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  1. @aggielaw I think something is wrong with the download. The image should be almost 8GB when unzipped.
  2. Can you tell the difference between panning and phase shifting and QSound?
  3. Hahaha pretty arrogant to think we could eff up Belden in any way. I wondered if you had lost touch with your own humility and you just confirmed it.
  4. Ditto... I’m not gonna make it this year, either. Yesterday I got assigned to go work with a client out of the country! Sorry to hear about the injury, JC. I’ve got a hip replacement scheduled so I can definitely empathize!
  5. Really hope they do a true hi-res release of this. It’s a great re-do. Not sure I’d be interested in all the shows from the Palladium run... the set lists are almost identical each night. (Of course, there are the usual FZ variations and improvisations!) I got to see him in 1980 at Syracuse Univ. the night before I had a DiffyQ exam. Mostly Joe’s songs, a few Mothers tunes (!) and finally.... The Illinois Enema Bandit! Awesome show! Slept the 3 hrs. on the ride back to my U and aced the exam the next day. All around winner of a time!
  6. @ronfint How are the Eunhasu response and blinking light issues with the latest releases? Tried NAA. Unfortunately, 4.5.7 isn’t available on the download page, only 4.22 and 4.58. Interesting.
  7. True. Does Wal-mart do their own financing on their card?
  8. Right, I understood that setting works with the clock mod switch in 4.57. I’m still sitting on the sidelines. The hit and miss, some are OK with Roon or NAA and some are not. I’ve had zero luck with NAA since the 4.2 series, but others haven’t. I’ve burned out more than one SD card and spent too many hours messing around. I’m good with the SQ on the v4.0.
  9. General Motors tried that. Didn’t work out so well. Now Apple wants in on it.
  10. Why would anyone go to the trouble to repair that thing???
  11. My parents had that album. Cover was no big deal in our house in ‘66
  12. The 2080 series seems very powerful. 44K > DSD512 xtr-mp CPU 29% (58) GPU 70% and the filter builds in 3 secs, again with no real GPU contribution. But playing, 70% means it’s workin’! I’ll try the closed form when I get a chance. Enjoying Aja with xtr-mp now... great bass and great spatial cues but seems the slightest bit muffled or congested compared to sinc-short-mp.
  13. To me, there is a little difference. It’s subtle, but music is smoother while retaining excellent impact and quickness. A little less harshness, but my Lampi doesn’t tend toward harshness. @jabbr I upgraded to a 2080 Gaming with my i7-6700K and can do the non-2s. I’ll have to go through some of the filters AGAIN and note the CPU/GPU. I mostly use the sinc-shrt-mp and that runs around a reported 22% CPU (so 44%, right?) and 13% GPU. I’ll check xtr again. When the filter builds, however, it’s a different story. The CPU pegs at 100% for over 2 round trips of the progress bar, and the GPU is at 2%.
  14. Same here... more frequent with higher sample rates.
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