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  1. Am listening to a take of "Gloria's Step" and have to say that I have never heard a piano trio that is so complete, in the pocket, ...just so there. Bill is amazing, but Scott's bass playing wasn't matched in melodicism until Jaco came along and Motian's fills and cymbal work are sublimely laid back. Any jazz piano fans have current favorite trios who follow in their footsteps? Have a bunch of Mehldau, Hersch, Cyrus Chestnut...who am I missing?
  2. Personally, I do not understand how format relates to frequency response, nor most of the discussions here on digital technology and audio circuits. Last science I took was Chemistry in high school, not AP like my 3 kids (their mother's family has multiple PhDs in sciences). Never took Physics, took 2 history classes as a senior, flexible curriculum. So I was careful to say "was led to believe" in making my comment...which involved no reasoning. An example of why I may have been led to believe this would be by looking at the specs on speakers. Well regarded by some Wilson Aud
  3. Miska - Lots of specs on this site, graphs and charts that seem to address Purifi capabilities. Don't really understand the practical implications of them, but I'm pretty sure you do. https://purifi-audio.com/eigentakt/ Looks like frequency response rolls off above about 60kHz. Been led to believe that most speakers are built to reproduce up to 20 -25kHz? And that most folks can't hear airborne sound above that level.
  4. barrows, have you seen this fellows assault on implementing the Purifi modules with 3 transformers for LPSs for driver, input and output stages, Class A discrete input stage? https://lkvresearch.com/lkv-veros-power-plus.html Be interested to hear of the choices you make as you work on yours.
  5. Good point. Since I have never heard a high powered Class D amp...I guess I might not be impressed. Though some of the members here have seemed to believe that the Hypex NCore based units are pretty sweet sounding, breakthrough Class D. Then again, the same guys are now offering the Purifi modules and then there is the noise about GaN technology.
  6. Run a pair of Aerial 10Ts with a DNA-500, have been in place since @ 2006. Four digital front ends (DACs and CD players) in same span. Been wondering about: a) length of service of a SS amp (we had a high end refrigerator give up the ghost last week after 30 years of service); and b) SMc Audio's upgrades versus just buying some Hypex based Class D high powered units, as the 10Ts woke up when I switched out some Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Monos (200 watts from 8 KT88s) for the DNA-500 w/ @900 watts into 4 ohm load. Based upon Joe's experience, might have t
  7. limtche & barrows - Thanks for the input on these units ability to drive amps. Been spoiled by a Theta Gen Va, then a Wadia 861i then the Myteks, which all have strong output capabilities to dynamically drive an amp. Guessing that the Gustard A22 unit with twin LPSs and discrete analog output would be the best of the above for these purposes. I only listen to digital files play don one DAC so no need for a preamp with channel switching to serve as attenuator of a strong output signal.
  8. Glad you like the D90. My son (very frugal) needs a system and believe I'd recommend it to him. Early Mytek adopter myself, so I use a Brooklyn + running my amp directly to nice effect, but it's limited on Mac to DSD128 whereas these newer units could do DSD256. Would be cool to have a review of several of these units in comparison with say Mytek and Auralic (mid priced units straight up, with no additional boxes, gizmos, D2D processors that cost as much or more than these value priced DACs) with observations of relative strengths and weakness in sonic performance.
  9. These units seem to measure well - like off the charts, or to the far left of the audio science review bar chart - but I wonder how the sound in nice hifi systems like the guys here tend own? The SMSL and Topping units have incredibly low jitter, distortion...but I wonder how these units will drive amps, how good their output stages are...?
  10. Not sure if he's been mentioned, but the player who has made the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up, playing passionately musical electric guitar solos, the most frequently is Derek Trucks. You may have seen EC bow to him in the "I am not worthy" gesture when he smokes a Dominos tune. Or, if you check out this video, where the guy with the sweetest and most recognizably beautiful electric guitar tone that has ever graced this planet, BB King, says that Derek playing the blues "is the best I have ever heard it." And Derek blushes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4zapXP
  11. Another GAN amp in the works for $3K: https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/lsa-electronics
  12. Thanks, thought I read that somewhere. Some one like Nord or Apollon or... will make a nice sounding, reasonably priced higher powered Purifi based amp when the new units are available.
  13. Thanks Firedog - Read the article, comprehension was low on my part. Understood that the positive aspects of GaN is offset by some negatives...so they didn't want to use them in their Purifi product. Wish they would develop a higher powered Purifi module, like 400 watts into 8 ohms. Yes, sandyk, would hope the Merrill Audio stuff sound great for the freight. A lot of "audiophile jewelry" in these new designs, casework, fancy footers, contrasting metal panels, high polish...in the pricing. Give me a plain black box, and I'm good to go. Though I would like it to be
  14. Michal of Mytek waxes enthusiastically about GaN transistors and their capability to operate at much higher speed. Since read that these are used in Merrill Audio's and Technics' new SOTA amp offerings. Are amps incorporating these units the missing link in achieving "analog like" digital amps? Have not heard any of these and understand that Mytek will introduce high priced mono blocks with this technology. Have seen some evidence of boutique builders with plans to introduce amps with mid fi pricing with GaN transistors.
  15. Interesting (for pikers like me) interview with Michal of Mytek on development of his Class D amps after discussion of development of the company into Hi Fi from Pro Audio and their DACs in this article:
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