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  1. Showing here my fully upgraded Sonica. New designed, and fully linear power supply, clock system battery powered, improved DAC power system, and the fully differential (OPA1632 based) output module for both RCA and XLR out (the two available DAC output pairs are tied together). Also some improvements on USB input board. The new clock system it use two Epson oscillators (27Mhz for main processor, and a SAW type 100Mhz oscillator for DAC chip. Very surprisingly the clock system upgrade it is decisive for the final touch in sound quality improvement. I did it this clock replacement in the
  2. Well, my last version LPS is here (see picture)... It include now in addition to the HF filter cell for AC main input, also the DC blocking filter. Available now with supplementary linear power line, for circuitry inside main board (responsable for optical drive data processing), replacing an on board SMPS. The LPS it come now ready for powering (battery charging) my clock board (centralised clock system, battery powered). The kit include an inaudible ventilation fan, powered from LPS, from a low noise adjustable regulator. The last version LPS (115v/230v AC) is compatible/customise
  3. Hi

    Thanks for your message.

    The most important improvement for your player is the replacing the original SMPS power supply with a linear one (LPM). Another improvement with impact on both audio/video is the clock system. Also for audio board there is about improving the power system on board, as mounting relays instead for the transistor mute circuits. If you will chose a full upgrade for your device, then is enough to send me the boards of your device, and I can do the job for you. You may have some technical skills to dismount/mount back these boards. Also very simple task. All the guidance and support is included.The prices are as follow:LPM 350$ ; Clock board - 200$ : Improved audio board - 250$ ; Returning shipping costs - depending on your location (50 - 70$)Please contact me on: [email protected] for more details and for further steps into the eventual business.

    Best regards,Coris

  4. Hi,

    I have recently purchased an Oppo 103D 230V stock player. What kind of mods/upgrades can you offer if I mainly focus on

    1) video performance

    2) audio performance (SACD / DVD-A)


    Thanks in advance for your answer.


    Btw. I come

  5. My main idea for improving of these Oppo devices, is to improve the core/base of the systems, but not only the analogue output stage of the DAC... I may say that my improvements are the most complete, targeting key parts of the system, while keeping the final price at a quite low level (comparing with other mod providers). The power system in a device it have a crucial impact over the final signal quality, no matter it is video or audio, and over the whole device functionality. Also the same level impact it have the quality of the clock system. At least the clock system is strongly affected
  6. My LPM (linear power module/PSU) it will provide linear power to the digital stage/board of the both models 203 and 205. This new LPM is already in production now, and it will come out even before the 205 model it will be launched. As soon as i will have assembled this new LPM, I will present it here. Mainly there is about the same approach as for 105 models, but adapted to the different voltage, and internal dimensions of these new models. A second important improvement for the new Oppo UDP series, it will be for the clock system. As usual Oppo use in its design cheap resonators to clock the
  7. Hi jedank Thanks for your interest. PM sendt. Else you can see here some of my latest modded devices... 105D model it can benefit now of a single/unified master clock circuit (based on Epson SAW 108Mhz, powered by battery), which it provide clock signals for the whole device, including DAC.
  8. New version LPM available. This improved version it use now double layer capacitors (DLC) for filtering (approx. total capacity of 2F on both main power rails). The new version is adapted and it fit to all Oppo BD players (105, 105D, 103, 103D, 101, 95). It provide now power by a added dual linear module for 103/103D and 101 models (audio board). The new edition it dissipate through the device chassis. However, an forced ventilation is further recommended. Price: 350$ (400$ with included power stage for asynchronous USB isolated board) + 50$ shipping (The old version is also availabl
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