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New Member Here - Get ready for some basic questions!

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Hello all,


This winter I'd like to assemble a computer based playback system for my home stereo, 2-channel only. About the only thing I've decided upon at this point is an older PowerMac G5 computer, which I will source from eBay (or the like).


The rest of the setup is up for grabs! Sound quality is the priority, as is simplicity.


- When searching for a computer, what features should I look for?

- What will I need to round out the interface between the computer and my preamp?

- What software should I investigate for playback?


Thanks in advance!



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for ultimate simplicity and ultimate sound quality, you should consider Firewire DACs and asynchronous USB DACs as well, neither of which require a special sound card in your computer.


Examples of such DACs include Weiss & Metric Halo for Firewire, and Wavelength & Ayre for Async USB.


If you're NOT looking for ultimate sound quality, adaptive USB DACs are very simple to use. Most USB DACs are adaptive, but they do vary in quality, as do all DACs.


You didn't mention a budget. Some idea of this, as well as the quality of your existing system might be helpful.





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Thanks for the reply!


Are there any other features I should be looking for in a suitable computer?

In other words, which of the following features have the most importance when using a computer in this fashion?


- processor configuration

- processor speed


- hard drive capacity

- operating system

- other?


Or, is it a case of 'more is better?'




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Yup, I'm after ultimate sound quality....I'm not going to bother with this project unless I can equal (or better) my existing single disk CD player!


My system includes a lot of DIY tube electronics:


- 6SN7 linestage

- DIY line level passive crossover

- 2A3 amps on TAD Pioneer compression drivers (500Hz and up)

- 60W Pass Labs monoblocks on TAD Pioneer woofers (500Hz and below)


Other sources include:


- Meridian 508.24 CD player

- Upgraded Empire 208 turntable, and 6N1P phonostage

- Technics 1506 reel to reel deck, with external 6N1P playback electronics


My budget for the computer front end should be about $5000.00, or less.


Is that information helpful?


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cd player + turntable + reel to reel + now a computer = very nice!


So last night at a party I had three to my left (apples) and three to my right (pcs) At one time the apples on left talking about how cute the screens are and the pcs talking about windows 7. Me in the middle drinking wine:)



Jesus R





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