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  1. Heard the shout, but ignoring the message. Sold my preamp more than a decade ago, a two box unit with ten 6922s and two 6U8As, all NOS matched Siemens 6922s, after plugging the Wadia 861i with balanced interconnects into the DNA-500 and hearing more of the recording, no loss in dynamics or swing...good riddance to a $5K box, happy to get 75% of my $s back when sold. Currently, Mytek Brooklyn + is used as intended to great effect. Stout output capabilities to drive amp, high quality analog volume control. IMO, the world has gone CA and any DAC produced without a well-e
  2. "LKV Research founder Bill Hutchins uses Purifi Audio's 1ET400A class-D power amplifier modules" clipped from review.
  3. Wonder why Mytek, Benchmark and others do not support DSD512 whilst their Sabre chips have this capability?
  4. That's what the LKV one I linked above utilizes, the reviewer was smitten. Can't be a big magazine advertiser based upon the size of the company. Here is what the pointed out on its site: Transformers: Three separate toroidal power transformers are employed in the PWR+: (a) One large 1KV transformer weighing over 12 pounds supplies high current for the Class D output stage. (b) A second serves as a floating, +15 volt supply for the driver circuitry in the Purifi module. (c) A third feeds the power supply for the LKV Class A input/gain/driver stages. High Current Suppl
  5. Have read that the stock input buffer is a weak link, on the VTV and other builders like Nord or Apollon, which offer several upgrade options. Additionally, the VTV is value oriented versus some of the other builders that have spent more efforts on layout, wiring choices, parts upgrades, and power supply enhancements. This one even uses what appears to be LPS (3 toroids) to drive input and output of amp, if I understand this correctly ($10K, hardly a bargain): https://www.stereophile.com/content/lkv-veros-pwr-power-amplifier Run Aerial 10Ts, which are power/cu
  6. The measurements in the ASR review are pretty strong, best they ever measured. https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/okto-dac8-stereo-dac-review.14705/
  7. I'd be looking at this one in the $1K range. Lots of ins and outs, can tailor output voltage to drive various amps (no preamp required), can have wifi and ethernet connections for streaming and one of the lowest distortion levels and flat frequency responses ever measured by guys who do that. https://www.oktoresearch.com/dac8stereo.htm https://www.audio “science” review/forum/index.php?threads/okto-dac8-stereo-dac-review.14705/ Stereophile just did a brief review of the 8 channel version, which I wouldn't know what to do with, but the stereo/2 channel one i
  8. Mentioned in another post that I find it odd that Schitt guys, who kind of invented the DAC with a built in Pre, the Theta DSPre, which apparently was less popular that the Pre less version because back in the 1990s many folks messed with vinyl and like me had fancy-assed pre amps. Enjoyed my Gen Va with ATT glass connecting to one of their transports, prior to the Wadia, which made me a direct to amp convert.
  9. Love the sound of how this DAC sounds. Ditched my two box, 8 Siemens 6922 pre amp more than a decade ago when I hooked up a Wadia 861i to my amp, since then been using Mytek DACs with variable outputs. Any chance of a Denafrips model with built in attenuator to catch up with folks who have gone 100% digital and have no need for switching an extra circuitry of a preamp?
  10. Am not the sharpest knife in the CA drawer, but not sure what this product does? What and why will it make music sound better?
  11. Thanks guys. Just updated the app on my Mini and switched on Exclusive Mode, maybe noticed a slight improvement...could be self delusion. Noticed there is an option to "levelize" volume between tracks, which of course I did not toggle.
  12. OK, so how "imperfect" are they with no digital attenuation in terms of signal/data degradation? Are they taking a CD or better signal and converting it to MP3 compressed quality? Or something better but not 100% of the original file quality? Seems dumb for Amazon to advertise HD and then not deliver it, especially when they charge extra for it and it's not like they do not have the resources to develop an app that delivers as advertised.
  13. OK, may be a dumb question...but if the shoe fits! So, if I stream from Amazon HD on my Mini with both the app volume and iTunes volume maxed, and then use the analog attenuator on the B+ to modulate volume, do I have bit perfect play back from Amazon HD?
  14. Guess I don't understand sample rate versus bit perfect. Par for the course for me as I miss 80% of the tech talking here. I use a Mac so where does Amazon app "send it" to get altered, iTunes? FWIW, the Amazon HD files sound better than MP3s, made the mistake of assuming that iTunes sold CD quality downloads years ago and bought an album (Gregg Allman's) and it sounded miserable.
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