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  1. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    Thanks! So is the client the preferred way to use HQP now?
  2. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    On Win10 I have not had the drop-down menus in HQP 4 Desktop, Hi DPI or No style. Now on Win10 Build 1909.
  3. Solstice380

    HQ Player

    Totally agree on the HQP 4! I miss the drop-down menus for selecting filters / modulators / output rate.
  4. I don’t know, for sure, but there shouldn’t be. The contact or clamping force of the connection should be dictated by the interference between the male pin and female sleeve. Or were you asking about holding the sleeve inside the plastic connector? Just make sure the “wings” are spread before inserting the sleeves.
  5. True that! They stamp and roll these things by thousands per minute so there is a lot of variation. A benefit of assembling your own cables is that you can “adjust” (or discard) any poorly formed pins. Once inserted into the connector body, fugetaboudit!
  6. @vvcv Keep the "digital filter" and analog filter separate. All DACs have an analog filter that the signal must pass through on it's way to the outputs. HQP is intended to replace the DAC chip's ASRC (usally) or Digital Processing. I wasn't able to tell exactly from the Benchmark "technology" tab on the webpage (mostly marketing speak) exactly whether or not it's internal DSP would be bypassed when sent a max rate signal. It may still do some processing either way. Many DACs bypass that when fed a max rate signal.
  7. @vvcv I should explain a little more... there are filters in a DAC chip, or in HQP, that shape the Digital signal going to the d to a conversion step and then to the output of the chip through into the signal sent out to a preamp or amp. There are always hardware (reconstruction) filters in a DAC component. The digital filters are what HQP does so if you upsample to the max rate your DAC can take they usually bypass their own filters. My dCS will upsample everything to DSD128 before converting to analog, but if you send DSD128 it doesn’t use its internal upsampling filters. Hope that helps!
  8. Hi vvcv! All DACs that are not NOS upsample internally using the provided filters in the DAC chip (some FPGA based DACs have their own). The idea with HQP is to replace the limited capabilities of on-board signal processing. The chips don’t have the computing power to do the really complex filters that give the best sound. Then it comes down to the talent of the filter designer / programmer- and in my humble opinion @Miska is far ahead of others. He really understands the technical side and he tries to make each type of filter as technically accurate as possible. As @4est said there are trade offs to be made with each one. i have a DAC (Lampizator) that does nothing but use an analog filter circuit to convert the DSD stream to the analog output signal. I bought my DAC because of how good HQP is!
  9. Welcome to the club! Getting more quality time in with my music because of it. Oh no, forced listening! 🤪
  10. The picture has most of it, but sure: I9-9900KS Asus Maximus Hero Wi-Fi Corsair 150i Pro AIO cooling (26 deg C idle temp... will be watching after running HQP for an hour or so tonight, but so far it is q-u-i-e-t!) Noctua's new NT-H2 thermal paste Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2 1TB HyperX Predator 2666 MHz 32GB Asus ROG RTX-2080 Advanced Seasonic 1000-TR Fractal Design Define 7XL case (nice!) I use HQPlayer with NAA. It purrs doing 44K to DSD256 using ASDM7EC modulator - no GPU required. I'll be checking some of the more system stressing filters over the next few days. Eventually convolution. Still waiting delivery on a Fractal PCIe riser/extension so I can mount the GPU vertically. Never liked the GPU hanging off the mobo and with how heavy they are these days... hate to snap the slot on a US$250+ mobo! The Fractal setup provides easy vert mounting with a header that screws right into prepared holes in the case. And it moves the GPU away from the other heat sources and keeps everything cool as a bonus. But they should include the dang thing not price gouge for it like they do! There are a lot of ways to skin the cat, bu first you need to figure out which cat you want to skin. Decide what you want to do and build to that level. Some folks are having great sound with minimalist server builds and some are going super high horsepower and exotic power supplies, etc. If you are new to computer building don't worry, tutorials and advice everywhere. These days it is hard to mess it up.
  11. @lmitche That was a shot of the "first time" post before any setup. The A9 indicator is the code for Start of Setup. 🙂 All good now!
  12. I went with the HyperX Predator 2666 MHz for the CAS 13 performance. The faster RAMs are all 16+ CAS latency. I doubt I'll have to OC it!
  13. Welcome to the family! Heard a good one... "With all of the sporting events cancelled I was wandering around the house and found a woman on my couch. She seems nice." 🤪
  14. My HQPlayer Server Build I had my fun this weekend! So far it is stock (high end) standard, but I went with the Fractal Design Define 7XL case to allow future fun - room for power supplies and all kinds of stuff. The parts, assembly and a "first-time" POST. Lot's of updates and a few BIOS adjustments and the i9-9900KS sits at 5 GHz and 27 deg. C at idle. 😍
  15. I listened to the Bel Canto Black setup at AXPONA a couple years ago and was impressed. I was pleasantly surprised by the heft of the components and their system sounded very enveloping there. Nice speaker system you have, too!
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