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  1. Is the Toroidy that you ordered expected to be sonically the equivalent of the Noratel? If so, would you please provide the Toroidy ordering information? (I have never ordered from them before.) Thanks
  2. Unless I’m mistaken, the su1 uses a 1st gen XMOS chip that has long been discontinued, the su2 uses a 2nd gen chip (with about twice the processing power), and both of them need modification to enable the use of an external LPS to really shine. The su6 uses the latest generation XMOS, has other circuitry enhancements, and has a built in supercapacitor LPS.
  3. For me, the SU-6 with its OCXO and built in ultracacap LPS was a much better way to go than the SU-2 modified to use an external LPS. When I later upgraded the SU-6 with all AudioNote Kaisei caps it improved its SQ considerably. However, the Gaia with Revelation Audio I2S is in an entirely different league all together. My Terminator Plus is quite good without the Gaia and Revelation Audio I2S, but with it, the SQ is so much more realistic and immersive that I could never go back to just the Terminator Plus alone. Check out the design and construction of Gaia on the Vin
  4. I have to tell you that the Gaia D2D with a Revelation Audio I2S cable is truely a match made in heaven. I am using it with a z390 phantom mb, passively cooled i9 9900k, with plenty of Apacer select industrial ram , JCAT net Xe, and a Nenon’s recommended unregulated power supply Takio DC regulator board combination. The SQ is so many leagues above anything I have ever heard anywhere before that I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t hearing it for myself. My mind is bogged to try and imagine how Nenon’s and Austinpop’s assurances that there is even better SQ to be had with the Takio Extreme🤪🤯.
  5. Make that 11! Currently using it to power two Ultracap LPS 1.2s to then power two externally clocked EtherREGENs. This combination, in my system, provides even better SQ than the SR7T with dual adjustable outputs.
  6. I must have missed the memo. What do you mean by “… one of the last ones sent out before the closure”?
  7. Well said. I, and many others are able to incrementally improve our systems over time with the way you guys make your products with a perfectly satisfactory external SMPS, and leave it to us to later upgrade to a LPS at a quality and price point befitting our available cash flow at the time. Adding an external OCXO, and eventually a separate LPS for it, are further benefits we can add later, incrementally, again at a quality and price point befitting our cash flow at the time. The possible upgrade paths that you guys build into your products is ideal for many of us who w
  8. What thermal adhesive are you planning on using? Can you post a link to its source. Thanks!
  9. Very interesting! Please provide a photo of the point in the circuitry where such an interrupter switch is connected. Thanks!
  10. Congrats on an elegantly laid out set up. Looking forward to your review.
  11. I couldn’t agree more. I have 2 PF Buffalo 2016 switches and 2 externally clocked ERs in my chain, all with separate high quality LPSs, and so, I wasn’t expecting the net card femto upgrade to XE to make much difference. Boy was I wrong! The further improvement in SQ was quite striking and definitely worth the additional investment. Indeed, “What we think we know about digital audio is just the tip of the iceberg.”
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