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  1. @992Sam If it broke that thick glass it took a serious hit! Do NOT accept the repair approach. McIntosh has great customer service and (generally) great dealers. The only issue is the wait, but your peace of mind will be worth it!
  2. I know they’ve gone with the loudness wins for a while but I had hopes for this live one. The needle stays pegged and barely wiggles. Doesn’t even drop much when it’s just Mick talking in or between songs. Crap!
  3. Blame Apple, and ask them why.
  4. All solid state amps measured a lot better than everything else in the beginning, too. I’m sure he also listens. That said, the AHB-2 didn’t seem to present full tones (notes and harmonics) as well as the other amps I heard. Maybe ultra low distortion doesn’t always help. Need a good analog stage in there and that costs, so maybe the price reflects that design choice.
  5. “Ohhhhhh, how can you be in two places at once, when you’re not anywherrrrrre at alllllll” - Firesign Theatre
  6. Or from Paradise to Hell a lot faster! 😳
  7. It’s hard to own 2 high end (essentially competing) electronics brands. During any normal time, even.
  8. I ❤️ PBS (Pearls Before Swine, not The broadcast service)
  9. @Mahler and Bach on Computer That is odd, but there is one possible explanation - not being Jussi - and that is that HQP loads one (or maybe 2) cores very heavily and the temp of that one core can drive the fan speed. It has been a couple years since I’ve had a Mac, but is there a way to see individual core % and individual core temp? In Windows we use something like FreeHardwareMonitor. That may reveal the cause of the high fan speed when running HQP. I think it might not be a good idea to slow down the fan without knowing the individual core temps. Let us know what you find, and mayb
  10. My thoughts: 1. HQP does not control fan speed, that is done by the computer itself. I think your logic/experiments are at fault for your conclusion. It is always the computer that controls the fan speed based on the thermal sensors. 2. You can test it. Based on your question 3, do you currently know/have a way to control the fan speeds manually, or set a fan profile? 3. See answer to question 2. Test it and see if it works for you. Just watch your CPU temps.
  11. @Theobetley Have you tried updating/reinstalling the mouse driver?
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