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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Live4LiveMusic/videos/205671110531833/ BANDEMIC - Jam with Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Murphy (guessing Wood couldn't travel) in front of the stay at home order. John, the old guy of the band, wears a mask and wrote a song about it. Pretty nice playing. Jesse Murphy, a NYC based session player, has worked with scores of jazz and pop artists, played on Sco's Uberjam album, and gives a real nice groove to the tunes.
  2. plissken - Thanks. Downloaded just the audio track, dumped it in iTunes and it sounds pretty nice on PM. Not sure if the recording attached to YT is the same quality as one playable on FB...don't know how that stuff works.
  3. Some great jammin' by real players. Got together before they couldn't. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i63c3Wg5CEs
  4. Really this performance. Would buy a download, if available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i63c3Wg5CEs Anybody know how to extract an audio file from these sources. Alternatively, tried to play Youtube performance on my dedicated Mac Mini server so output would stream to my Mytek B+, tried switching Sound Preference from Internal Speaker to B+, but it doesn't work?
  5. Thanks, RHS. Looked at the Mojave link and it is scary, sure to pooch all that Terminal stuff. I am a computer knucklehead, never written a line of code, only "computer class" I have taken was a mandatory project at Columbia B school with cards, those paper things with holes punched in them...why I favor Mac, because it just seems to work, mostly. Lost my tech advisor when my son left for college and now lives in TX. Guess I'll stay with old versions. Not having issues with HQP nor PM and Integer Mode works on A+...
  6. AudioDoc - Where do I find the hack? Looked here and found a Dropbox folder that was not functioning Thanks.
  7. I thought the new OS does away with iTunes? How would that effect my library of files that I use iTunes to manage? Thanks AudioDoc and Kirk for your assistance.
  8. Not sure why I can't edit my post? Was on a torturously long conference call when I type it and misstated my question: Should I, and to which version. Assumes I can still upload older Mac OSs.
  9. Been running a 2012 Mini Quad Core as dedicated music computer, headless using Screen Sharing. Have HQPlayer, A+ and Pure Music on it. Tried to update HQPlayer 3 and got a message that my OS, EL Capitan, was too old and that I needed High Sierra to be able to update. Music files are on an outboard HD, about 2.3 GB of them organized by iTunes. Since nothing was broke, and music played fine, I did not update OS. Should and and to which version? Have read on these pages that valuable features of A+ and possibly others can be messed with depending upon OS used. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for this review. Wondered on these pages why there were no reviews of this and other high value/high feature DACs like this and Topping and Yulong... Unless I missed it, no mention on how this sounds with CA approved software like HQ Player or A+ taking advantage of this unit's ability to play DSD256+ up converted files like I do every day on my Mytek B+? My experience is that these software players take the performance of the B+ to a much higher level. Comparing the Schitt unit at its top resolution versus the XSP at its top available resolution would be a more realistic display of how it would be best employed by a CA member. As a 100% CA music player, I have sold my 8 tube pre amp (expensive attenuator) and run my power amp from my B+ DAC straight up. Some comparison of the XSP in preamp mode versus a B+ or other product like the RME would also be informative for those of us who believe that pre amps are boat anchors if you are 100% CA.
  11. 57gold

    HQ Player

    Thought ALAC HD was some kind oƒ hi def AIFF file. Tried to convert using XLD but it looks like XLD doesn't do ALAC either. Could have downloaded a FLAC version of same show, but since my entire library is AIFF... Any ideas on how to convert ALAC to AIFF or FLAC?
  12. 57gold

    HQ Player

    Downloaded an album off Nugs of Gov't Mule 12-31-19 show in ALAC-HD and it won't play on HQ Player. Shows up in iTunes. So what did I do wrong? Other Nugs downloads work fine.
  13. Check out these cables. Big sonic upgrade versus the stock Keces cable: http://www.ghentaudio.com/part/list-dc.html Seems like there are more options in terms of cable manufacturers, believe mine was Canare wire and Oyaide plugs. Looks like tehre some beefier/lower gauge wires now available.
  14. AV - So if I tried a full or high def streaming service over wifi, I'd get stuttering and dropouts or other forms of distortion? Have 2,400 CDs ripped to HD - Jazz, Blues, Rock...so I have plenty to listen to. Not enough time is my problem.
  15. I'm pretty sure some will say this a dumbass question, but if the shoe fits, you got to wear it. I think I'm streaming audio using my B+ and Mac Mini with Amazon Prime, only the 2 million free tunes, not paying for the 50 million tunes. Realize that it's not CD quality but like mp3. Connect to internet by wifi. It works and sounds decent, use it to learn tunes to prepared for a gig or jazz lesson. So, why do I need another piece of gear to stream, say a Rendu or a Bridge? Guessing I could hook up Mini by ethernet to wifi router for more bandwidth...but I'm not getting skips or dropouts, at least with what Amazon sends me. I have a huge aversion to more boxes...no preamp, do have a LPS for B+ and amp. Have resisted audiophile angst related to Regens, Eitrs, iFi USB gizmos...Spend plenty of hard earned dough on guitar gear, but am even lightening the load in that regard, with 3 primo vintage guitars for sale and using only a very small board with smaller tube amps.
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