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  1. Could you please provide the part number for the equivalent in an 8GB capacity?
  2. I’ve got a 35 foot cat8 run from my Cisco switch to my EtherREGEN that I’d like to replace with a StarTech optical modules, optical cables, and the appropriate attenuators. I would greatly appreciate it if you would please provide the parts numbers I need to replicate your build. Thanks Wayne
  3. FS 500GB Samsung V-NAND SSD 970 EVO, as new in original box, $50.00 including continental US shipping and insurance
  4. FS Intel NUC6CAY 1.5GHz Celeron Quad Core Processor with WiFi card and 8GB Crucial RAM, as new in in retail box with power supply etc, including continental US shipping and insurance $125.00
  5. FS Intel NUC7PJH with 1.5GHz Pentium Silver Quad Core Processor, WiFi card, and 4GB HyperX Impact DDR4 RAM, as new in retail box with power supply etc, including continental US shipping and insurance $125.00
  6. I wish I had your written expression skills! Your description of the SQ is the most spot on and nuanced I have seen. Where did you get your the software that you used to illustrate your system topology?
  7. Add me to the list of very pleased beneficiaries of having upgraded i7DNBE NUC ram from Hyper X Fury ram to Apacer ram. Highly recommended. In your Asus B450m/Ryzen 2700 server ram upgrade, are you comparing Corsair Dominator Platinum ram non-ECC ram to ECC Apacer ram? Wayne
  8. I too was surprised how much the switch to Apacer RAM further reduced the noise floor, and further improved clarity and soundstage. Highly recommended
  9. Is it a clear step up in technical specs only, or a clear step up in SQ? If it’s a clear step up in SQ, is it as big a step up as from consumer grade memory to industrial grade memory?
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