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  1. Hey Ted, good to hear from you! Sonos?
  2. Solstice380

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Good advice. Or, use a network scanner app like Fing to show the IP addresses of all devices on the network.
  3. Solstice380

    David Crosby - Here If You Listen

    Agreed. He and his son together. Good stuff! 2 CDs out that I have are really well done, content and SQ wise. Anyone have the 88/24 download? Looks like that could be the original recording resolution.
  4. Solstice380

    Praise for SoTM Support

    That’s good to hear. It may be something specific to my dCS DAC as this issue started for me with 4.22. I had hoped one of the recent updates would clear it up. This morning I tried the forced upgrade to 4.5.6 from by burned 4.5.6 card as 5-pot-pan did without success on the pops and ticks. All other function seemed to be OK. Good response, HQP NAA functional right away, just occasional light activity not full blast blinking when not playing. But still the pops and ticks. I do need to contact them for some help. Thanks to all for the help and info!
  5. Solstice380

    For the One Percenter Stoners

    Is that culture, or “kul-chuh”? And calling your pot salon “The High End”... a little cheesy!
  6. Solstice380

    Praise for SoTM Support

    My bad that I haven’t gone direct to May. I will do so. Thanks for prodding me to do it. Is it just may @sotm.com?
  7. Solstice380

    Praise for SoTM Support

    Glad to hear that you got things sorted out! Unfortunately, there are still many with issues that they have not been corrected. Check this thread: I’ve had issues with HQPlayer NAA since 4.22, which is what the US distributor put on it after it decided to corrupt its own card. Notified Crux Audio right away and never got a reply. Others with Squeezlite, etc., have had issues - some resolved, others not. We’ve experienced issues with the activity light. I’ve had verified card burns (2) not even start the 200. I’ve also had versions in 4.5.x series that wouldn’t open the HQP NAA. I can’t agree that the support has been terrific.
  8. Solstice380

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    Same! It is layers of snow/ice/snow here. Yuk.
  9. Solstice380

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    I met them there last year, definitely nice people. I’m not going this year but I’m sure some people will be asking them questions about this. If our weather ever gets better we should get together again!
  10. Solstice380

    SOtM smS-200 unveiled at Munich Hi-End

    I tried 4.5.6 again. Fresh D/L, new 16GB and verified burn. Eunhasu seemed more responsive than the previous 4.5.x, the 200Ultra shut down from Eunhasu correctly a couple times, didn’t a couple times, wouldn’t Restart from there at all, but did NOT have the panicked light. OK I had hope... that was dashed from there. I use the HQP NAA. (please remember to note which app you guys are messing with, thanks!) Since at least back to the 4.5.x you are required to install NAA and read the EULA. It took a couple tries to get it installed and up and running, then HQP connected to the 200 without issue. OK, getting somewhere. Unfortunately, the pops and ticks are still there every couple of seconds. Random throughout the soundstage and randomly timed. It has been this way for me since 4.22. Originally, my 200 came with 4.0. It decided to corrupt its own microSD card so it was sent back to Crux. When returned it had 4.22 and the pops and ticks. I reported that back to Crux but NEVER got a reply. I then installed 4.0 that was still on the “burn image” webpage and all was good. It is one year since then, and every update has had issues for me. Always back to the 4.0 card and all is fine. Since 4.0 works perfectly, I don’t believe there is an issue with the dCS S32-LE interface format. I have a NUC NAA running a HQP NAA Linux image without issues. So what could it be? Is it possible they are having issues keeping the image size under 8GB so it fits on the original cards? You can barely find 8GB cards anymore, so I’ve been using 16s. I think it it might not be the best show for SOtM at AXPONA this year.
  11. The video in this article was used by consultants giving a “personality quadrant analysis” workshop on how our individual filters dictate what we see and hear, etc. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/motoring/3478961/Whodunnit-awareness-test-How-many-changes-can-you-spot.html
  12. Exactly, it’s a great example. The LOL after the sentence means it is joking, you know?
  13. And some people actually take you guys advice on SQ? LOL If you pay close attention you hear zero all the way. If less than close attention your mind starts putting the syllables together differently.
  14. Solstice380

    Expanded 5CD version of 'Zappa In New York'

    Good news! I wonder when, where, and how much $ the 96/24 will be when available?
  15. Solstice380

    Telegartner MFP8 Gold

    I had been using Blue Jeans 6 and 6a for the last couple of years and been very happy with the SQ to both the NUC NAA / Lampi and the SOTM / dCS. I bought a headphone cable and the maker raved about the ViaBlue connector being absolutely the best. I stumbled on ViaBlue cables and figured I would try a network cable, at something like US$150/2m for the EP7 silver wire Cat6a. Much to my surprise i think it is an improvement. So I figured I would try one of their AES cables to replace my vaunted Madrigal MDC-1... clearly superior with greater coherence, pace AND space. I think they are very high value cables that cost a little more than BJ Cables but were well worth it in my system.