a $5K+ DAC should handle in incoming signal without needing conversion with a $2K box and additional cables. Why does the clocking mechanism in the DAC not do the job the an external reclocker does? Do the designers of DACs "forget" as step and need a fix for their products? Understood the utility of a D to D converter when I hooked a computer to a Wadia 861, it had no USB in and the Mac had no SPDIF out. Wavelength and then an Audiophilleo2 did that job nicely.
  14. I have requested custom drivers, or firmware that would support DSD512 as the ESS chips support it, and then be able to play DSD256 DOP...Mytek's response was that they had no plans to do either as it these features were not of interest to the majority of their customers. Miska, of HQPlayer fame, once indicated that such drivers were not a heavy lift...so I'm a bit confused why they have not been provided.
  15. Signed up for free trial of HD version as a Prime member. Been streaming on my iPhone with wireless earbuds, $35 from Amazon, big selection. Tried it this weekend, my wife and daughters dig Elton John and I have only two CDs ripped, the live one from 1971 which rocks and YBR. So I selected his first album and Tumbleweed, both idefified as Deluxe Edition and played them on my WiFi connected Mini, which is 6 feet (through a plaster board wall) from a new Netgear hub and Speedtest shows I'm getting 100mbps over WiFi. Mytek B+ displayed that it was playing a HD 24/192 file...but it sounded crappy, kind of harsh??? So, do I need to drill a hole in the wall and connect the Mini to the router with an ethernet cable to get decent sound?
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