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  1. @bobbmd and @StephenJK both chill a little, please. Stephen seems to be a little “forward” today and Bob seems a little “extra cranky”. Try to play nice kids! And now back to our thread. I had a pretty nice California Audi Labs player in the early nineties that finally got bettered by Mike Moffet’s Theta separates. I’ve heard the Meitner CD player and it is very nice.
  2. My choice of wording wasn’t great... those were just examples of people’s favorites. Always RTFM for features and specs!
  3. @Evo-No-Revo I think a repair shop I have used gets stuff sent in for repair. Or, if someone has a good shop close by maybe you can persuade them to receive it and take it in for you. The one I know is, unfortunately, an hour + drive from me.
  4. Stick with Linear Phase (lp) filters. And the non-apodizing ones - they are the ones that don't have an X in the APOD column of the table in the manual. Maybe try XTR or the Closed Form filters. You really need to just try them to see what works with your system. I have 2 DACs that sound best with different filters and modulators.
  5. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    Cross that one off the list!!! LOL I'm using NAA on Win10 with the Amanero ASIO without issue. I don't have Roon on this machine, though.
  6. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    @Johnseye Only times I’ve had that type of “pause” issue was when HQP couldn’t get the file fast enough due to either the drive went to sleep or network got messed up.
  7. 60 D/L and 70 U/L on the guest WiFi at the hospital where I am at the moment, so no guarantees. Those cheap SOBs won’t upgrade the local switch so we are stuck with their lousy copper DSL. I’m too embarrassed to even post numbers. I got to know the local tech supervisor pretty well due to their aging equipment always failing. He was able to backdoor a bonded connection, which corporate tech support told me wasn’t possible, to double my download speed to 20Mbps. Sad, huh? The situation gets kind of better - we are getting fiber. I thought the US was spending big bucks on spreading fiber but they want to charge my neighbor and me to bring the fiber from the street to the house. Mine isn’t so bad at 200 ft. distance but he’s almost a 1/2 mile and they want US$600!!! WTF? He said no. We are trying to work through our congress-person but getting their attention right about now is literally impossible.
  8. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    Damn, that was well explained! It’s hard to explain a time warp. 👍
  9. I think you are getting the hang of this. 😎 Unless you are shaving the last $ off of your investment, the Ultra versions of the SOtM units slaved to the M10 clock would be the tops. Well worth the incremental $ and better than the standard versions. A master clock improves the resident clock. It doesn’t replace the resident clocks. As @tedwoods described, the Ultra versions have better clocks than std. and so will perform better when slaved. Again, incremental improvement, system dependent, excellent clock cables turn out to be wicked expensive and highly variable. I think having the clocks internal and close to the action is a solid engineering approach. I’m completely satisfied with just the Ultra clocks and do hear an improvement using the clocked switch. Enjoy!
  10. The TxUSB Ultra can have a clock output. One of mine has it. You can specify clock in / out and 50 or 75 ohms. I run the clock output to a modified switch clock input. I think you have to spend $$$ to get a good clock to improve on the Ultra’s clock. I also have outputs for USB clock from the Tx.
  11. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    I think the HQP filters and modulators require more computing power than the one in Roon. This could be the cause of the dropouts. Did you try running the -2s filters or...?
  12. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    They are in drop-down menus in the PCM Defaults section of Settings that @AnotherSpin indicated. If you use the HQP Client after starting HQP there are the same menus so you can quickly change them. Scan your library from HQP using File/Library menu once before starting Client. Then you can select your music from cover flow or album list in Client.
  13. Thanks @Dan Gravell for sharing! I’ve got a 30 year old Panasonic boom box that has gone from an apartment living room to the kitchen to the home office to the garage where it still blasts. With a preset X-bass EQ it sounds great for garage rock!
  14. I feel my stomach turning just looking at them! I have heard the positive effects of adding good subwoofers to large Wilson speakers. I was surprised that the effect was in the mid to upper range clarity as much as, or more than, the bass solidity.
  15. Thanks for that! I’ve got a small herd of SD cards to go along with my sMs. 🤪 That may save a couple of them. I had to keep a copy of v4.0 for a long time as the new versions stumbled out. 4.91 does seem stable. I’ve seen the issue before where the active program is not indicated as running. I use NAA mostly.
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