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  1. Download 50 albums of AIFF files to a flash drive to download to the HD in my new X5 and nothing happened, except one of the files, a Rolling Stones live show from 1972 was actually an MP3, and that one was available for download. Nice folks at BMW do not provide an owners manual for the entertainment features of the auto, unless you ask for it, and in that mysterious document, it apparently identifies MP3s as the only acceptable music file format. Tried hooking up my old iPod, which plays through the car but no provision for downloads from an iPod have been made. Looking for conversion program that will do the job. Realize I can set up another iTunes library and use iTunes to compress the files, but that is not particularly efficient as I will not use the iTunes MP3 library for anything else. I tried an online converter, but after 5 minutes of trying to convert one album, I closed out of that. Anyone found good software for this process? My 2017 X5 had a CD drive and I just downloaded new CDs as I received them to the cars HD. No CD drive in the 2019 2020 X5s. Thanks.
  2. FWIW - Bargain priced to me is relative. $1,300 versus $4,400 qualifies as a relative bargain. DAC in question operates with 2 high end DAC chips that show up in $3-5K DACs, with only one of the chips. Wondered if lower priced units included good digital parts but fall short on analog outs, which member motberg seems to believe due to lack of dynamics of the bargain unit he checked out.
  3. Yup...I guess they all are ESS chip-based life forms. As are Sabaj, SMSL, Gustard... Other non ESS based ones aspiring to the bargain bin section of the DAC world?
  4. Seems like there are a bunch of newly introduced potentially high value DACs. Or maybe they are just low cost with impressive parts and test results but fall short on sonics? Would be cool to have one of the experienced reviewers run a handful of these units through their systems and ears comparing them to some more well-known AS endorsed units, say a Brooklyn or an Yggie or an Ayre...
  5. Nice design and features. Wonder how it sounds?
  6. Kind of odd that no one who has heard one of these good measuring DACs (Matrix, Topping...) has posted their opinion of how they sound versus some of CA's standbys like a Mytek, Exasound, Schitt, Ayre, Chord, Auralic...maybe they are scarce?
  7. Had to search TIM. TIM = Transient Intermodulation Distortion? Is that distortion with moving multiple signal frequencies as opposed to a measurement at fixed frequency?
  8. Friends of mine who like music but do not have the budget or a desire to spend $2k+ on a DAC have asked how to get good sound. Some of these $500 area options that seem to come from China (tariffs might make them $600?), seem to be a decent option if they sound as good as they test. Noticed Amir tested a $15K TotalDac against a $500 one and the cheap one beat the expensive one handily in every parameter he measured...though not sure if the magnitude of the delta means anything to human hearing nor do I know that what he is measuring is all the "important stuff". Seems like a lot of "trickle down" engineering happening.
  9. Anybody listen to one of these. The fellow at Audio Science Review who claims to have tested 150+ DACs reports this unit has the best performance specs of any he has tested. Since I do not understand all the charts and graphs on his forum, he could be fooling me. But the fellow seems seriously committed to his tests and whilst this DAC is @$2K, but he also recommends DACs as testing extremely well like one called a Sabaj D5 DAC, which uses top drawer parts with broad capabilities in terms of file resolution and connectivity for @$500. Any experience with these units? Happy with my Brooklyn +...but would have been happier if it cost $500 and could do DSD1024...which might mean I could use my Mini and HQPlayer to get to DSD256, for example.
  10. Not an audiophile. A musician since 1975 when I joined the union. Ted, one of the moderators here, recommended the Granite Audio cable. I believed the specs that up to 15 ft would be cool. Sounded like crap.
  11. Purchased a 3 meter Granite Audio USB to hook up quad core Mini and Mytek DSD192 and it had a very detrimental effect on sonics. It worked, as in music played but sounded bad (messed with cymbals, other percussion...) versus a 1 meter cable. Returned the 3 meter.
  12. AN option to consider, one of these and some nice passive monitors: https://www.psaudio.com/products/sprout100-integrated-amplifier/ PS Audio does DACs and its power amps are said to be strong, all in one package that is well reviewed.
  13. You'd think I woulda tried that. I followed jimdukey's recommendation and moved slider to linear from 75% (must have seem somebody here recommend that value?), and seems to have removed the harshness I was feeling. Thanks.
  14. Been enjoying A+ 3.5.15 but notice some upper midrange harshness in certain recordings and wonder if I have the SOX parameters optimized. Kinda odd that some recordings sound startling clear and dynamic and others overly aggressive. As a longtime CA member, also have HQPlayer and PM, all cool stuff, and the aggressiveness of the problematic recordings is kept in check by th settings I use with them. CA system - a Mac Mini AQ Coffee USB directly to a Mytek B+ with Keces DC -116 LPS powering it balanced outs to a McCormack DNA -500. Appreciate any suggestions regarding SOX parameters. Thanks. Thought I was a member of CA...missed the name change. Stylin'...
  15. 57gold

    HQ Player

    Cucumber and Another - Thanks for the input. Have appreciated HQP's innovation, and in fact just recommended it on a guitar forum that has a conversation sub forum on personal audio systems. Not unwilling to support progress, but if the progress is stuff that I'll never use...as Pete in "Oh Brother Where Art Though" says with enthusiasm, "that don't make no sense!" For my part, I need a CA (or more accurately, a computer tech) for dummies lesson as I do not understand what a NAA is nor what an image is in this context. Have a decent 2 core Mac Mini I do not use as the quad core took over audio duties, but not sure what " try Miska's Linux image" means never mind how to do such a thing. From my perusal of these pages, I'm guessing that having one computer do the calcs and another (that isn't sweating hard, generating noise and stuff) send the files to the DAC sound better, but seems like overkill unless its easy. I screen share to a dedicated Mac mini now and have enough issues making screen sharing work (every time there is an OS update stuff gets boogered), so having two Macs to mess with seems like a big PITB. Interested in better sounding music and if there is a simple way to get there, foolproof for knuckleheads like me, I'd be in. Thanks again guys and Jussi for sharing his genius.
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