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  1. @ted_b have you tried adjusting the Buffer in HQP? For my dCS with a SMS-200 running NAA one of the SOtM firmware updates introduced occasional random pops and ticks. Interesting to note that the ticks were all over the soundfield so it didn’t always affect both channels the same. Also, the frequency of occurrence increased with increasing sample rate. Maybe an indicator. The solution in my case was to set the Buffer at 5msec. I played around and then set it at the lowest value that was noise free. My NUC NAA with Win10 Pro never has issues at the Default Buffer setting at up DSD512! A
  2. It’s really straightforward. Just go through all of the settings and remember to to turn on any output you use / off that you don’t. Enjoy!
  3. It looks like your emotions made you miss @cab33 ‘s point entirely. It’s the attitude not just the post.
  4. Possible that they just buy a better Lampizator. Many people do.
  5. Yo! I’m not the one making the SACDs. You’re being pedantic again.
  6. Here’s a good article on that. https://www.howtogeek.com/672240/how-to-zip-and-unzip-files-and-folders-on-mac/
  7. LOL I guess I wouldn’t expect much out of a compilation CD! Only thing better would be if it was disco. Note that it was issued by SONY Taiwan, not Japan.
  8. Thanks for the explanation, I just wasn’t sure what you were referring to. Yeah, those are out there. Almost all of my SACDs are Sony, Audio Fidelity, MoFi, AP, etc, so although not tested I’m pretty confident those have the full bandwidth content.
  9. I hear ya! How about hooking up a physical component and getting no sound, only to find out there was a switch on the unit as well as the outboard power supply. That took me 30 minutes before I saw it. Sheeeeeesh.
  10. @ArveS You might just have a bad disc.
  11. Then one of the authors of a cold fusion paper comes and shoots you for calling out their shoddy work. No thanks! (although those reviewers really missed that one!)
  12. My experience is the same as @bluesman ‘s when I reviewed for Physica B, JAmCeram and and the ASM Journal, and those were all hard science, materials related journals.
  13. Here we go with that streamer nomenclature issue again! Of course I know what it does. My point is that you get to do either one or the other with it, stream or use as Roon or NAA endpoint. You can’t use it for both at the same time!
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