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  1. Palladino + Mills - Interesting stuff that Pino had in his back pocket over years, not like all the pop, funk and rock he has appeared on. New album "Notes with Attachments". Sounds like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-V77_moZYw
  2. HQPlayer works fine with ESS DACs. Believe that Mytek, Benchmark, Wyred4Sound, Exasound, Okto and many others use these chips and all work with Jussi's software.
  3. Get the Okto8 Stereo. DAC PreAmp and streamer in one box. Check out reviews on Stereophile and ASR. Need to cough up 3 to 4 times more to get better performance. No need for expensive USB cables... Made next door in Czech Republic.
  4. 57gold

    HQ Player

    A public thank you to Jussi. Via a series of emails, was able to get HQP4 Desktop and Client to work on my 2012 Mac Mini and to route Amazon HD to HQP4 with BlackHole. Can't be easy for a tech guru to deal with a guy like me who didn't know how to: a) locate files using go to in Finder, b)had never seen MIDI Device Settings until today...particularly with my long time tech advisor (my son who grew up with a school required laptop since 3rd grade) living 900+ miles away in TX. I very much appreciate his patience and kind assistance. Still missing 1/2 the album art, w
  5. 57gold

    HQ Player

    Two "dumbass" questions for an early adopter of HQP, but a late adopter of version 4, as in today: 1) Understood that one could use V4 to play streaming sourced flies to get benefits of HQP magic. Have Amazon HD app on Mac Mini but how do I "hook it up" so I can play Amazon HD streams using HQP? 2) Lots of new filters and other choice to make in setting that didn't exist on V3. Using a Brooklyn+ fed by USB from a quad core Mac Mini, so what have folks liked in terms of set up? Realize that it is personal and all, but since I have no idea what all this filtering, dith
  6. Saw this one announced: https://orchardaudio.com/shop/ols/products/strkrmsn-str-ltr Certainly not a fancy case, but pretty powerful and not very expensive.
  7. See below a quote from my earlier post, hardly someone who doesn't appreciate his talents, just thought the WMGGW outro solo was a musically light performance enrobed in the Price show. One of best concerts I have ever attended was Prince's stop at the Hollywood FL Hard Rock a few nights before his 2007 Super Bowl performance. His band was super tight, made up of supremely talented players/singers and he was on fire. Left the show a Prince believer; had purchased his some of his albums that to me featured great songs though were hampered by overdone arrangements/production and le
  8. Anyone posting here about spinning vinyl is in the wrong place.
  9. Yes, he nailed it. It being the Prince show. Explanation: Answered the question Chris asked, "why was the solo musically light". My description is accurate. What Clapton played on his friend's song in 1968 was groundbreaking playing and sonics. Prince's performance at the 2016 RR HOF was a pentatonic shred, well delivered and executed. Something folks have been doing for the last 50 years, well since Jimi and EC and... Exit stage before everyone else and guitar disappears into the heavens.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz-q8n8sfKo Another tune from album. Kept waiting for Derek to take off, but he stepped back for Doyle and Trey. Love seeing Doyle with a Collings I-35. Trey needs to woodshed on the blues some more, IMO.
  11. NY's "Old Black" is a 1953 GT, added Bigsby and tuneamatic, Firebird pick up in bridge with chromed covers, pick guard painted black when he got it in trade from Jim Messina in 1968. His main instrument on stage today, still. Larry Crag to us that NY bought up a dozen or so 1953 and 1954 GTs to find back ups, didn't like the 1954s as much (maybe a neck angle thing as they changed neck angles during this period). Keeps a couple of 1953s as back ups. I have gigged all the other old ones, the Strats, 1959 335, 345, 355 and 64 335...but the GT is just kinda too clean.
  12. The GT was owned by well-regarded dealer Gil Southworth, who said it was the cleanest he had ever seen back in 1992 or so. He sent the picture for the book. It had been traded to a NYC dealer with a Jaguar automobile for a Burst. Bought it from that dealer. Have only played it out several of times over the years, when I have had control over venue conditions. Recorded some tracks for folks on their projects with it. But not real comfortable taking it to a local bar or weekly jam. Take a Collings City Limits, or a Bartlett Retrospec, or a J Gustavsson Bluesmaster for LP tones. Did take
  13. The GT is a beautiful instrument, had luck with a good year and bonus that let me acquire it for not much more than some of the limited edition custom shop versions go for today. Have seen Derek perform several times over the years, always with an SG except at a Beacon Theater ABB show where he played a GT, which I believe was Duane's held at the ABB museum in Macon. He pulls out the LPs for ABB tunes. Heard the 2020 The Brothers MSG show? Derek was on fire. My wife, who has had enough of guitars, even watched the whole show that was broadcast on NUGS. She said it was like bei
  14. Like Susan's vocals, love Derek's playing as does EC and did BB. Not sure I can identify a Ronson solo. Know he worked with Bowie, Mott the Hoople/Hunter, Lou Reed and other greats. My GT is an early 1957, dark back, pre-sticker PAFs with brushed covers, so one of the early humbucker LPs. Is pictured in a color photo in "Gibson Electrics: The Classic Years An Illustrated History from the Mid 30s to the Mid 60s" by A.R. Duchossoir. Third vintage guitar purchase, followed a 1962 LP/SG Ebony Block and a 1964 Firebird V, both since sold after 20 years. Will see if I can
  15. Tried to add this to the guitar geek part, but edit didn't seem to work? Both Derek and Doyle have played second guitar to EC on tours, learned the tunes from the source.
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