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Linear power module (LPM), as replacement for original SMPS in Oppo BD player models 103/103D, 105/105D

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Analogue power supply for digital stage in Oppo player models (103/103D, 105/105D).

This power supply it is designed mainly for 105/105D models, but it fit very well for 103/103D, only main board. Does not provide power for audio board in 103/103D.

The LPM it use the latest performants regulators devices on market, it include two AC main filtering cells, for the R core transformer, as for the original Oppo`s toroid (analogue stage), large filtering capacities (over 100 000µF for 5v rail), as it have a build in dedicated low noise adjustable regulator for the cooling fan. The R core transformer is customized for a minimal overall heat dissipation, and is damped mounted to prevent any vibrations to be transmit it to the chassis. An extra HF filtering cell on the end of the connection cable it prevent digital noises from the main board to be induced back into the LPM. Remote curent sensing it ensure a very accurate regulation level at the end connection point.

The LPM it come as a complete kit, including mounting spacers, an inaudible (special tweaked) cooling fan, as airflow guides for the most efficient ventilation inside the chassis. Detailed mounting instructions included too.

The residual ripple (and its harmonics) level on this LPM is under 3µV on full load (5v rail), and no any HF noises (measured on resistive load).

Best ventilation performance is obtained for 105/105D models when the multichannel board is removed from its place. A special connection adaptor it will be available soon, to allow an external placement of the LPM for all Oppo player models (including 95).

Replacing the original SMPS for the main board by this LPM, it improve dramatically the quality of both video and audio.

Kit price 350$ + 50$ shipping (with tracking) worldwide.

LPM ripple on 5v and 15v rails.jpg

LPM (2).jpg

Fan included add to LPM.jpg

LPM (3).jpg

Last version LPM.jpg

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New version LPM available.

This improved version it use now double layer capacitors (DLC) for filtering (approx. total capacity of 2F on both main power rails).

The new version is adapted and it fit to all Oppo BD players (105, 105D, 103, 103D, 101, 95).

It provide now power by a added dual linear module for 103/103D and 101 models (audio board).

The new edition it dissipate through the device chassis. However, an forced ventilation is further recommended.


Price: 350$ (400$ with included power stage for asynchronous USB isolated board) + 50$ shipping

(The old version is also available for a price of 290$ + 50$ shipping)

New LPM in place.jpg

New LPM version - DLC 1.jpg

New LPM version - DLC 2.jpg

Double layer filtering caps.jpg

New LPM - some measurements.jpg

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Well, my last version LPS is here (see picture)... It include now in addition to the HF filter cell for AC main input, also the DC blocking filter. Available now with supplementary linear power line, for circuitry inside main board (responsable for optical drive data processing), replacing an on board SMPS. 

The LPS it come now ready for powering (battery charging) my clock board (centralised clock system, battery powered). The kit include an inaudible ventilation fan, powered from LPS, from a low noise adjustable regulator.

The last version LPS (115v/230v AC) is compatible/customised for Oppo 93/95, 103/105, 203/205, 101.

LPS designed for Oppo Sonica DAC is also available.



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